Modular the design makes a technology be a car familial add Xin Ding

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The car function that Hunan university puts forward is modular the design that designs production technology course and method to suit lozenge car not only and make, the car design that also suits a wheel to be decorated by traditional pattern is made, its gain level achieves international advanced. Modular the new product development that designs production technology to be small lot much breed and production offerred efficient technical way. Because this this one technology has the latent capacity of application of bigger range promotion. In the meantime, hunan university develops be based on modular the lozenge report motor-car that designs production technology because its principle is distinctive, easy implementation weight light, integral performance is good, make convenient, cost many lower optimize a target, have tremendous market perspective, suit urban taxi and campus car to wait for special purpose especially. CNC Milling CNC Machining