High speed and accurately laser make bid

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Graph 1a (left) with graph 1b (right) the laser that represents number and imitate system makes plotting proposal. Use servo of digital condition space control and " low rank mode " pulse of high repetition rate is fiber-optic laser technology, can realize high speed and accurate laser to make bid, use at asking automation control and monitoring, high yield goes out to maintain least product line with laser. Digital servo controller contained processor of signal of high speed number (DSP) , in order to undertake servo electric machinery is in torque, speed or pilot of positional mode number need entirely computation. With control and feedback signal (for example coder of electric machinery electric current and voltage, position is measured) the controller interface that be linked together is changed by high resolution modulus (ADC) integrated circuit is offerred. Parameter is whole can extract from inside doing calm process oneself surely, store with digital means at hardware, the hand that still can remove imitate circuit drift and ageing to bring moves potentiometer to adjust with the problem. Additional, use high-powered DSP technology to still can carry out advanced electric machinery to control algorithm, the tall broadband function that is based on a model for example forecasts control. Forecast a model to result from the condition space of motion of laser scanner electric machinery and observed electric machinery position is equational, and other trends is variable (for example simulative electric current and voltage) . Servo orgnaization forecasts laser scanner shift ahead of schedule, generate signal of electric machinery voltage, ensure source signal gets system of power source of be confined to. Compare with photograph of imitate servo orgnaization, the driver of model of compositive condition space can enhance bandwidth greatly. With existing laser (for example Nd:YAG, Nd:YVO4 and CO2 laser) photograph comparing, fiber-optic laser has pulse a lot of advantages, for example laser parameter M2<2 days bundle quality efficiency of admirable, changeover is extremely tall and service life is extremely long. Additional, it maintains minimum when the operation, level a field in water-cooling and optics for example. Because use pulse of high repetition rate fiber-optic laser, data processing has been improved greatly. Because pulse width is extremely short, because this uses low pulse energy,achieve intensity of laser of extremely high peak value easily. Because intensity is extremely high and the interact time of laser and material is extremely short, thermal diffusion accepts restriction the area at minimum, the laser energy density that gather creates material fast vaporization. Accordingly, pulse is fiber-optic laser can hit the choice material surface in mark application to melt in laser high grade, exact pattern. Because hit the distance between punctuation and scanner speed to become direct ratio along two laser of scanning method, become inverse ratio with pulse repetition rate, accordingly, when laser scanner is controlled by orgnaization of servo of digital condition space, pulse of high repetition rate is fiber-optic laser is a substantial that designs laser of high grade, high speed to make sign system. Graph 2a (left) with graph 2b (right) the servo orgnaization that represents number and imitate system implements the same rate that make bid (10Kmm/sec) the horizontal design making bid when. A of the orgnaization of servo of space of DC2000 number condition that test result hits sign system to be deserved to have 6230 scanning Zhen Jing and 10mm lens side by a of Cambridge Technology company with the digital laser at the experiment and SPI company 20 made of baked clay fiber-optic laser are comprised. Laser moves with the repetition rate of 125KHz. Use stainless steel board undertake laser hits mark to handle research. The corresponding imitate of the function making bid of this kind of system and the drive of orgnaization of servo of CTI 671 imitate that adjust through optimizing hit the output of sign system to undertake contrast. Graph 1a and graph 1b state the laser of number and imitate system makes plotting proposal respectively. Mark design course complications adequately, the hatching that includes different length, cusp, helix, linear wait for character with the curve. According to test result, system of this kind of number can be in 25.

The processing that make bid is finished inside 6 seconds, but imitate system needs 52 seconds to complete identical operation. This is the optimal result of two kinds of systems, because drop any extra effort of time of processing of two kinds of systems,label aggravation quality. When undertaking contrast with imitate system, to the design of medium and complex degree, system of this kind of number makes the rate that make bid rises 200% . Graph 3, the Zhen Jingjiao that sweep an area spends reaction to jussive difference is being inputted between digital system and imitate system. High-powered servo orgnaization still has such feature: During fast acceleration and decelerate, generation torque in order to dominate electric machinery. The servo orgnaization that graph 2a and graph 2b represent number and imitate system respectively implements the same rate that make bid (10Kmm/sec) the horizontal design making bid when. Two area of differentia space can see in two graphs. Area 1 is the area that has differentia space, the correspondence acceleration at scanner / decelerate phase. Area 2 it is the area that has constant to nod a space surely, correspondence scans at the stability of scanner level. The length as a result of 1 of the area in graph 2a (~310 Dai ) the length of 1 of the area in the 2b that compare a figure (~2600 Dai ) short, can roll out, what digital servo orgnaization handles torque pulse is short-term erupt function is more much better than imitate servo orgnaization. In the 3rd experiment, still studied the Zhen Jingjiao that sweep an area spends reaction to be opposite input jussive difference between digital system and imitate system, show technology of servo of digital condition space has improve. Like before, the Zhen Jing of CTI 6230 scanning that drive of two servo orgnaization provides cover of 10 millimeter lens. Graph 3 in, the angle way that black line and red line represent controller of use number servo and imitate servo controller respectively (rely on time) . The angle that lens face rotates undertakes scale along Y axis, use aleatoric and in-house unit to express. The method of digital servo orgnaization and input command match closely, two contrail cannot identify. Red line happening is out of shape, because the limitation of bandwidth cannot dog accurately,input signal because of orgnaization of imitate PID servo. CNC Milling CNC Machining