Rich the common breakdown that straps transmission and eliminate

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Rich strapping transmission is total plant of gear of car of Shaanxi of company of group of former China heavy-duty automobile from American Eton (EATON) company introduces special production technology to produce. 1, structure: Compare with traditional transmission, rich strap transmission to have the design construction that goes alone. A, advocate, deputy transmission all uses double layshaft structure; Two layshaft alternate with 180 degrees, theoretic every layshaft delivers 1/2 torque only, make the center is apart from reduce, gear is decreased thin 40% , the dimension between the axis shortens, quality is reduced, convenient also take power. Needle bearing is not had between gear of B, main shaft and main shaft, for radial float structure: Basically be to satisfy main shaft gear at the same time as correct as two layshaft gear clench the teeth, make bear allocates on average as far as possible, if pursue,1 is shown. Graph sketch map of float of 1 main shaft 1, main shaft 2, input axis 3, input gear 4, deputy gear-box drive gear is solve double layshaft gear correct clench the teeth, must " to tine " assemble, if pursue,2 are shown. Will imprint on gear of two layshaft drive the teeth of a cogwheel that has number inserts an input respectively imprint on axial gear the two combination that have number (two teeth of a cogwheel that include photograph adjacent every groups) alveolar can. Deputy box " to tine " manage together. C.

Input axis, main shaft, take-off bears only torque, do not bear curved quadrature: Main shaft of layshaft tine wheel pair (input axis, take-off) the radial load that gear place brings to bear on is mutual and quits. Because the axis curves the phenomenon that affects precision of gear clench the teeth,eliminated, raise the dependability of transmission and wear greatly. D.

Transmission has a variety of forms extraction power: Power plant is taken before, power plant is taken after, but optional plant or count kind use at the same time. E.

Operate formal diversification, but remote operate directly (gas operates commutation) , also but wrong place or right place operate, also but two-way operate. Accordingly, rich strap transmission to have operate dimension of agile and light, axial small, quality ability of light, bearing big, maintenance is convenient reach use wait for an advantage reliably, apply extensively at heavy-duty car and project machine. But use, safeguard undeserved, can quicken parts to wear away, damage even. Graph 2 assemble transmission sketch map of total didymous tine 1, gear of left layshaft drive 2, gear of right layshaft drive 3, input axis gear 2.

Common breakdown 2.

1 abnormal knocking (it is to point to the abnormal noise that gives out in working process) this kind of noise basically is divided for bearing noise and gear ring two kinds. 2.


1 bearing is noisy (bearing wears away the noise that Song Kuang or attaint cause) transmission bearing often goes out to leave the job in condition of carry on one's shoulder of high rotate speed, heavy burden, bearing scroll body and raceway arise easily to wear away badly, exhaustion flakes, ablation or broken etc, make the axial clearance of bearing and bottom clearance increase. When rotate speed change, bear increases or lubricant and undesirable when, because roll,can be bumped between body and raceway and produce noise, this kind of noise can increase gradually, serious when still can destroy the parallel between axis and axis, make gear mediate wrong, wear away quickly. Cause transmission abnormal knocking subsequently, jump a series of breakdown such as archives. Accordingly, to the noise that bearing appears, should ascertain breakdown place, change in time. 2.


2 gear are noisy (the noise that the balance sex place that moulage of the clearance of clench the teeth with normal gear, mediate is destroyed or loses transmission causes) its are main the reason is as follows: (1) gear wears away badly, tooth flank ablation or exhaustion flake a shape tear off. (2) individual tooth batter (3) the corresponding position of line of two gear center produces change, size of space of clench the teeth. When gap is big, load of the concussion between tooth flank increases, noise produces when gear mediate; Clearance hour, the extruding force between tooth flank increases, also produce noise. (4) bearing is serious Song Kuang or attaint 2.


The examination that 3 transmission lube rings less to gear and judgement, should mix according to noise feature occurrence opportunity, decide the reason of the place of breakdown and generation. The noise that clearance of gear clench the teeth gives out greatly too is a kind of successive sound that has even rhythm; The noise that individual tooth attaint gives out is a kind of rhythm is more apparent and the noise that rise as rotate speed and increases. Generally speaking, noise is in which archives appear, it is moulage of clearance of clench the teeth of this archives gear, mediate wrong, neutral or all archives all send noisy, the clearance of clench the teeth that is gear of constant to bite commonly or moulage of clench the teeth are wrong. To the gear that because of wearing away normally clearance increases, slight and even noise appears to still can continue to use in working. Be like inhomogenous periodic noise, should make serious inspection, give when necessary repair or change. 2.

