TDX TAC broach

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Company limited of Japanese Toshiba TUNGALOY rolled out Φ 12.

5 ~ Φ 54.

0mm, l/D = 2, 3, 4, the TDX of 5 series but dislocation broach product. Its characteristic is: (A razor blade has 1) 4 point of a knife can attend cutting. Central blade and circumferential blade but dislocation, economy is good; (The balance design of 2) ideal can restrain cutting tool to cut fashionable vibration, can realize stable treatment; (3) was used new-style and three-dimensional razor blade of the chamfer that break bits, apply to the treatment that reachs stainless steel to wait to the mild steel with the difficult processing that cut bits from common steel; (The appearance of chamfer of the bits that allow a platoon that 4) becomes independent each other can unobstructed ground eduction causes what the central cutting blade that jam cuts easily to cut bits. (Ply of 5) razor blade relatively the razor blade previously is thicker, rose to fight damaged function, prolonged the service life of cutting tool. (Because 6) achieved stable cutting and good platoon bit, because this can raise treatment precision, obtain good treatment surface surface roughness. CNC Milling CNC Machining