Special trends quickens blade postposition handles development

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[summary] as a result of current and homebred the phenomenon with inhomogenous speed of cutting of the existence when 4 coordinate machine tool is machining curved surface, for this we use development appropriative postposition to handle the means of software to compensate cutting speed, achieve ideal cutting effect and treatment efficiency. The article analysed the function that develops module and each module in detail, to develop special postposition independently processing provides referenced basis. [keyword] trends of development postposition processing quickens 4 coordinate lamina special the work that processing technique of linkage of 1 foreword four-axle basically uses at treatment to have relatively complex curved surface, machine photograph comparing with 3 axes linkage, four-axle linkage treatment can be machined piece more high quality, more complex curved surface, basically apply to the special treatment of the industry such as plane, mould, car. Had gained ground at present homebred 4 coordinate machine tool, and machine tool price, maintain cost under entrance machine tool, this is very important to enterprise of a developing. Because four-axle linkage machines medium cutting tool method,had been complex three-dimensional cutter track by change of simple 2 dimension cutter track. More complex on the computation of cutting speed, and the cutting speed of each cutting dots is of change. The article is with method of cutting tool of turbine lamina treatment exemple, will analyse speed of cutting tool feed and software of corresponding special postposition processing to develop way. 2 development target machines cutting tool method to belong to method of cutting of complex and three-dimensional cutting tool as a result of four-axle linkage, accordingly cutting speed of every bits gets the interference of a lot of factor: The cutting on runner shaft coming back is nodded rotate the center is apart from size; Four-axle at the same time volume of power of linkage opportunity bed; Size of change of treatment workpiece curvature waits an element a moment. With homebred treatment of lamina of turbine of 4 coordinate machine tool face developed appropriative postposition to handle software as research target. Developing a target is can calculate automatically according to machining the curvature of the product bit more current cutting rate, achieve the result of smooth cutting speed thereby; Parameter of setting tool deflection is adjusted, can apply this parameter trends to adjust method of treatment cutting tool, achieve the goal that compensates tool error; Generated program can show parameter of cutting tool character automatically according to cutting tool circumstance (cutting tool size) with can automatic setting cutting tool length is compensated. 3 products and lamina of analysis of cutting tool method face is by many sectional introduce blending model and become (like the graph 1 is shown) , so sectional (if the graph is shown 2 times) it is the crucial factor that makes blade range. Graph   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of 1     pursues sectional graph can analyse 2 basises a lamina is whole curvature change rule -- inside evenness of change of back arc face; The change side steam of pass in and out is acuteness (like the graph 3 are shown) ; The cutting tool contrail that sees us machine blade again pursues (if pursue,4 are shown) . Graph   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of 3     pursues 4 from the graph 3 in can see, carry arc on the back to be in curved surface inside change is very even, so the axis rotates in treatment roll is slower, distance of XYZ axis motion is shorter also, when this kind of small-power moves speed is met very fast; And in the place side steam of pass in and out curvature changes very acuteness, so the axis rotates in treatment roll is very fast, travel of XYZ axis campaign is very big also, below the motion of such high-power power of machine tool drive is not worth, bring about systematic whole speed to drop. Because be put in this kind of phenomenon, so cutting tool can get in cutting process very big impact. Our solution depends on compensating this cutting speed. Change in curved surface curvature small inside place back arc lowers cutting rate, in change of curved surface curvature the place side steam of big pass in and out increases cutting feed rate. Distributing according to cutting tool method and curved surface curvature, we see not hard, the part that wants the key that achieves cutting rate balance depends on the vector included angle of cutting tool changing. Change of included angle of vector of edge of steam of pass in and out is very acuteness, and inside change of included angle of vector back arc is relatively flowing. Operation of cutting feed speed is formulary: Among them: Δ F -- D of dynamic speed Δ -- site of two knives track is apart from the space Δ θ -- two knives course nods the space F of vector included angle -- E of standard feed speed -- adjust coefficient at the same time, to achieve the goal that compensates tool error, use compensating parameter increases on dot of cutting tool cut. Tool error compensation adjusts formula: 4 software design uses VB6.

