Machine tool of high-powered numerical control and fictitious CNC Machining

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The respect such as requirement and batch production checks the product performance of the production industry such as equipment of aviation, spaceflight, car, mould, energy the treatment demand of its component is higher and higher. Because machine tool of numerical control cutting can realize the treatment of pair of complex part high accuracy, high quality, Gao Rou sex, in the machining of contemporary product part, the scale that uses CNC Machining increases ceaselessly. On foundation of machine tool of ordinary numerical control, the numerical control machine tool in the past is main edge nicety / exceed machine tool of rigid numerical control and high speed to machine a machine tool two contrail develop. Wait for the new requirement of the respect to be satisfied in appearance of geometry of material of the workpiece in CNC Machining process, spare parts, precision and exterior quality, enhance the competition ability of itself of product of numerical control machine tool, from 20 centuries 90 time metaphase begins, integrated the machine tool of high-powered numerical control that high accuracy and high speed turn two sides is taken seriously by height, since entering 21 centuries, high-powered cutting is machined (High Performance Cutting) reach its to basically prop up a technology -- the new heat that technology of fictitious CNC Machining(Virtual CNC Machining) becomes numerical control cutting to machine field learned man and engineers to pay close attention to. International production engineering is met (CIRP) parts 2004, held 2006 the first, conference of international of 2 high-powered cutting, the machine tool that involves with respect to high-powered cutting processing technique and equipment is kinetic build theory of model, control, CAM, cutting, milling / auger cut / the direction such as grinding, small cutting undertook delibrate, the important meeting of the respect of advanced production technology that home holds already also labelled machine tool of high-powered numerical control and treatment engineering technology one of themes, can say, research and development of machine tool of high-powered numerical control and application of research of its support technology already made a when numerical control machine tool develops new trend. The section that the article joins data of domestic and international document and author and its group considers to work, technology of the research of technology of key of machine tool of key introduction and the demand that discuss equipment of high-powered CNC Machining and technique, high-powered numerical control and application, fictitious CNC Machining and the fictitious CNC Machining that face feature of spare parts craft are mechanical the content such as emulation method research. The requirement that treatment of high-powered spare parts processes equipment and technique to numerical control cutting is contemporary the characteristic of the high-powered spare parts in equipment and product is reflected in the following respects. (1) material characteristic. Metallic stuff spare parts is the main target of CNC Machining, all sorts of steel, aluminium alloy have very large proportion, titanium alloy, high temperature alloy also has certain proportion, metallic stuff semifinished product is OK by cast, forging, beforehand a variety of craft such as drawing, rolling are made, in addition, metalloid material spare parts (basically be composite material and material of optical hard brittleness) CNC Machining capacity also presents increasing trend. (2) structural characteristic. Sort of spare parts structure is diversiform, if the car reachs the casing of engine, cylinder body / crock lid, dish, the spare parts such as the axis, plane wainscot, bridge, casing, costal region, predestined relationship, the structural part such as long joist and connect and framework, the lamina of aviation engine / leaf dish / impeller, casing, dish annulus wait. In addition, because quantify the design that relies on a gender with Gao Ke high-poweredly, gently to ask, use whole structure and complex model the spare parts scale of area structure increases greatly, because size of geometry of this spare parts is large, model face feature of complex, craft much, wall is large small. (3) craft characteristic. Because material chooses the characteristic that goes up with structural design, cutting of numerical control of high-powered spare parts presents a treatment precision to ask tall, cutting machines course material purify to measure big, treatment to be out of shape in treatment process control difficulty to wait for a characteristic greatly, to machining quality, be out of shape control. CNC Milling CNC Machining