What kind does electric machinery of intelligent robot servo have?

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What kind does electric machinery of intelligent robot servo have? One of the commonnest in the athletic control system of intelligent robot term are servo. What the servo on broad sense points to is accurate ground follows or the feedback of a certain process controls reproduction system, say to follow again use a system. It does not finality mechanical movement of be confined to. Below a lot of circumstances, the action of servo is the displacement directive that the mechanical displacement that makes output implements output well and truly, those who achieve accurate control of the position and orbit is accurate dog. Each joint exercise of the robot, final end the drive electric machinery at corresponding axis section -- namely the turns robot servo passed open loop early or late pace of servo electric machinery enters electric machinery servo and servo of dc electric machinery these two phase, had entered phase of servo of synchronous electric machinery now, cent brushs dc machine and communication asynchronous electric machinery to have. 1 have brush dc machine   to have brush dc machine to start torsion big, efficiency tall, timing is convenient, dynamic character is good, its good control performance is other alternating current machine cannot be likened to. But relative to character, the structure of dc machine is more complex, its complex structure restricted the bulk of dc machine and weight. Bigger, rotate speed exceeds the capacity of electric machinery tall, the question is bigger. Armature winding and commutator were put on the rotor of dc machine, cause a machine easily to wear away to be spent with generation fire when brush and commutator sliding contact, the trouble of dc machine is so much, dependability low, life weak point, maintain safeguard workload big. The brush that can saying is common dc electric machinery and commutator restricted dc machine to develop to direction of high rate, high capacity.   of electric machinery of 2 communication asynchronous communicates photograph of asynchronous electric machinery to compare dc machine, have a structure simple, job reliable, life long, cost is low, maintain safeguard brief home remedy to wait for many sided advantage. But at the same time, communication asynchronous electric machinery also has timing function difference, starting torsion ability of small, overload and efficiency are low defect. The whirl that communicates asynchronous electric machinery the generation need of magnetic field is absorbed from electrified wire netting without result power, power factor is accordingly low, the circumstance when carrying gently is highlighted particularly, this let the loss of circuit and electrified wire netting increase greatly. All the time since, in the circumstance that does not beg timing, communication asynchronous electric machinery holds dominant position. Since alternating current machine after frequency control system develops a success, communication asynchronous electric machinery also applicable the circumstance at needing timing. CNC Milling CNC Machining