Pressure sensor applies on spray robot

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: Spray robot calls spray paint the machine again, it is to be able to undertake automatic spray paint or spray the industrial robot of other coating. Spray paint robot basically is mixed by robot noumenon, computer corresponding control system composition, airframe is used more 5 or 6 freedom spend articulatory type construction, the arm has larger athletic space, can do complex orbit exercise, its wrist ministry has 2 ~ commonly 3 freedom are spent, can move neatly, complete all sorts of intricate spray works. Spray paint robot introduces hydraulic pressure drive commonly, have behavioral rate performance of fast, explosion proof is good wait for a characteristic. Because spray paint robot is relatively artificial efficiency is tall for spray paint, the effect good, utilization rate is advanced advantage. Because this is used extensively at the craft such as car, appearance, electric equipment, enamel,produce a section. Because spray paint robot is in working process,be full automatic almost, because this needs to have the set of relevant parameter beforehand, pass control equipment to undertake metrical mixing to working process monitoring, so that undertake modulatory according to actual condition, ensure be in first-rate spray condition from beginning to end. Among them the most important is to use pressure sensor to undertake metrical to the pressure when spray paint, the size of spout gas pressure affects the quality of spray directly, if pressure is too little, can bring about raw material to waste and because spend in season,bring about lacquer makings crosscurrent easily and destroy spray paint design. If pressure is too great, same meeting generates waste because of what spray paint splatters, when close quarters is examined, spray surface can have very strong grain feeling, influence spray is beautiful the effect. Through pressure sensor the real time to spout gas pressure is measured, will measure data to dispatch control system, pass through setting a value to undertake comparative judging pressure then beforehand with the system big or too small, undertake modulatory with size of this pair of pressure, make pressure is in size all the time inside likely range. Such, control and adjust what pass pair of pressure, saved raw material to raise utilization rate already, also make the quality of spray got assuring. CNC Milling CNC Machining