The 0 development platform that handle as this postposition, program structure module sees a picture 5. Graph the file of method of NCL cutting tool of 5 processing is made by Pro/ENGINEER, particular form is as follows: MACHIN / MILL, 1$$->CUTCOM_GEOMETRY_TYPE / OUTPUT_ON_CENTERUNITS / MMLOADTL / 2, OSETNO, 1$$->CUTTER / 16.

000000SET / OFSETL, 55$$->CSYS / 1.

0000000000, 0.

0000000000, 0.

0000000000, 0.

0000000000, $ 0.

0000000000, 1.

0000000000, 0.

0000000000, 0.

0000000000, $ 0.

0000000000, 0.

0000000000, 1.

0000000000, 0.

0000000000MULTAX / ON$$->OSETNO / 1, 0.

0000000000, 0.

0000000000, 0.

0000000000$$->OSETNO / 1, 0.

0000000000, 0.

0000000000, 0.

0000000000SPINDL / RPM, 2500.

000000, CLWCOOLNT / ONRAPID GOTO / -154.

2004692605, 115.

1954527379, 96.

0729289056, $0.

0000000000, 0.

9681056801, 0.

2505421964RAPID GOTO / -154.

2004692605, - 27.

2128043462, 59.

2181947073, $0.

0000000000, 0.

9681056801, 0.

2505421964FEDRAT / 2000.

000000, MMPMGOTO / -154.

2004692605, - 36.

8938611471, 56.

7127727433, $0.

0000000000, 0.

9681056801, 0.

2505421964GOTO / -154.

4368894098, - 26.

5081938974, 33.

9733351668, $0.

0000000000, 0.

9681056801, 0.

2505421964GOTO / -154.

4806703200, - 24.

3118361484, 29.

3048579455, $0.

0000000000, 0.

9537348605, 0.

3006489912GOTO / -154.

5256258457, - 21.

8470821009, 24.

7278490649, $0.

0000000000, 0.

9342948121, 0.

The coordinate that file of method of 3565013381 this cutting tool gives clear cutting tool athletic point reachs way of cutting tool vector, need to give data of machine tool motion and dynamic feed rate according to computation of direction of cutting tool vector only, the design purpose of software was achieved. Generated machine program is as follows: %N10 (Sir Zcm Design Dvelopment)N20 (TEL-08388862948)N30 (M053-201012A001 DATE:2003-11-13 Time:11:05:0The product code name that 1) handles reachs processing time N40 (File_name:1.


The file name that 1) is handled N50 T2N60 M06N70 (TOOL-16.

) N80 M10N90 G00 G55 G90 Z135 of parameter of cutting tool character.

642N100 X-154.



490N110 S2500 M03N120 M08N130 G91N140 G43 Z-147.

100H1N150 G01 Z-10.


000N160 X-0.



357N170 X-0.





873 (dynamic F) N180 X-0.





391N190 X-0.





794N200 X-0.





734... ... ... ... ... N2320 G49 Z164.


  of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of 000N2330 M09N2340 M05N2350 M30% pursues this postposition processing software achieved 65 last words completely to design a purpose at first, the NC code that through this postposition processing software generates goes out in edge of steam of pass in and out increase feed rate, use at compensating a machine tool to be not worth a phenomenon in the power of the place, make the machine tool increases power movement to satisfy cutting to ask; And carry arc place on the back inside, lower cutting rate apparently, make the machine tool can carry cutting rate when small-power even. After cutting speed divide evenly is changed, apparent land improved cutting tool life and product bright and clean degree, improve treatment efficiency at the same time. Show consideration for project technology personnel more on design of tool deflection parameter, the process designing software that need not handle loaded down with trivial details again treats the setting inside software in postposition directly corresponding parameter achieved a goal. This postposition of development four-axle linkage handles a program to make our exploration gave postposition of system of work out numerical control to handle the method of the program, draw lessons from to design more complex postposition to handled a program to offer later. Software of this postposition processing is applied successfully already at homebred lamina of turbine of 4 coordinate treatment face, bring very tall economic benefits to the enterprise. CNC Milling CNC Machining