Inertial sensor signal makes car maintains precision of high fixed position at any time

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Swiss U-blox company faced car navigator to develop the fixed position module that precision can raise below a variety of environments waits inside channel. Support includes GPS (global location system) with system of accurate zenithal satellite (QZSS) inside 5 kinds of GNSS (system of global navigation satellite) . Through combining the 6 axes of 3 axes acceleration and 3 axes angular velocity inertial sensor signal, cannot receive GNSS signal and precision of high fixed position also can not maintain below the circumstance such as the car information such as use speed. This module receives signal of circuit, inertial sensor to collect circuit and basis by the RF signal of GNSS the algorithmic executive unit of these signal speculation positions form. Enclose dimension to be × of 7mm × 7mm 1.

1mm. Inside buy is inertial the module of sensor (enclose dimension to be × of 12mm × 16mm 2.

4mm) already rolled out in Feburary 2016, facing a car to carry the sample such as electronic equipment manufacturer to offer money. This product besides navigator, predict to still will be used at recorder of drive a vehicle and radar detector to wait. The evaluation that still rolled out component of the buy outside was being deployed and batteries to wait at the same time is covered. The QZSS that this product does not support a lot of areas such as Tokyo to be able to obtain precision of 1cm class fixed position what use enhances signal (L6) , u-blox company is booked rolled out supportive product 2017. CNC Milling CNC Machining