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Graph 1 graph 2 graphs 3 turn to a section to sell a part (graph 1) is like next characteristics: Material is 42CrMoS4V, belong to medium carbon steel, already moved had pledged, hardness is 300 ~ 350HB higher, intensity is 1000 ~ 1200MPa; The dimension precision of the spare parts is very tall, among them two place are IT5 ~ IT6(namely 2-Ø33.


013, two place are IT6(namely Ø32t6 and Ø40n6) ; One takes 45 ° (+ 15 ° ) the chamfer jumping over Cheng of bevel angle; Other 3 coaxial that cooperate face and fiducial A are spent for 0.

02. 4 have the face that cooperates a requirement, surface roughness requirement is in for Rz10µm(Ra1.

6 ~ 3.

Between 2µm) . According to characteristic of spare parts oneself and me the factory has equipment level, make craft course be cut to curium, car end panel, hit heart hole, face of car other one aspect of the matter and outside round, bore, tap, the circle outside vehicle of thick, fine, clean. Be in simply because of before a few working procedure this slightly, emphasize the circle outside talking about vehicle of thick, fine now. Through the treatment of before 3 working procedure, workpiece already made semi-manufactured goods by the good stuff treatment of Ø42mm (graph 2) . This working procedure is versed in again in big house (car of DAEWOO) numerical control (model is PUMA12L-B, 22kW of power of main shaft electric machinery, main shaft is machined on 2500r/min) of top rotate speed. Labor situation 1: Clear chuck, the workpiece that hold card uses two tips to hold calorie of work, the structure of this chuck is shown 3 times like the graph, its are main the dead center that the center that the characteristic is chuck has an end ministry to mount hard metal, have fixed position effect, its 3 card claw is floating, have the effect of clamp only, and the effect that has automatic centering no longer, this won't have created fixed position. Before processing work, need the tip above pair of machine tool chuck and it undertakes corrective, those who assure a tip is jumpy in 0.

003mm less than. Additional, assemble the center on tailstock indispensible also and corrective, its jumpy control is in 0.

01mm less than, and top itself also should have certain circumgyrate precision. Labor situation 2: Chuck of the outline outside thick car and the clamp pressure with top tailstock are respectively 1.

5MPa and 1.

0MPa, and be before fine vehicle keep changeless all the time. Because the material hardness of workpiece is taller, the GC4025 that we used GC4015(to be used than before more the brand of wear-resisting) Shanteweike (the razor blade of SANDVIK) , cutting speed is 160m/min. Labor situation 3: The outline outside half fine vehicle, divide Ø32t6, 2-Ø33.


013, Ø40n6 stays everywhere 0.

1mm makes fine vehicle surplus outside, the others is machined everywhere ask to blueprint. We chose deputy slant horn (° of C ′ R=52) bigger cutting tool (MVJNR2525M16) , will take 45 ° (+ 15 ° ) the chamfer jumping over Cheng of bevel angle also a car comes out, and need not use shape cutting tool, saved the cost of the cutting tool that be not mark. We still used hill spy dimension to overcome a brand to be the razor blade of GC4015, radius of round horn of point of a knife is R0.

4mm, not only the problem that solved turning vibration, and the problem that also solved exterior surface roughness. Labor situation 4: × of car whorl M18 1.

5. Labor situation 5: Fine vehicle Ø32t6, 2-Ø33.


013, Ø40n6 cooperates a face 4 times to ask to blueprint. Situation of this one labor is the key of treatment and difficulty. × of good in treatment because of this M18 1.

Chuck should loosen before the circle outside vehicle of the fine after the whorl of 5, workpiece of again new clamp, but the clamp pressure of chuck is reduced for 0.

6MPa, this basically is to assure the coaxial of workpiece to spend. These two movements already kept loose chuck and work of new and low-pressure clamp into the program, finish automatically completely by the machine tool. The clamp pressure of tailstock tip still keeps changeless. Fine vehicle cutting tool chooses cermet razor blade (subordinate list) , its advantage is: The life of cutting tool gets rising significantly (raise 275%) than common cutting tool; Cutting rate rises 40% much; Cheaper than hard alloy razor blade (point to identical norms) ; The dimension of the workpiece in machining a process is relatively stable, often need not undertake the knife fills, saved a large number of auxiliary time. Same it is cutting tool when 4 when process same work different position, we called 4 knives to fill, they control a dimension respectively, can come true to undertake compensating independently to every dimension so. Additional, to make the process of treatment relatively stable, reduce percent defective, before processing work formally everyday, ask handlers is right machine tool warm-up half hours, undertake warm-up to fine vehicle cutting tool. Through adopting afore-mentioned a series of measure, we produce a part that accords with blueprint requirement smoothly, control waste product in 1% less than, and the time that machines place of a spare parts to need is 4.

5min(includes to assemble and unassemble time inside) . Speed of qualitative cutting of material of razor blade of model of manufacturer home razor blade (M/min) feed (Mm/r) adds workpiece to count (/ blade) remarks ATNMG160408-PFGC40151600.

ATNMG160408-PFCT50151600 of 1220 hard alloy.

1240 cermet BTNMG160404-KACT321600.

1240 cermet CTNMG160408-HQTN302300.

The right choice of 1255 cermet cooling fluid also is crucial, it affects the life of cutting tool and workpiece surface surface roughness directly. We used cooling fluid inferior pull (the 450EP of Aral) company, chroma is 6% . The place on put together is narrated can see clearly, the craft plan that we adopt is the same as " filing " photograph comparing advantage is: Efficiency is tall; Percent defective is very low; Reduced the cost of workpiece; The labor intensity that reduced a worker greatly (with compare) in the treatment on average grinding machine; Working procedure is little, be helpful for production attempering; Save facility CNC Milling CNC Machining