B50125B slotting machine is electric improve

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The summary uses governor of dc of Xi Menzi 6RA7078, PLC, rotate coder undertakes transforming to electrical system of B50125B slotting machine, not only the structure simplifies, simple, system moves parameter set reliable, and improved product quality. Label of document of TP2 of date of classification of the graph in governor of dc of PLC of keyword slotting machine piles up B one, the slotting machine that summarizes constant to become mechanical manufactory is 20 centuries 70 time product, advocate procrastinate move a part to enlarge aircrew to shed electromotor to comprise all the time by generation set (abbreviation F-D system) , existence orgnaization is covered an area of giant, work efficiency is low, cost can be high, noise is big, electric circuit is complex and the problem such as serious ageing, breakdown is frequent. Signal of former journey control by adjust from full role chance, because of component ageing, drift of the parameter in moving process is serious, so the journey installs difficulty, treatment precision is low, and easy cause manufacturing accident. For this, the decision undertakes improve and upgrading to this equipment. 2, if the electrical system after improving measure pursues 1, 2 are shown. Nextpage1. Advocate procrastinate move a system to improve will replace system of timing of motive of dc of former generation set with governor of dc of 6RA7078-6DV62-0 of a Xi Menzi, in order to improve machine tool performance. 6RA7078 dc governor is total number word compact model rectifier, input three-phase power source, rated voltage 400V, can mix to the armature of gearshift dc motive excitation power supply, rated armature electric current is 280A, can realize 4 quadrant to move. Rectifier has parameter to optimize a function automatically, carry through taking optimize the best set that can realize parameter of PI of pair of electric current annulus, voltage annulus, make sure systematic stability moves in groove. Structure of this dc governor is compact easy maintain with safeguard. Install the PMU of face plate of simple and easy operation on rectifier door, can show for starting the adjustment when rectifier, set and measured value. Motive of primary system dc maintains good, still can continue to use, because of its rated armature voltage is 220V, use △ of 380/220V (of the transformer that take a line so / Y) undertakes step-down and segregation to dc governor power source, make sure dc governor silicon controlled rectifier has thereby bigger guide current flow angle, reduce Gao Cixie wave to pollute. 2. Use PLC to control electric ark to replace former relay with PLC control circuit, original and logistic relation is basic and changeless, use imitate to measure module to be given as the speed of governor. PLC uses the S7-200(CPU226) of Xi Menzi company, have rich logistic operation and data processing capacity, the program of 16k byte stores space and data put be good at space. Have tally of timer, high speed, interrupt function and pulse output function, be debugged friendlily and breakdown diagnoses a function, have a structure compact, dependability tall, function is powerful wait for a characteristic. Use double input sheet to output imitate to measure module EM235 to change precision to be 12, change time 24 μ S, the rate that estimates as dc governor imitate is given, control is more quick, and circuit is simple, the job is reliable, on implementation, the stepless speed regulation of Cheng of be issued to lower levels. 3. TD200 text monitor joins as man-machine interface TD200 simple, 485 when need to will join cable receives PLC only go up can, do not need sole power source. Have following functions: The indication of ① text information, the indication of ② process parameter and revise, ③ inputs the set with output, ④ but set real time clock, ⑤ 6 function key can replace programmable to control pushbutton commonly, regard control as key. In this design, use TD200 realized the digital set of the parameter such as time of the journey, loose to ram brake, and can show speed set-point, real time time, record breakdown time, support breakdown to inquire a function. Still realized the real time monitoring to ram position through TD200, raised breakdown to diagnose ability. TD200 and or when a few S7-2000PU join, its action is a network advocate station. Use simple, the operation is direct, the height of ram, of ram on, speed of be issued to lower levels can show, of ram on, Cheng of be issued to lower levels undertakes modulatory through monitor, use very convenient. Text monitor interface is shown 3 times like the graph. Key of > of ▼ of < of > of the ▲ that press < can undertake menu is browsed, enter correspondence by key of < choice > child menu, affirm by < > key returns entree sheet. Main function installs: Function of slotting machine monitoring; Inverting dot is adjusted on; Next inverting dots are adjusted; Decelerate dot is adjusted on; Next decelerate dots are adjusted; Ram speed is adjusted, positional monitoring; Loose brake time is adjusted. 4. Journey switch is improved with ohmic dragon E6CP absolutely model rotate coder is replaced make horny machine oneself formerly, via the position arising to detect after decelerate machine joins signal sends to PLC O 8 Grey is piled up (the characteristic that Grey piles up is random two groups of photographs face a code between only one differs, because this can prevent to produce the instantaneous fault when changeover to pile up, the possibility that put an end to occurrence mistake from the formally of encode) after changeover of Cheng of output signal warp knitting is binary code, for the position judgement is used. Rotate coder is OK the position ram (digital signal) convey well and truly PLC, change digital signal into imitate signal to convey to undertake timing to system of 6RA70 dc timing through computation. After cut off the power, the position of ram still can be remembered, power transmission hind can drive automatically according to original setting. 3, improve the result 1. Simplify structure. Former F-D system is reached by 3 electric machinery enlarge machine, a lot of discrete element to form. After improving, remain only advocate procrastinate use electric machinery, governor is total number word to control, use convenient. 2. Fall a confusion of voices. As a result of take out system of noise source F-D, the noise when making equipment moves drops 10dB above. 3. Repeat precision tall. Use digital means to detect positional signal, reduced drift of yuan of parameter of parts of an apparatus to be opposite greatly detect the influence of the result, precision repeats in moving process tall, the repetition of journey of classics actual measurement error < 0.

5cm. 4. Use accurate and handy, reliability is high. Use PLC to regard control as core, can reduce the discrete element of 30 % above, it is easy to overcame discrete element the blemish of occurrence breakdown. Through nearly 2 years move make clear, dependability of the system after improving rises greatly, control precision accords with craft requirement, volume of penetration of a cutting tool falls timing in circumstance of 2 ~ 3mm smooth, suit to have precision work to the product, improved the quality of the product. Systematic parameter set is simple, improved work efficiency greatly. CNC Milling CNC Machining