The efficient solution of HPC technology

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High-pressured refrigeration technology can direct cooling fluid essence definitely treatment area, can increase production efficiency, reduce cost. As to it of form a complete set brand-new of cutting tool concept roll out, this technology has been used widely on the numerical control machine tool of a lot of modernization. The part that cooling fluid uses when machining aviation spare parts is in those who experience certain level to evolve. The practice that job shops comes to for years is: Bear down on cooling fluid directly treatment area, use the data that cooling fluid processes to need especially. Now, high-pressured refrigeration technology can direct cooling fluid essence definitely treatment area, as to it of form a complete set brand-new of cutting tool concept roll out, at present this one technology has been on the numerical control machine tool of a lot of modernization use widely. If the HPC of extraordinary should apply cooling fluid effectively to show the result of extraordinary, use high-pressured eject refrigeration morely with respect to need, its discharge must enough big, efflux direction also wants correct. Use to cooling fluid flows or irrigate cooling fluid only cannot have satisfied need to treatment area practice. In addition, reasonable apply high pressure to cool (HPC) and groovy and cooling photograph are in than meeting the following respect has remarkable distinction: Cut bits to form; Heat in metal cutting distributings; The caking property with workpiece good on cutting blade stuff; Exterior integrality; Cutting tool wears away. Through be opposite ceaselessly the life of manufacturing efficiency, cutting tool, control that cut bits is mixed a bits and quality of spare parts treatment try to improve, promote competition ability thereby, these main treatment factors also are affecting production result accordingly. HPC is mixed in stainless steel especially in common treatment the result when the treatment of mild steel is right, do not pass pair of difficult treatment data for example the treatment of super alloy has titanium alloy and heat-resisting to be behaved breathtakingly more. The near future is improved about a large number of research and development of HPC make its apply more easily, more inviting also. Jetbreak system leads innovation concept to be in 20 centuries 90 time of 80 ~ , shanteweikekeleman developed Jetbreak of system of cooling fluid of the first high pressure. Consider to make clear, for slashing to machinability and requirement of field of the control that cut bits difficult treatment material, be as high as 10KPa ~ 100KPa(to make an appointment with 100 ~ the one part that the cooling fluid efflux with the superhigh pressure of 1000bar) , accurate direction has made cutting cutting tool. Cooling fluid efflux forces his to enter cut wedge of a hydraulic pressure is formed at the same time between bits and cutting blade, shortened so the osculatory length that cuts bits and cutting blade, dropped the temperature that machines area thereby. The effect with interesting another is cooling fluid eject those who shed meeting influence to cut bits is curly, improved the control that cut bits thereby, certain circumstance falls to still can bring about bits. Through using a few corresponding cutting tool that be not mark, jetbreak already became machinability difference and / or the good solution of material of the difficulty that break bits. Of cooling fluid pressure distributing and the dimension of cooling fluid nozzle is met very big to machining a result to arise impact. Pass the efflux parameter with distinct change, can achieve a different bits result, likely banding bits guides the way that wants to place improves the length that cuts bits even. Jetbreak had had a few actual application, in order to solve the problem that oil, aerospace and scroll encounter in bearing industry. But, jetbreak needs to deploy appropriative to be not mark knife handle, basically use on vertical lathe. A lot of contemporary machine tools contain HPC system of the standard to mark matchs or choose the pressure that match to be the cooling system of 70~100bar, this enough uses HPC system, can achieve excellent performance and treatment result. Such HPC also can more use at lathe of center of machining center, turning, vertical and much task machine tool widely. Standard equipment enough offers the cooling fluid channel that leads to efflux application area. A when high-pressured cooling fluid machines main base is modular cutting tool, it ensures through changing a knife to be on certain level quickly the machine tool stops engine loss not only the smallest, and offerred the channel that causes cooling fluid effectively to cutting blade reliably from the machine tool. Type of module of coke full Capto changes knife system quickly is the development base of CoroTurn HP of Jetbreak and cutting tool of refrigeration of new-style standard high pressure. This system is ideal module type platform, its design was used inside cooling, also apply to high-pressured refrigeration. Coke full Capto has made ISO standard, be chosen by the place of numerical control machine tool that a lot of cutting tool are secured and cutting tool rotates. The milling cutter that is used at HPC is contained inside cold passageway, can mix according to cutting tool type applicable applied circumstance provides corresponding spray head. Cooling fluid passageway and machine tool or other pump are linked together, make an appointment with the cooling fluid of 70bar pressure in order to supply. At present this kind of cooling fluid is supplied already was applied extensively, the pressure that although involve,arrives is not similar Jetbreak the superhigh pressure in such special application circumstance, but the enough inside the range that uses in its can be mixed in processability clear improvement is won on the result. The HPC that is used at turning pursues the CoroTurn HP of 1 Capto HPC cutting tool that is used at turning is a kind of new-style coke that is used at turning concept of full Capto cutting tool (graph 1) . It can produce jet of parallel accurate cooling fluid, cut with be being mixed in bit hydraulic pressure wedge arises between bits, the influence cuts the temperature that bits is formed and flow and reduces treatment extent. Eject of ground of accurate high speed gives the spray head that approachs cutting blade installation cooling fluid efflux, force cut bits to leave bit outside, make cut bits to cool and rupture to discharge bits with benefit. Nozzle dimension of the standard is 1mm, also have 0.

