The essence of ply of plating zine plate is accurate online measure systematic research and development and application

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Foreword galvanization armor plate is the surface of plating of dip having heat or electric galvanization layer solder armor plate, galvanizing product is used extensively at course of study of manufacturing industry of boat of building, home appliance, car, container, Electromechanical to wait. Cent of galvanization armor plate is average report solution board and be able to bear or endure dactylogram electroanalysises board. The ply dimension of plating zine plate is a main quality index, the ply measure that has high accuracy to its is online detect, make sure ply dimension undertakes manufacturing dispute often necessary inside formulary limits. Of thickness gauge of plating zine plate it is certain to used plating zine plate to produce craft to bring assure, rose to become a useful person rate, improved work environment, reduced labor intensity. 1, thickness gauge of plating zine plate thickness gauge of plating zine plate is the high-tech that in recent years development goes practical model equipment, it is to be used at online of the real time on hot-rolling product line to be measured continuously become a useful person the blame contact of ply measures equipment. It improved working environment effectively, have measure accurate, precision tall, practical good, on the safe side, without radiation, blame contact is measured wait to measure the good point that reachs other measurement technique to cannot be likened to artificially, provided accurate information for control of ply of plating zine plate, improved manufacturing efficiency and product quality thereby, reduced labor intensity. 1.

1, illuminant optics system measures precision to having very important sense to thickness gauge, it is loading the action that passes target optics information, immediate impact measures the multinomial performance data such as the working space of large system, visual field, resolution, sensitivity and distortion. It is to become strong like clear, light transmittance, veiling glare to wait less to the main demand of optical system. Thickness gauge of plating zine plate is to use laser to measure a method as measure, make full use of laser monochromatic sex is good, tall brightness, directional interference rejection sex is strong, strong wait for an advantage, achieve the goal that nicety measures. 1.

2, measure thickness gauge of principle plating zine plate by on, below two measure a composition to the laser that shoot, its measure a principle basically following plan institute are shown. The laser in the graph measures a head 1 measure a head with laser 2 decorate in order to secure span A relatively, the laser when the job measures a head next 1 surfaces that launch a bundle to stimulate illumination to shoot the thing that be measured, the diffuse reflection light of next exterior facula returns laser to measure a 1 C-MOS inside again on chip, through going up to C-MOS chip the position of facula is analysed and calculate, can get laser measures a 1 actual space that leaves the outside to the content that be measured B1; Manage together can get laser measures a head the 2 distance B2 to the surface on the content that be measured. Measure the span A between the head to subtract two measure a head to arrive to be measured with two the distance B1 of content fluctuation surface, B2 can get be measuringed the ply H of content. 2, thickness gauge of zine plate of structural condition plating is C model wear a structure, LPBH10.

Thickness gauge of 2 plating zine plate sets a measurement point, can detect a ply dimension of the dot. On, sensor of below two laser installs what wear in C form to go up, the front of sill. Sensor is exterior have sturdy shield protection, lest be bumped,sensor installation is in inside shield. When measuring, press measure switch, equipment begins to undertake metrical. Control box installs the back end that wears in C form, the setting on control box has operation and the feeling hold of indication data. The original number that sensor measures undertakes handling computation according to transmitting control box, computation shows directly on liquid crystal screen as a result. Thickness gauge of plating zine plate can undertake indication remotely, the number is received to provide indication screen outside deploying, can observe in far end measure data. 3, the ply measure that thickness gauge of zine plate of function characteristic plating has online real time to show rolling plating zine plate, can reflect the quality information such as " of clew of " out of tolerance in time, offer staff member solid duration to occupy, facilitate seasonable control produces condition, assure quality of plating zine plate. C wear structural design, but around is mobile, realize ply of a bit more aleatoric plating zine plate to detect, if be measured the board range of plating zine plate is wider, can wear in C form on increase measurement point to undertake many a little bit metrical. The real time ply of every measurement point shows already on box of the control when much dot is measured, show the weighted average of ply of a few measurement point again. To the treatment of plating zine plate craft has very direct monitoring effect. Installation of thickness gauge of plating zine plate has shield, protect parts of an apparatus of thickness gauge interior, make thickness gauge can be stabilized move. Of thickness gauge of plating zine plate measure frequency to achieve 100Hz, measure precision ≤±0.

01mm, the online real time that is high accuracy detects equipment. The uses product line of the zine plate that it is plating to go up production technology of thickness gauge of epilogue plating zine plate provided basis of important real time number, the high grade production of the plating zine plate that assures thereby, the quality that improves plating zine plate and become a useful person rate, give a power for industrial automation. The article is measured by Baoding city La Peng accuse limited company of science and technology to write CNC Milling CNC Machining