2 jump archives jumps archives is to show car exercise is medium, gearlever jumps automatically empty shelves, union covers the phenomenon that breaks away from position of clench the teeth. 2.


1 case study its are main the reason is the generation of axial force and tabulator action is abate. 2.



The generation A of 1 axial force.

The tooth wears away cone-shaped; The gear of mutual mediate or union are covered, when be entered first when put into gear and culling file hind the tooth of one aspect of the matter that breaks away from clench the teeth wears away cone-shaped. When wearing away to deliver torque each other into cone-shaped tooth, can produce axial power (F) , if the graph is shown 3 times, when the fixed position force of the bedspring in increasing enough to overcome tabulator when axial force, consociate is covered break away from clench the teeth and jump archives. Graph 3 B.

Bearing aperture axes is not parallel: Bearing or bearing aperture wear away hollowness, housing is out of shape, can make of transmission carapace on, rough travel spends next bearing aperture axes increase, bring about axial generation to tilt, destroy the normal clench the teeth of gear, increased axial power. The experiment proves: It is when rotate speed 1450 turn / time-sharing, the first gear of new transmission shifts gear the axial force that gets on fork is 0.

9kg, when transmission carapace bearing rough travel spends aperture axes for 0.

When 19mm, its axial force is 5kg, rough travel is spent increase to 0.

When 34mm, the axial force of first gear will increase 13 times, this will increase greatly jump the possibility of archives. C.

Axis or gear axial string together move: Transmission bearing stops move snap ring, or gear stops rearly push mat become loose or wear away badly, can make axis or gear axial are strung together move, make take off file thereby. D.

Gear does not hang reach the designated position: Shift gear fork bends be out of shape, gearlever lower end and shift gear forked guide block and shift gear the fork pockets that fork and union cover cooperates clearance too big, operate main transfer machinery is adjusted undeserved, all can make gear is not hanged reach the designated position, combine an as long without complete tine as gear tooth clench the teeth namely, such, although have lesser axial power, also can consociate is covered break away from clench the teeth and jump archives. 2.



Of 2 tabulator action abate or invalidation placement (annul) wear away, fixed position bedspring loses too or break off, and shift gear the groove on forked axis too shallow or edge axes wears away to wait into groove, all can make the action of tabulator is abate and jump archives. 2.


2 examinations method has method of 3 kinds of examinations. A.

The car is when travel of medium, high speed, with add suddenly, the method of decelerate or " pull archives " hind add accelerator suddenly, make gear bears bigger hand in change bear, whether does the examination jump archives. B.

Use a car high speed of uphill or calm way (50~60km/h) when travel, dub apply the brake, the examination has without jump archives. C.

In the travel on scraggly road, make car jolt oscillatory, whether does the examination jump archives. 2.


3 eliminate archives of methodological occurrence some to jump when archives, will still gearlever is pushed to this archives position, tear open next transmission lids next, the examination jumps the circumstance of clench the teeth of archives gear (position of clench the teeth) . If case of clench the teeth is good, should check gear to whether grow direction to wear away along tine cone-shaped, each bearing is loose free from worries, axis and bearing whether around is strung together move etc. If afore-mentioned cases are good, should check gearlever the lower end and shift gear between forked guide block, and shift gear fork and union cover the clearance between fork pockets to whether pass big, can undertake changing repairing when necessary or change. 2.

3 random archives are the archives that shows transmission cannot hang a need, namely archives unbalanced. To rich strap transmission for, the breakdown matter of random archives is more complex, have mechanical reason already, have the reason that enrages control system again. When ascertain breakdown, should according to breakdown phenomenon, combine the working course that transmission shifts gear, analysis of one by one, reach correct conclusion. 2.


