Writing silent: New generation 3D seeks an edge implement

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Compact and the new generation 3D of company of absoluteness   Haimer searchs the housing that facilitating clip holds, work area edge implement, it is alive bound accepted and general 3D seeks an edge implement the product of further research and development on the foundation, the trait that its are showing is improvement rigid structure and design of new compact structure. Characteristic   ● is compact and the housing that facilitating clip holds, work area is absoluteness   ● 0.

01mm graduation dial indicates main shaft position accurately (take two watches injection)     ● is the biggest precision 0.

01mm (use Haimer former plant bougie) mark of     ● has had the journey to be apart from (safety is apart from) main shaft of machine tool of calibration of ● of   function   arrives workpiece edge and consult setting of edge   ● measured length and deepness   ● of axis of   ● Kong He to heart   ● at 0 o'clock, in searching the center of aperture or axis accurately to will be searched quickly without sign mistake implement (the appearance in be opposite) outfit clip is on machine tool main shaft, adjust the surface of axis of Kong Huo of bring into contact with of ball of bougie general induction. The surface rotates to low speed of handlers main shaft from beginning to end, bougie rotates along workpiece surface, show through instruction sheet. In searching implement (the appearance in be opposite) crust does not rotate as main shaft, because this indicates the surface from beginning to end to handlers. In searching implement the central axle that finds the axis that you need to want main shaft and need to search only not coincide, the finger on instruction sheet can be mirrorred come out, when the finger on instruction sheet is indeclinable you found needs central axle. Other good point: ● examination surface beats   ● is compensated main shaft and place dish of coaxial between to spent instruction sheet of error   ● to avoid any not accuracy   ● bougie can change norms of technical parameter name orders goods date is searched in implement (the appearance in be opposite) 80.


00 bougieØ5 Mm clip holds knife handleØ16 Mm is right in precision 0, 150 1/min of the biggest rotate speed measures 003 Mm internal diameter limits (aperture)Ø3-125 Mm measures external diameter range (axis, with curved bougie)ØNorms of name of 0-125 Mm accessory orders goods straight bougie of date ball headØ5 Mm80.


00 balls head bends bougieØ5 Mm80.


Straight bougie of 00 balls headØ2 Mm, use at alveolus 80.


00 join knife handle is searched in implement join knife handle orders goods date BT5050.






16HSK A40A40.


16HSK E40E40.


16HSK A50A50.


16HSK E50E50.


16HSK A63A63.


16HSK A100A10.


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