Change one's costume or dress lathe treatment is heavy-duty dish kind of spare parts

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Make large crush arenaceous chance, grinding arenaceous engine chassis is difficult treatment workpiece. Chassis cast semifinished product submits disc form (graph 1 show) 1 times medium, the diameter is 2.

2m, the margin is high 0.

3m, chassis and brim are thick 0.

1m, weight amounts to 3t. 1.

Workpiece 2.

Accept dish of plan 1 graph 2 we changed his costume or dress lathe of an old C630, solved the difficult problem that grinds arenaceous engine chassis without large treatment establishing a car. The main shaft bearing of this kind of machine tool is sliding bearing, cupreous tile is thicker, main shaft and plain bearing liner are adjusted very good, carrying capacity is ambitious at scroll bearing. First box of lathe main shaft bolt of 4 close solid loosens, level of main shaft box rotates 180 ° , be about to main shaft front turns to machine tool back end. The main shaft of this machine tool looks up precision is 0.

025mm. Because grind arenaceous engine chassis to weigh 3t, main shaft system is out of shape very big, look up main shaft via deserving to blow main shaft box and lathe bed interface so precision make it 0.

042mm. Can assure to be machined so the verticality of plane and cutting tool, open channel of a ground on workshop concrete ground next, so that be workpiece hoisting on main shaft (graph 1) . Machining a face is disc underside and brim inside face, in main shaft and workpiece 1 between increase even receive dish 2. If the graph is shown 2 times,accept dish of structure, receive dish of center to aperture of one big whorl and whorl of front of lathe main shaft cooperate, make receive dish fixed go up in main shaft. Grind the opening that there are 4 Ø30mm on arenaceous engine chassis, it is to be used secure those who grind arenaceous machine pillar. We are gotten with rocker beforehand 4 Ø30mm Kong Zuan comes out and huang3hu1 is made the same score. Receive dish go up to also have 4 Ø30mm opening, it is OK to use opening of these 4 bolts grind arenaceous engine chassis to secure receiving dish on, be about to workpiece installation is on main shaft. The flank of C630 lathe lathe bed that change one's costume or dress secures one hob to use installation advocate electromotor. A parallel is secured to machine lathe bed of planar modular machine tool at chassis on the right side of ground channel, there is the milling head that can slide above. We use AT6 of razor blade of pottery and porcelain, feed is 0.

25mm/r, cutting deepness is 2.

5mm, 1200r/min of rotate speed of mill bit body. Milling of knife of pottery and porcelain grinds the exterior surface roughness of arenaceous engine chassis to be Ra3.

2µm, its surface roughness is worth the Ra12 that excel blueprint asks.

51µn. Razor blade of use AT6 pottery and porcelain can decrease the frequency that change a knife and the time that grind a knife, make productivity raised 5 times, cost was reduced 65% . Appear to prevent the main shaft of C630 machine tool of burden workpiece abrade with the phenomenon that burn tile, we install compulsive lubricant system with CB-32 gear pump, choose 40# mechanical oil, when main shaft turns with 20r/min, can make the lubricating film between bearing has enough strength, make sure the machine tool moves normally. We use lube and grease to mix the way that note again, stop 20min of before roll 15 ~ in main shaft namely to the infuse in main shaft oily aperture ropy shape is contained extremely the grease that presses additive. In main shaft rotational action issues it to be able to be filled as lube distribute land to flow to cover whole space inside axis and clearance of plain bearing liner. Prevented a machine tool to stop so make below heavy load action when machine oily film burst, occurrence metal bedding face accumulates a contact, machine tool main shaft and plain bearing liner are caused when can preventing reopen engine consequently of abrade problem appear. CNC Milling CNC Machining