The reason of 1 mechanical respect (1) each other locks up plant be no longer in force: In device of each other lock, shift gear the groove on forked axis, lock up a lock that reach each other to sell etc wear away serious, all can make each other locks up plant be no longer in force. When putting into gear, the likelihood makes two axes following fork move at the same time and hang two archives. Such, light person make engine flameout, the person that weigh causes gear damage. (2) gearlever wallop or from the emergence in guide block: Lid of the end on transmission secures bolt to slip buckle, become loose, break off; Shift gear on the axis shift gear the lock that dial fork is sold break off; Gearlever lower end and shift gear forked oriented groove is excessive wear away etc. (3) it is difficult that forked axis moves without axial or axial moves: Shift gear forked axis bends; Termination makes wool; Forked axis is rustily; Wait greatly too from lock bedspring pressure. (4) job of synchronized of tall, low speed is bad: Too long or bedspring is excellent; Chamfer of slip tine ringer and shift gear forked space is too little; Galen (GYLON) attrition belt wears away badly. (5) operate main transfer machinery is adjusted undeserved. 2.


The 2 reasons that enrage control system enrage control system breakdown to be able to appear to have only cheap, not high-grade or only high-grade, not cheap two kinds of phenomena, namely archives of on any account paragraph cannot crossing-over or shift gear sluggish delay. This kind of breakdown is familiar with the circumstance that enrages principle of control system job to fall only, ability is analysed correctly, search breakdown to be in. Chart of in order to introduces archives of on any account to alternate the convention of malfunction is diagnosed below. 2.


3 device extraction power are used undeserved when power is being taken after should be being used, jockey to come true take power, must hang deputy transmission empty shelves, because deputy transmission is gas,operate, without empty shelves position, add only install air cylinder of position of an empty shelves. The operating sequence that uses device extraction power so is: Step on clutch pedal pad after all above all, hang transmission cheap paragraph (4.


4bar) , next, press switch extraction power (7~8 Bar) , loose clutch pedal pad can realize empty shelves to take power. When need not when, shut power takeoff switch, below pressure action, the compression inside air cylinder of position of will empty shelves air eduction, deputy transmission is in cheap paragraph. Be like the compression inside air cylinder of empty shelves position air not eduction or transmission still are in jockey condition extraction power, hang impossibly cheap. 2.


4 other reasons if because of clutch piece broken or clutch is turned round decrease brace up reed ruptures cause clutch depart is not complete, cause it is difficult to shift gear. Expression enrages a powerful person for inverting (double H a powerful person) in aerate device is divulged continuously. 2.

4 shift gear difficulty is to show transmission cannot hang archives smoothly or break away from archives very hard phenomenon. Common cause has: (1) clutch depart is not complete; (2) synchronized (or union is covered) the job undesirable or attaint; (3) lock up bedspring oneself or return spring pressure is too great; (4) operate main transfer machinery is adjusted undeserved; (5) the breakdown that enrages control system (refer to random archives place to narrate) . 2.

5 overheat are rich the working temperature that straps transmission must not exceed 120 ℃ for a long time, temperature crosses tall meeting to cause lube to become rare, degenerative, influence is lubricant the effect, lower the life of transmission thereby. The cause that can cause overheat may be: (1) space of gear clench the teeth is too little; (2) gear axial space is too little; (3) move relatively a space is too little; (4) bearing is tightened too or damage; (5) gear is turned round on the axis (key wears away) leave pair of tine positions; (6) exorbitant or oily area is too small; (7) inferior, metamorphism or different name lube mix lube quality with; (8) car speed, overweighted travel or long low speed (32 ㎞ / H) travel. Outside removing afore-mentioned trouble, have trouble of a few other possibly still, if common leakage is oily, all should give in time eliminate. 3 use proposals to lengthen rich strap (Fuller) the life of transmission, avoid the occurrence of afore-mentioned breakdown as far as possible, operate and safeguard correctly very crucial. Complement as follows first: A.

Car is moving in, the driver should reduce crossing-over of needless archives of on any account as far as possible, perhaps say, not optional gearlever transverse batch move. When 4 archives add 5 shelf or 5 archives decrease 4 archives, platoon of not ambitious also travel attacks gearlever, in order to prolong the life of synchronized. B.

When car is procrastinated to go, should tear open next transmission shaft, also should avoid in travel long empty shelves glides. Ablation creates random file or play the disastrous effect of tine in order to avoid gear, spacer. C.

The driver after parallel jockeys is best nurturance good convention, put gearlever in empty shelves. Cannot start next time otherwise. No less than file should be culled after some kind of condition jockeys, and when cannot starting a car, should tear open two thrum of empty shelves switch below short receive rise, empty shelves switch is received to go up again after needing the engine that start, this is measure of a kind of lash-up. The article is picked from with " car gear " exchange records " heavy-duty car " , author Jiao Gang boasts CNC Milling CNC Machining