Electrode decreases in treatment of efficient electric spark wear away

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Below the case that has treatment milling is machined to milling machine from move of electric spark machine tool when a lot of enterprises, sovinec mould manufactory is taking a way that differs completely with this however. Stem from the reason of time, its mould is after course thick mill, often have precision work to electric spark machine tool with respect to arrangement. In March 2012, varelman mould factory more the name is Sovinec mould manufactory. Accumulate opposite those who exceed 1300m2 is whole when new manufacturing ground undertakes arranging, return augment machine treatment facilities. This place where troops are stationed shares 20 workers in the enterprise of Dinklage, key production uses a variety of differring plastic pressure of interior of the pattern that has noting model, average standard that note model, gas notes model model (it is a kind of technology noting model that makes hollow work technically -- interpret is noted) mix with cable conduit the model noting model of cable chamfer. The user of the mould basically comes from the industry such as auto industry, telecommunication and medical treatment. Had laid the foundation with mould good plant 1971, used the machine tool device of OPS-Ingersoll company all the time for quite a long time, its reason basically is milling machine and machine tool of electric spark treatment OK purchase from this one company. Besides machine tool of treatment of Gantry Eagle 800 electric spark, still purchased milling machine of high speed of Spee Hawk 550 5 axes at present. Had serious test to HSC milling machine, and the machine tool that consider and can analyse a competitor to machine tool of electric spark treatment scarcely. To general manager Mr Marko Sovinec, he is right before the machine tool is having good use experience: "2005, our electric spark machined uses electrode to use black lead electrode completely, decide very quickly, there still is enough functional reserve on old OPS-Ingersoll machine tool. Accordingly, when us the decision is purchased when Gantry Eagle 800 electric spark machines a machine tool, performance of condition of very few driven or the criterion of efficiency will consider. More important to us is those who reduce electrode wear away. That is to say, we are to want to achieve better result with less expenditure. And make through Eagle craft we gained a success. " undertake in electric spark machine tool finish machining uses this kind of arrangement to be able to save how many time directly after thick mill, this very it's hard to say. Because the work with single treatment is almost in the factory of Dinklage, will unlikelily undertake comparative. But, mr Marko Sovinec is affirmative to this, since after carrying out such craft to arrange, reduced the time that electric spark machines significantly. This also is why the account that a lot of treatment tasks process a machine tool to undertake machining to electric spark from milling machine arrangement. Can see from the example below, sharp-angled treatment cannot come true on milling machine, perhaps still must want to machine a machine tool in electric spark as a result of a few small round horn radius aspirant travel treatment, accordingly, workpiece is after thick mill end, transfer undertake machining to electric spark machine tool. According to the information that mould factory controller provides, electric spark treatment undertakes already fast, move stabler, because the machine tool need not be cost,more fare also can realize what nobody attend to to move. Of course, the efficiency of the machine tool is the one part of numerous requirement only, and precision is must. This is doing not have a problem in Dinklage factory, contrarily, in treatment costal region is mixed celiac board respect, use electric spark of Gantry Eagle 800 to machine a machine tool to undertake machining, the workpiece surface structure that treatment of its electric spark achieves is in grade 24 or change inside narrower range (the VDI 3400 standard according to German engineer association, grade 24, state exterior surface roughness is Ra=2.

24 μ M -- interpret is noted) , machine in order to avoid reentry travel polish. Precision is critical factor, then the decision chooses machining center of Speed Hawk 550 high speed. However, in the respect of the model that note model of cable conduit and cable chamfer, involved measurement standards is not much, and more it is to involve functional common difference. On one hand, the link unit that should consider numerous bedspring to block crural construction and part are particularly thin wall thick. On the other hand, the mould is designed very complexly, so that satisfy the manufacturing cycle time of a requirement. Accordingly, people chose OPS-Ingersoll company to raise the add combination measure of precision. To precision, mr Marko Sovinec thinks is not exclusive: "Our standard is ± 0.

02mm. And in actual condition, the plug that having optimal record has achieved 3 μ M and 4 μ M. According to the experience of our heretofore, speed Hawk 550 still has on treatment precision rise apparently. Accordingly, our purpose depends on with as far as possible simple way will obtain taller precision. " raise treatment precision through temperature monitoring this is to pass an optional function to expand will realize temperature monitoring, the product of OPS-Ingersoll company sold department head to make following introductions: "Machine tools of any a numerical control, what produce temperature in the metropolis in the motion of the component is elevatory, especially high speed machines a machine tool. Because use great majority of this kind of machine tool,be to obtain exact ultimate size or to gain extremely fine workpiece face, because of this machine tool not the common difference with bigger be patient of, for this, can use the active refrigeration that expends quite alone. However we were not done so, as a result of this reason, a year since, we are offerred optional an active process monitoring, pass process monitoring, in any time we can collect the temperature rise of the machine tool, undertake compensating alone. " but the process is not so simple, because, what each machine tool is bearing to differ is laden. No matter be to use large clamp system and rough sketch of workpiece of 3 axes treatment, still use the 4th swing with the 5th circumgyrate axis or undertake much axis linkage. Although be below the circumstance that nobody operate, must want to ensure in any time the treatment precision of component part. And it is very reliable that machining center of Speed Hawk 550 high speed looks apparent. When purchasing a machine tool, sovinec company machines those who undertake full black lead treatment and hard mill regard him as target. To black lead electrode, had realized full milling treatment at present, however hard mill has on another milling machine. What because electric spark of Gantry Eagle 800 machines machine tool treatment to undertake,comparative is fast, as a result needs the supply of electrode ceaselessly. After workpiece temper by dipping in water is hard, machining center of Speed Hawk 550 high speed has hard mill, treatment makes clear as a result, its machine precision and exterior quality also was to reach extremely high level almost. Origin: German FORM+Werkzeug magazine CNC Milling CNC Machining