Wait for those who quicken car of numerical control of curvilinear circumgyrate face grand process designing

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Summary: The article introduced to be in on numerical control lathe inside treatment model bus quickens curvilinear swing tower to wait grand the method of to program and measure, solved with the problem of rough machining process designing with compound loop inextricability instruction, favorable result was achieved in practice. Keyword: CNC Turning; Etc quicken a curve; Grand program; Inside model numerical control lathe basically is used at processing a rod kind, dish kind wait for swing tower spare parts, pass programme controll, the cutting that completes the process such as face of round cylinder of inside and outside, taper seat, circular arc, whorl automatically is machined. But if encounter the generatrix that machines the surface,not be circular arc curve however formulary curve (if wait,quicken a curve) when, use statement of groovy numerical control process designing, need is calculated the coordinate value of every node, not only computational amount is large, process designing rate is slow, the process is lengthy, and make mistake extremely easily, accept the restriction of external condition at the same time, automatic process designing (computer process designing) in at present some enterprises are returned not below all-pervading circumstance, if can quick movement masters the user in numerical control system technology of grand program process designing, use it to be able to allow to use the advantage such as variable, arithmetic and logistic operation and conditional move, can make wait for the process designing that quickens curvilinear and so on to become simple, clear, to program time is short also. Discuss to if the graph is shown 1 times,be machined with grand program below inside model the work out method that bus quickens curvilinear nozzle to wait. Graph 1 wait for those who quicken nozzle maths model to establish a plan 2 waited for the mathematical model that quickens a curve to know to wait for the mathematical model that quickens a curve only, we just can weave with grand program program, reason is in grand derivation wants to go out above all before to program etc quicken curvilinear equation. If the graph is shown 2 times,waiting for the model that quickens a curve and coordinate is. Set sectional the diameter of 1, velocity of flow and deepness are D1, V1 and X1 respectively, sectional the diameter of 2, velocity of flow and deepness are D2, V2 and X2 respectively, the diameter of aleatoric and sectional place, velocity of flow and deepness are D, V and X respectively. Build equation group to be as follows: By type (1) , type (2) era enters type (3) can reach Nextpage determines treatment (take a knife) of course nozzle inside model the outline that bus quickens a curve to wait, use first thick boring, again half essence boring, the order of final choice boring is machined. The course taking a knife of half essence boring and boring of essence of life namely according to inside model outline process designing can, nevertheless, the surplus that gives an essence boring slants even when half essence boring, it is here 0.

3mm. When using common method process designing, normally the circumstance falls to use rough machining of G71, G73 commonly, but when using grand program process designing, cannot undertake rough machining with instruction of rough machining loop. Inside the process designing that is like rough machining or the methodological treatment that use outline deflection directly model, affirmative meeting produces cutter hub and phenomenon of hole wall interference, reason must want to introduce the line taking a knife of similar G71, if pursue,3 are shown. Graph inside basis of sketch map of 3 courses taking a knife model bus is knowable, the diameter is as the accretion of deepness progressively reductive (from right towards the left) , go to more left decrease to be jumped over not apparent, and deepness is more than a diameter far, take knife time to decrease, increase rough machining efficiency, in rough machining, use a X (the diameter is worth) as intermediate variable, z (deepness) measure as meet an emergency. With above the coordinate treatment equation that derivation comes out can reach: . The work out of grand program uses 3 ungual chuck to hold clip directly on numerical control lathe. Weave to go to the lavatory to be mixed to the knife program, be in program origin set of workpiece on the right side of on central line. The machine tool that derivation comes out above the basis machines equation, the process designing of rough machining regard X as intermediate variable, the process designing of semifinishing machining and finish machining Z intermediate variable. Inside treatment model before should use φ above all 12.

The workpiece of broach drill through of 5. O0001; Main program G00 G40 G97 G99 S500 M03 T0101 F0.

15; Rotate speed 500r/min, f=0.

15mm/r X10.


0; The knife since the setting nods #100=0.

046; The setting is worth #102=59.

0; Install hole depth / G65 P0002 A13.




25; Call grand program O0002, the setting is the biggest inside model the largest size is 26.

7, the smallest size 13.

7, step pitch is 2.

6 /G65 P0003 A27.

0B0 C0.


25; Call grand program O0003, the setting is the biggest inside model dimension is 27mm, intermediate variable and initial cost is 0, step pitch is 0.

