A creativity applies to the tool of included angle burnish of stainless steel and aluminium alloy

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An included angle that creativity applies to stainless steel and aluminium alloy hits UMC6R-L grind a tool. Company of abrade expert Shu Neng rolled out stainless steel burnish and polish tool of a dynamoelectric polish, UMC6R. Be based on the polish of a few mixed point of view, the revolutionary design that pull silk and makes. No matter be to apply at stainless steel or the exterior polish of aluminium alloy, UM6R provided the character of service of low vibration and brim of press close to. The burnish polish of the in-house included angle of stainless steel and aluminium alloy is a difficult problem all the time, this tool that Shu Neng designs is to be in same a directional motion, come the welding line of burnish interior. Because used the means of the join abrasive that carries cloth with soft nap on the back, UMC6-R is OK very fast do finishing work. And a lot of kinds of different join heads can go to the lavatory apply to different finishing. To fulfil the client's need, this compact tool that Shu Neng company designs, can apply to narrow included angle, and have 500W power, 8mm journey, and the function that rotate speed turns for 2500-5250/min. OK at the finishing of the following stainless steel and aluminium alloy applying: The handles · baluster connection of an internal angle of · kitchen utensils and appliances nods those who handle · fillet weld to not have seam burnish · the purify of burr of interior of mixed point of view is direct the shift that the spot demonstrates to serve an user to be able to be offerred from Shu Neng company demonstrates product of the understanding in the service, we offer the opinion of experienced working personnel and expert and proposal freely. Demonstrated car to include commonly used tool, fittings, abrasive, the requirement that can improve with the workpiece that occupies you and need offers the most immediate solution. CNC Milling CNC Machining