Treatment mould uses data of cutting tool of cutting of efficient long life

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Swedish hill is special the brand of new-style GC1030 hard alloy of Wei Ke company is the TiAlN that the whole world takes the lead in developing exceeds multilayer material of cutting tool of coating hard alloy, it is in the treatment of mould material, play went out to improve the treatment efficiency, outstanding performance that prolongs cutting tool life. (1) the issue that mould material change brings in recent years, rise ceaselessly as the function of mould material, the life of the mould is lengthened ceaselessly, but at the same time the machinability of mould material (cutting and grinding) also worse and worse. In recent years, the treatment method of the mould produced very big change, quenching from machining → the tradition of → finish machining machines means to machine the manner change of oil hard data to direct cutting, decreased to machine working procedure thereby, reduced finished cost. Wait for oil hard data to SKD61, direct cutting treatment won't appear too big question; But to in recent years the crosses a century new-style mould material of new development, cannot raise cutting requirement already, also assure cutting tool life hard. This is a big question that cannot ignore. (2) but the account with cutting exasperate sex is current, correspondence uses an end at what all sorts of differring, undertook optimization to the function of mould material, the function characteristic that its go after jointly is tall hardness, tall tenacity, Gao Naishi gender, already machined the surface bright and clean and beautiful, quality is good etc. To satisfy these characteristic requirements, need is adopted add the measure such as organization of crystallization of stuff of all sorts of alloying element, control, cleared impurity. But, need these performance improvement from the point of the angle of cutting cutting tool, with respect to meeting discovery it was brought to cutting tool fight force to rise than cutting, because felt brings about point of a knife,the dangerous sex of attaint increases, easy cutting composition decreases wait for difficult problem. To solve these problems, must develop hear resistance, fight the cutting tool material with the cutting superior performance such as caking property. (3) the necessity that develops material of new-style cutting tool to solve afore-mentioned problems, hill spy dimension overcame a company to develop milling mould to use data of coating hard alloy. In milling when general hardness material, can use the cutting tool of coating hard alloy that has taller hear resistance, wearability, chemical stability. And when hard steel of milling SKD61 temper by dipping in water, make K of in order to kind (GC3040) the cutting tool that hard alloy regards matrix, besmear as to have M2O3 coat is best choice. But, these cutting tool are not applicable to crossing the new-style mould material of the century. The cutting tool of coating hard alloy that uses Fu of CVD law besmear is irretentive sharp cutting blade, in coating interior remain has pull stress, be stuck in milling and when hard mould data, produce small collapse blade easily on the coating of cutting blade, can expand stage by stage for bigger burst blade. Mix with material of cutting tool of coating of 2 kinds of PVD material of cutting tool of coating of 3 kinds of CVD did milling DAC55 (hardness HRC47) the cutting tool life of mould material is comparative experiment. Material of coating of 3 kinds of CVD is to be in the TiN-Al2O3-TiCN of different ply of Fu of besmear of surface of different base material material of 3 yuan of coating; Material of coating of 2 kinds of PVD is the TiAlN coating that on different base material scale of Tu Fuhan Al differs. Observation cuts the relationship of bits ply and cutting tool life, can see, platoon of PVD-TiAlN coating material is in the 1st mix the 2nd, the cutting life excel that contains Al to measure much PVD-TiAlN coating material especially is other 4 kinds of material. TiAlN coating can obtain tall hear resistance, because be in besmear Fu process,be, the oxygen reaction in Al and air makes the kill of alumina. But, because the combinative strength of PVD coating and matrix has certain limit, suit not quite to the treatment of agglutinant material accordingly. In material of cutting DAC55 workpiece (HRC47) in machining example (experiment cutting tool: R210-063Q22-14M; Cutting speed: Vc=50m/min; Tooth number: Z=1; Axial cutting surplus: Ap=1mm; Radial cutting surplus: Ae=1mm; Arrange mill; Do cutting; Decision criteria of cutting tool life: VB=0.