5G65 P0004 A27.

0B0 C0.


1; Call grand program O0004, the setting is the biggest inside model dimension is 27mm, intermediate variable and initial cost is 0, step pitch is 0.

1G28 U0 W0 M05; Answer mechanical origin M30; The program ends O0002; WHILE [#1 LE #2] DO 1 of rough machining program; Whether judgement aperture is less than be equal to 26.

7, the statement below is carried out when contented condition, jump to END 1 conversely from the back #5=[27.


0-#1*#1]/[#100*#1*#1] ; Variable of computational Z axis is worth IF[#5 LE #102] GOTO 5; #5=#102; N5 G00 X#1; X to fixed position G01 Z-#5 F#9; Etc quicken curvilinear interpolation #1=#1+#3; G01 U-1 of intermediate variable computation.

0; The quantity that retreat a knife is 1mm G00 Z2.

0; Z axis retreats knife END 1; Return WHILE statement to undertake judging M99 afresh; The subprogram ends O0003; Semifinishing machining GOO X25.


0; N10 IF[#2 GT #102] GOTO 15; Whether variable is more than among Nextpage judgement be equal to hole depth, the condition satisfies a #6=#1/SQRT[#100*#2+1 of executive N15 statement.

0] ; X axis variable is worth #6=[#6-0.

3] ; Deflection gives G01 X#6 Z-#2 F#9 of surplus of a finish machining; Etc quicken curvilinear interpolation #2=#2+#3; GOTO 10 of intermediate variable computation; Return N10 statement, undertake judging N15 G01 W-1 afresh.

0; U-1.

0; G00 Z2.

0; M05; Main shaft stops M99; The subprogram ends O0004; T0303 M03 S1200 of finish machining program; Change a knife, rotate speed 1200r/mm GOO X25.


0; G41 X27.

0; Compensation of cutting tool radius builds N20 IF[#2 GT #102] GOTO 25; Whether variable is more than among judgement be equal to hole depth, the condition is contented carry out N25 statement #6=#1/SQRT[#100*#2+1.

0] ; X axis variable is worth G01 X#6 Z-#2 F#9; Etc quicken curvilinear interpolation #2=#2+#3; GOTO 20 of intermediate variable computation; Return N20 statement, undertake judging N25 G01 W-1 afresh.

0; U-1.

0; G40 G00 Z2.

0; Cancel cutting tool radius to compensate M99; The subprogram ends process designing to notice the dot is when process designing, want to remember variable sort and character well, cannot use in disorder, because local variable, system is variable, public variable utility and property are used up not identical, 1 ~ of local and variable # # 33 it is local in grand program use variable, they serve only at differring local, the # in O0002 of program of as above face 3 with the # in O0003 3 not be same variable, won't affect each other. 100 ~ of communal and variable # # 149, 500 ~ of # # 599 it is process of perforative and whole process, include to be called again more, the # in O0002 of program of as above face 100 with the # in O0003 100 it is same variable. Systematic variable is all sorts of data when be being used at read and writing CNC to move, it is the variable that secures in the utility in the system, be like # 2001 ~ # 2932 for cutting tool compensation, # 3001 wait for time information. Use treatment of special boring tool to be in practice, rough machining and semifinishing machining can use common machine clip to bore hole knife treatment. When finish machining, bore hole the exterior outline of arbor can be used with the spare parts inside model photograph of curved surface appearance is similar, everywhere the diameter needs to compare a spare parts inside model corresponding place is little 2 ~ 3mm can, can make arbor has good tigidity more so, improve treatment quality. The grand program that lever of special boring tool can use numerical control lathe likewise comes process designing treatment, here no longer give uncecessary details. If the graph is shown 4 times,process the product after. Graph 4 etc quicken epilogue of curvilinear nozzle product to be on lathe of numerical control of system of Mate Tc of – of FANUC Oi will machine with technology of grand process designing inside model the circumgyrate that bus quickens a curve to wait kind the spare parts already was in effective treatment got succeeding applying, solved the problem of finish machining process designing of this kind of spare parts already, also solved with the problem of rough machining process designing with compound loop inextricability instruction, have process designing at the same time memory of palpability of clarity of quick, simple, program, managing numerical control. Grand program function is a kind of when the user improves performance of numerical control machine tool special function, use grand program to will have the effect of get twice the result with half the effort opportunely in the treatment of similar spare parts. CNC Milling CNC Machining