With the subprogram instruction reciprocity of FANUC system wide chamfer undertakes process designing

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N10 G50100Z100; N20 T0101M03M08S300F0.

5; (a knife is grooving knife, dao Kuan 2mm) N30 G0032 Z-12; N40 M98P11059; N50 G0032Z-20; N60 M98P11059; N70 G0032 Z-32; N80 M98P11059; N90 G0032 Z-40; N100 M98P11059; N110 M05M09; N120 M02; N10 G01U-12F0.

05; N20 G04X1; N30 G00U12; N40 M99 CNC Milling CNC Machining