2mm) , the longest cutting tool life also has 25 minutes only. Accordingly, need develops high-powered new-style coating material. (4) exceed multilayer the action that before hill spy dimension restrains a company a few years, the development of coating begins attention to exceed much coating, advance hard alloy of turning razor blade, whole to establish milling cutter to study development and commercialization with what exceed much coating, made significant contribution to improve manufacturing efficiency and cutting tool life. Alleged exceed much coating, it is the coating construction that combines the PVD with several thick micron or CVD coating jackknife besmear Fu alternately, the micro-crack that its advantage is coating interior generation stops halfway to expand, reduce the possibility that coating falls off thereby. And to monolayer coating, expand when coating crackle when matrix surface, make the starting point that coating comes off here. Because this can say, not incidental the coating of this kind of circumstance is high grade coating. GC1030 coating brand is those who amount to thousands of to exceed inside the PVD coating with 4 μ thick M multilayer coating is tectonic, the element that makes coating has titanium (Ti) , aluminous (Al) with nitrogen (N) . From the point of the integral structure of coating, it is one kind exceeds multilayer TiAlN coating; Look from micromechanism, it is to pass those who change each Ti and Al to match what compare and become to exceed multilayer TiAlN coating, its were to form those who have tall hear resistance to contain the coating that the coating with Al high class status and tall tenacity coating overlap alternately to construct as a result. Formed from whole unprecedented tall hear resistance and fight the TiAlN coating material that comes off the gender has both. (5) function contrast uses Shanteweike the company's original TiAlN coating razor blade and GC1030 exceed multilayer TiAlN coating razor blade had stuff of cutting DAC3 workpiece (HRC41) function contrast experiments (cutting speed: Vc=90m/min; Every tine feed: Fz=0.

15mm/ tine; Tooth number: Z=1; Axial cutting surplus: Ap=2mm; Radial cutting surplus: Ae=20mm; Arrange mill; Dry cutting) . Al part is contained in original TiAlN coating more, it is a kind of bit that has tall hear resistance. The cutting blade after comparing two kinds of razor blade to experiment is knowable, razor blade of coating of GC1030 brand TiAlN not only handling time is long, and cutting blade wears away very small, it is a kind of function exceeds multilayer and tectonic TiAlN coating material exceedingly goodly. The cutting contrast that GC1030 coating and other company contain the TiAlN coating with Al much composition experiments (test specimen material still is DAC3, cutting speed: Vc=90m/min; Every tine feed: Fz=0.

13mm/ tine; Tooth number: Z=1; Axial cutting surplus: Ap=3mm; Radial cutting surplus: Ae=3mm; Arrange mill; Dry cutting) the result makes clear, the local damage after the TiAlN cutting tool of other company machines 20 minutes is very big, as a result of,this is coating (or the one part of coating and matrix) come off with the tumour that accumulate bits cause. As contrary as this, GC1030 exceeds multilayer handling time of TiAlN coating cutting tool still did not discover big collapse blade when more than 50 minutes. This shows, GC1030 coating can be at ease application is stuck in that way at be like the DAC3 with ham temper by dipping in water and hard data is machined. In addition, GC1030 coating material is in all sorts of titanium alloy treatment also excel is original TiAlN coating material, can achieve very good result. Although its are causal scientific mechanism still is not clear about, but OK and affirmatory, exceed multilayer and tectonic coating to have favorable openly effect to cutting function, apply to not only stick and good mould material treatment, the treatment that waits to product of plane component part, medical treatment also is a kind of good cutting tool stuff. Company of gram of hill spy dimension will exceed GC1030 multilayer TiAlN coating material is used at cutting tool of milling of PVD coating hard alloy. Applied at all coke full milling cutter December 2006, apply at coke to autumn full the razor blade of new-style cutting blade of milling cutter of 245 end panel, coke is full of milling cutter of 210 big feed before horn stops bits chamfer razor blade and coke full 300 low cutting fight force circle the grinding form that bit machine places milling cutter before horny razor blade, make GC1030 super- multilayer escalate of TiAlN coating material uses range, hold dominant position. CNC Milling CNC Machining