Machine unit controller to increase manufacturing flexibility

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Regard this as the factory " cerebrum " a treatment is unit, by two machining center and a workpiece deferent system is comprised, this control software that processes unit is offerred by Erowa company, it helps this factory can every week the uninterrupted operation that nobody turn 7 day, round-the-clock 24h, the utilization rate that makes its machine main shaft was achieved 90% . Most person never may have overmuch ground to had thought of: The food that packs beforehand is how fresh and be without degenerative service to go up to drugstore goods shelves. However, the employee of Freeman company people the thing that produces to this behind the curtain has a better knowledge, in order to ensure everybody can enjoy the advantage to this one modernization. The bag of plastic food contains various appearance, avery kind of packs need to use specializationed metallic mould to make its shape, freeman company produces a company of this kind of mould namely. Company of graph 1 Freeman is engaged in heat technically shaping of the mould specialization production. In this one process, plastic thin plate is heated soft degree, be gone to a lot of yield in these moulds shaping inside mould antrum to taste by waft next, besides complexity, the group of Freeman company still must consider strict manufacturing plan. In fact, they often need to be in 8 ~ inside 10 weeks, the complete set that finish " make the key " the software package of the project, include to arrive from design concept end item. To satisfy these requirements, this company depends on an automation that its comprise by two machine tools to process unit greatly, should machine unit origin the controller drive from Erowa company. "Since installation since this treatment is unit, freeman firm already increased the flexibility that exercise attempers significantly, increased nobody to spend manufacturing time, and raised the utilization rate that main shaft machines. " president Mr Larry Mears of Freeman company says. The pattern that Freeman company produces, use at heat to shape in craft. In this case of Freeman company, the likelihood is a pattern that rubber packing sheet, bubble board or sandwich sell to pack a box outside making, in asking every cover a mould individually model antrum and the appearance look that the product wants match. Plastic thin plate by in a steady stream ceaselessly waft or extruding arrive of the mould model shape on antrum, use the plastic sheet metal of reel type normally, its width is more than mould itself slightly. Plastic thin plate is heated soft degree, next waft comes inside modular antrum, with compress air to make its shape. The air of rudimental interiorly keeps clear of by system of a vacuum and epispastic, make plastic thin plate clingy in the mould model on antrum outline. Finally, will plastic thin plate shapes a cooling drawing of patterns, send to a compressor that decorate a border to undertake nap, come out finished product sorting. Freeman company provides blueprint or make plan of the configuration that print, shape in order to satisfy all and main heat the requirement of equipment, still offer the rapid change that can choose antrum and outlet at the same time, reduce the commutation time between each type of work with utmost ground. The form of a lot of moulds is very complex, its model antrum is very deep also. Working limits includes to be made from prototype use at production every week period hundreds of plastic high yield mould, this one speed means his to be able to be produced hourly by tens of thousands plastic. Graph 2 since installing this system 2009 oneself, unit of treatment of 5 axes sex already made two of this company 5 axes machining center is OK and weekly 7 days, everyday 24h keeps undertaking nobody change an operation to move, need not intervene basically artificially, the treatment utilization rate of its main shaft already was as high as 90%Freeman company to make its maintain newest modern technology level hard, its are newest bought a few equipment are best proof. In a few years of in the past, this company acquired machine tool of a two lathe, EDM and two milling machine, these equipment are arranged trimly in the workshop. Among them a the most significant investment is in in October 2009, at that time this company first sortie is machined at 5 axes, introduced machining center of two Mikron high speed from company of Swiss GF AgieCharmilles. This company still bought the machine tool that contains automation system, it is inside a few months later, work of a the knife library that installed to contain 40 tray, robot is deferent system and treatment unit controller, these two kinds of products all come from Erowa company. The robot can assemble and unassemble automatically workpiece, before long operator discovers major while basically is cost machining unit controller to go up, is not expenditure is in every on the CNC system of the machine tool. Soon, their machine tool is OK and weekly 7 days, everyday 24h keeps nobody change the job to move, need not intervene basically artificially. "Now, the main shaft of Freeman company machines utilization rate to already was as high as 90% . " Mr Mears say. The crop of modular antrum and date of delivery get marked improvement. In addition, this treatment unit still has certain flexibility, but aborning adds urgent treatment job or odd prototype is produced and won't suspend original manufacturing plan. Of this kind of flexibility and time and resource use effectively, should be attributed to this to process unit partly greatly very much " cerebrum " -- the EMC production of Erowa company controls software. Freeman company presiding apparitor Mr Michael Mullholand expresses: "System queueing up can send work first go up to machine tool of the first spendable or undertake machining on a special machine tool, " his explanation says, "We can mix workpiece of low batch and tall batch together to machine at the same time, perhaps run production differentiate to fast prototype adds workpiece or maintain treatment. If produce the problem that cutting tool ruptures or the machine tool stops a kind to work, the administrative software of Erowa company can send email or literal news report calls the police. " more flexible treatment schedule makes huge installation cost more reasonable, this to Freeman company it is particularly important, its will do its best, develop the productivity of machine tool and other equipment as far as possible. "If consumer buys car of benefit of a farad, must resemble driving farad benefit car drives in that way it, is not to resemble driving a tractor. Otherwise, you just spend a lot of money in vain and empty-handed, " Mr Mears explanation says, "By the automation system that Erowa company provides, the machine tool that makes we are purchased can achieve bigger beneficial result. " graph Mr 3 Mears says: "System of linear of robot of Erowa Robot Linear is OK with amount to 8 machine tools and 1000 tray position to work together, still stay have enough space, but should process unit for expanding further. " the main shaft rotate speed of machining center itself is 36000r/min, fast and floating rate is 1653in/min (1in=25.

4mm) , the capacity of cutting tool library is 170 cutting tool, use Heidenhain ITNC 530 to control a system. In processing unit, the exclusive special fixture of use Erowa company, make its can be in all sorts of well and truly deferent adding easily between the machine tool workpiece. Mr Mears says: "The system of Erowa robot linear that provides a service for us is OK with amount to 8 machine tools and 1000 tray position to work together, still stay have enough space, but should process unit for expanding further. " in fact, this kind expands become reality likely. A variety of improvement that what what realize so far, already made this company consider to be in before long acquire again in the future more machine tools, join this treatment in unit, mr Mears says: "Add any new facility and Erowa system form a complete set to should be used do not have relatively seam join, because manage,system and robot can get used to the machine tool of any other types or other plant production. Want its to contain an automation port only, we can receive any machine tools. We can receive any machine tools.. CNC Milling CNC Machining