Hard alloy price is caused to can changing the attention of point of a knife

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This year, the price of tungsten is quick go up raise. Use up to satisfy native tungsten metal, china adopted a few measure to reduce the export of tungsten recently. Arrange of this with one action produced certain effect to the price of tungsten. Metal of a sortie and the news orgnaization that pick mining industry estimate, 75% what China controlled reserve of whole world tungsten, 85% what supply tungsten wastage. Most those who suffer an effect is cutting tool of such as cutting such hard alloy product, because hard alloy occupies the half above of all tungsten demand. Rise in price as tungsten, cutting tool supplier people felt price pressure. Be located in American Illinois city it is important that the product manager Illinois of the company of Ingersoll Cutting Tools of Rockford pointed out and interesting conclusion. They say, user of cutting cutting tool is considering milling cutter and boring cutter, they use hard metal in part of point of a knife only. These cutting tool provided take to heart the eclectic plan of a kind of economy between high-speed steel knife and both of cutting tool of integral hard alloy. These can change the cutting tool of point of a knife is not " insert type " cutting tool. Contrary, this kind of cutting tool was changed insert type the principle of hard alloy cutting tool, make its turn small diameter into cutting tool, they cannot be awaited as what can change bit normally choose a target. The or of point of a knife that can change completely twists or firmly ground to secure go up in body of steel qualitative knife, steel pledges appropriative knife places knife body, because this does not suffer the effect of service life of hard alloy cutting tool. The graph showed two case of this kind of cutting tool on: One is to have can change most advanced " QwikTwist " broach, one is " ChipSurfer " modular milling system. These cutting tool saved cost. What the change of hard alloy price makes discussion central issue diverts cutting tool is imprest buy the price to go up, this and more implicit cost is contrary. But, implicit choosing this fact into what affect cutting tool originally still is completely true. For example, can change the point of a knife that can change on the machine tool, and knife handle maintains in former. The precision as a result of perch of point of a knife and but repeatability (the company says, mix in axial radial is low to ± 0.

0005 inches, namely ± 0.

0127mm) , so need not the deflection quantity of remeasure cutting tool, this saved time. Another is saved concern with inventory. When hard alloy cutting tool is new and abrade, the workshop must be had enough much cutting tool, in order to assure new and abrade buffer (also be called sometimes cutting tool " reserve " ) middleman and guarantor stays have a certain quantity of cutting tool. If the workshop needs to have two same kind of specific hard alloy broach is usable, so it needs to have such 6 cutting tool, in order to solve the problem of new and abrade lag. Use contain can change the cutting tool of point of a knife can remove this kind of stock, and more principal port depends on, it can avoid to cost financial capacity and energy to dog these cutting tool. CNC Milling CNC Machining