6 ~ 1.

2mm dimension can be chosen for be being optimized specificly. Although be in cooling fluid pressure is low to 10bar when, steel, stainless steel, aluminium and titanium alloy mix HPC system precision work the material such as super alloy can obtain heat-resisting the benefit that comparative, this had been proved. Besides the higher treatment security that brings by the better control that cut bits, HPC still can prolong cutting tool life apparently and have the latent capacity that uses taller cutting rate, through using HPC, can raise cutting tool life to amount to normally 50% . Compare with other factor photograph, cutting rate is older to cutting temperature and influence of cutting tool tatty. When machining titanium alloy, the cutting speed after exceeding reasonable area can bring about cutting tool life to shorten quickly. But feed increases below similar case, of cutting tool life shorten do not have so apparent. Accordingly, through the change feed can improve metallic purify rate. But, the addition of feed can produce greater cutting power for certain, the likelihood still can affect the control to cutting bits, consequently use Gao Jin is not the plan that always is a kind of perfect to the quantity. Depend on the cutting rate with higher spendable, but won't appear again at the same time common temperature lifts and advantage of losing of cutting tool life, HPC has the latent capacity that promotes treatment through raising cutting rate property. To according to ISO S kind material, can be in maintain identical cutting length while raise the cutting rate of 20% . Round turning also is HPC can develop his inside a domain of main effect, it conduces to ensure cut bits goodly to form, machining what difficult treatment material still can improve data when titanium alloy for example to cut function. Such, making higher treatment security and longer cutting tool life can be acquired when boring working procedure. Should use boring lever to machine relatively big and deep Kong Shi, be like landing gear spare parts, the idea of module type cutting tool that the back end before using all takes module type interface is very advantageous. Because can change well and truly quickly,clamp is on the machine tool the lesser cutting module of boring lever front, because this is,undertake in holding card all sorts of cutting provided quite big flexibility. The cutting knife head that CoroTurn SL will carry groove interface and union of photograph of lever of vibration isolation boring are used at boring deepness to be the large hole of 10 times diameter, also had the capacity of HPC. The HPC that cuts with Yu Xi pursues the CoroMill690 of 2 HPC cutting tool that cut with Yu Xi grow blade milling cutter to cool through the center, HPC also brings profit for milling. CoroMill 690 is special the has HPC capacity long knife that machines at titanium alloy establishs milling cutter (graph 2) . Its every cutting blade is comprised by a lot of razor blade, and every razor blade has corresponding cooling fluid nozzle to offer high-pressured jet for its. Below the case that need not use milling cutter to machine whole axial deepness, can use plug to replace spray head, can avoid needless empty eject so and pressure of wasteful cooling fluid. The nozzle that is located in cutting tool to carry a department conduces to a bits, avoid those who cut bits to appear again cutting effect (be in especially model the) in antrum treatment. Exert cooling current and pressure correctly to ensure, can use the optimal application that special calculator will come to to realize HPC to go up in milling cutter. This calculator the dimension cipher out nozzle, can realize first-rate to machine the effect and reduce discharge to ask, can make high pressure maintains to flow when what choosing aperture to be passed in cooling fluid at the same time. Easy in machining a process felt is in titanium alloy on cutting blade. This kind of phenomenon can cause those who cut bits normally again cutting effect and crowded bits, affect the life of cutting tool thereby. When processing titanium alloy and other and agglutinant data, HPC is to prevent workpiece material to stick accept a kind of on cutting blade commonly used method. The temperature that arises in machining a process and Shilihui affect integrality of spare parts surface. The use of cooling fluid has certain effect in control temperature respect, because this HPC can offer more reliable surface integrality. Cutting tool nozzle connects with finish machining surface on direct alignment razor blade touched share. CoroTurn HP nozzle is not adjustable, can eliminate many variable so, obtain thereby more reliable with uniform treatment. HPC is when working procedure set is basic and correct " optimize implement " . The consistency of spare parts quality that this concept is the handling time with shorter implementation, improvement in turning and milling and higher treatment security provide understanding definitely plan. CNC Milling CNC Machining