Machine tool of 15 Ha Ting is tasted newly will appear on CIMT2007

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The United States with a ha holds out a company to will exhibit 15 machine tools, have machining center of vertical of Bridgeport company XV710, XR760, GX1000 among them each one, machining center of vertical of double tray of Bridgeport company GX480 APC and XR700HMC horizontal machining center each one. Numerical control of Kellenberger company KEL-VISTA UR175/1000 is all-purpose round grinder of inside and outside and cylindrical grinder of KEL-VIVA UR175/1000 numerical control. Grinder of coordinate of numerical control of Hauser company S35-400, 500/300mm of X/Y axis journey, wheelhead is perpendicular journey 450mm, workbench 600 × 350mmm, drive of electric machinery of wheelhead revolution 4500-80000rpm() / 100000-160000rpm(turbine drive) with round grinder of inside and outside of TRIPET TST120 numerical control. CNC Milling CNC Machining