Taiwan machine manufacturer will monarch Indian new ground

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India becomes Taiwan machine manufacturer to contend for the new territory that chase, afterwards is plastic shoot engine big plant near future of prosperous and strong Xin establishs 4 sale fortified point in place in succession hind, the person that spin machine and village of Yin of tool aircraft manufacturer reach the Weishidu that produces cooling system to wait for course of study, also plan to want to go to place to establish show center and workshop, lift southing of rigid line of business upsurge. Officer of company of prosperous and strong Xin expresses, what this company lost past India market last year is plastic shoot machine amount to be close to 100 million yuan, take next Indian markets the city of nearly one is occupied rate, because India is English department country, undergraduate manpower quality is not poor, increase pay level low, after this company establishs an agency and 3 sales fortified point with Bangjialuo in Xin Deli, Bombay in succession, do not eliminate to set a factory to assemble in place further, lead with enlarging the market to have. Those who produce comprehensive treatment engine assist grand industry, after Taipei tool machine is exhibited this year, already received 40 tool engine order in succession, comparative to extending the market as a result of local agent active, assist grand estimation should be in this year Indian market work off 70 tools machine, relatively grew last year two, not difficult. Zhan Zhicheng shows general manager of Gao Feng industry, india is contended for because of foreign capital enter investment car plant, develop mode and the mainland circumstance similar 5 years ago at present, to machining steam engine the demand of opportunity of small-sized and comprehensive treatment of 0 component, mould is great, local processing factory course of study person future should be met look industrial growing situation, buy again more high-ranking in large scale computer is planted, worth while a person of same business of Taiwan tool aircraft is hopeful expect. And although just started,Gao Feng enters Indian market, but growing potential is quite great, beforehand appraise answer this year but work off machine of 20 above tool, relatively grew last year one times. CNC Milling CNC Machining