Project machine structural member solders change a machine shallow analyse

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Commonly used solder artificially change main type has an opportunity: Type of make a long arm, tipping circumgyrate type and type of double pillar odd turn. As a result of the limitation that is spent by circumgyrate freedom, these a few kinds change a machine all cannot come true to be rotated inside the space arbitrarily by solder workpiece, the optimal position that cannot make of all kinds welding line turns place needs. My factory also introduces a variety of soldering to change from each district previously a machine, but the spot is used no-go be washed out thereby, investment tall waste is big. Change aptly for development a machine, we pass old job to carry out, survey analysis, main train of thought inspires the structural member that introduces outside Yu Congguo to solder robot. Solder deploy on the robot solder change the type of a machine is advanced, suit structural member of industry of domestic project machinery solder. Use experience according to the spot, analyse the introduction to solder now change a machine type selecting and commonly used a few kinds change the form of a machine. Offer reference only. Structural member of machine of 1  use project solders change the structural member great majority of the project machine such as the meaning grab of a machine, roller, fork-lift truck is very complex, and it is overall main and crucial part, its solder the stand or fall of quality is affected directly overall function. The selection goes suitably a function rise solder quality and manufacturing efficiency, reduce labor intensity of the worker and manufacturing cost, strengthen safe civilization to produce, be helpful for spot management. Enter the concussion of the world especially, project machine market competes will more and more intense, domestic company must fit a situation, change through soldering the revolution that the fundamental equipment investment such as a machine achieves productivity. 2  structural member solders change the basis of ① of type selecting   of a machine solders the structural characteristic choice of structural member solders suitably change a machine. Be like: Frame of the frame after fork-lift truck, roller can use pattern of double pillar odd turn, of fork-lift truck before frame is optional type of L double circumgyrate, fork-lift truck bucket solders change a machine can design form of C double circumgyrate, the type of double circumgyrate of end of head of usable two-seater type such as grab frame, big arm, can choose to weldment of a few small assembly at present on the market already a type that seriation produces is general change a machine. The circumstance that ② works according to soldering by hand, what choose solder change a function by the random of solder workpiece a welding line turns to flat position welding or boat solder position, avoid vertical position welding and admire solder, assure to solder quality. It is good that ③ chooses open sex, maneuverable, the structure is compact cover an area of an area to solder smally change a machine, the worker operates height as far as possible low, on the safe side. Tool design should consider workpiece to install card to go to the lavatory simply. ④ project machine solders largely structural member changes of a machine solder operation height is very tall, the worker can undertake soldering through the means of block up. Solder of uprise ladder choose immediate impact to solder change the use of a machine, inspect high condition ladder of uprise of usable and small-sized stationary, three-dimensional or two dimension machine is electronic-controlled and automatic movable type solders lifting platform. 3  a few kinds commonly used change a type of odd turn of double pillar of ① of chance construction   change a machine: This kinds change a machine suit fork-lift truck hind of the structural member of project machine rectangle such as frame of frame, roller solder, the form is like graphic representation 1 two kinds of styles, its are main the characteristic is edge of equipment of drive of electric machinery of pillar one aspect of the matter direction of a circumgyrate runs, another end follows active end driven. Two side pillar can design Cheng Kesheng to fall type, in order to get used to different specifications product. This kind of type changes the defect of a machine can be in only circumgyrate of a circumferential direction, should notice whether welding line form suits when the choice. Type of double circumgyrate of end of head of type of ② U two-seater: Change with the first kind type photograph compares a type, be in namely graph 1 is in by solder structural member on the 2nd kind foundation another space increases to rotate to be spent freely again. If pursue of this kinds of 2 type change a machine solder the space is large, the position that workpiece can be rotated to need, the design is advanced, already was in at present a lot of manufacturer use project machine successfully. Should change a machine can be in according to the craft circumstance of each factory the application when the structural member such as fork-lift truck, grab, roller solders. ③ L double circumgyrate solders change a machine: This kinds change if a machine pursues 3 are shown, its equipment L, the circumgyrate freedom that has two sides is spent, and two direction are OK 360 ° of ± is aleatoric circumgyrate. This changes a machine and other kind go a machine photograph than, sex opening open is good, maneuverable. L change a machine already soldered in the frame before fork-lift truck in successful use, and use effect is very good, the welcome that is versed in by field work.

C of word   ④ double circumgyrate solders change a machine: Be like graphic representation 4, c circumgyrate form and L opportunity is same, just place specific design to go to the lavatory, according to the appearance of structural member, change the equipment of a machine is made a bit fluctuant. This kinds of type solders change a machine, of the bucket that suits fork-lift truck, grab dig bottle etc solder. ⑤ of   of   of string 7 mood is current change a machine: Like the graph 5 type solder change the freedom that a whole retroflexions spends a machine workbench, can retroflexion the job come to solder ideally the position undertakes soldering. Additionally workbench still has a gyral freedom to spend. This kinds change a machine already was produced by many manufacturer seriation, the small-sized weldment that its suit project machine reachs a few canals kind, axis kind, dish kind etc medium or small of complex structure solder. Change from a few kinds the sketch map of a machine can see, change the overall type of a machine can divide kinds big, type of circumgyrate of a kind of double base (sketch map 1 , sketch map 2) , another kind is odd baseplate equipment is hanged extend pattern (sketch map 3, sketch map 4) . The marked characteristic decision of two configuration solders two kinds this in the design change a focal point of the side when machine is different, like L model, C change a confidential is mature balance sex. Change in the choice a form that the appearance according to workpiece, welding line wants when machine and craft current situation are chosen, otherwise, likely bad to use or cannot use. Of large structural member of abroad of 4  last word solder to apply manipulator commonly, from home current craft current situation and equipment throw a case, use completely solder the robot replaces handiwork to solder work requirement is immature still. But if did not solder,change a machine, seam to a few vertical position welding inside complex structural member, admire welding line to wait pure relying on to adjust the flat position welding that comes to solder easily or boat solder position artificially is impossible. The worker cannot press welder art carry out, solder quality also cannot assure. Moreover, project machine is major structural member is very irregular, be like fork-lift truck before kind of workpiece such as the big arm of frame, grab, welding line is complex, the shell is old and weight is heavier, rely on drive a vehicle or other hoisting equipment to retroflexion artificially, take up condole furnish has often not only, solder efficiency is low, and field work extreme is cruel, put in certain safe hidden trouble. Accordingly, solder artificially in recent years change a machine the extensive consensus that gets industry of domestic project machinery, increasing the investment of this respect. CNC Milling CNC Machining