The operation face plate of CNC Milling reachs its function

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The operation face plate of CNC Milling operates face plate by machine tool Control Panel and numerical control system two parts composition, in pursueing as follows, its are left the part operates face plate for numerical control system, the part is machine tool Control Panel on the right side of. Normal Align=center>normal > one, all sorts of function key on Control Panel of machine tool of machine tool Control Panel are executable simple operation, control the movement of the machine tool and treatment process directly, have commonly stop urgently, speed of feed of mode choice, axial choice, cutting is adjusted, main shaft rotate speed is adjusted, of main shaft case stop, the program debugs function of function and other M, S, T to wait. Normal > 2, system of numerical control of face plate of operation of numerical control system operates face plate by indication screen and MDI clavier two parts are comprised, show screen basically is used among them show relevant coordinate position, program, graph, parameter, diagnose, call the police wait for information, and MDI clavier includes alphabetical key, numeric key and functional key-press to wait, the choice of the input that can undertake program, parameter, machine tool dictates and systematic function. CNC Milling CNC Machining