Much blade of ASR of milling cutter of horn of tall feed circular arc

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In the mould treatment machines a domain, tool industry of Japan aims at international competition, below the trend that overseas base produces, pursuit shortens date of delivery, reduce cost, in an attempt to enhances the competition ability of the enterprise ceaselessly. How to produce the product of cheap of qualitative actor price, make the main task that the enterprise pays close attention to likewise. Face competition and challenge, day establishs the ASR much blade of new research and development milling cutter, can undertake small cut deep tall feed to machine, improved manufacturing efficiency substantially. In the process of the rough machining that machines in the mould, put in not little competitor, but milling cutter of this tall feed is making cosmopolitan standard cutting tool. On the other hand, high speed of working machine tool is changed warming up quickly, cutting speed is equal tall feed speed (50m/min above) but machine tool of treatment high speed already also came out. Want to develop the treatment property of afore-mentioned machine tools out and out, the tall feed milling cutter before choosing in order to comes true in the round hard. And the Gao Jin that day establishs newest research and development gives ASR of circular arc horn much blade milling cutter, reach the coating of JX of lubricant skin film of its razor blade, can use at treatment of high speed machine tool, improve treatment efficiency ceaselessly. Milling cutter of much blade of horn of tall feed circular arc chooses tall feed milling cutter to undertake normally small cut deep tall feed to machine, want to improve treatment efficiency further, the bit coating that much blade is changed and applies to high speed treatment becomes a key. ASR much blade milling cutter, below the premise that retains cutting blade strength, as far as possible bit miniaturization. If the graph is shown 1 times, r8 of cutting blade radius. Cutting blade intensity is equal at round razor blade of R8(Φ 16) , and bit dimension decrescent, the cutting blade number of milling cutter and compare before, realize much blade to change. External diameter Φ 32 for exemple (the graph shows) 2 times, the product is 2 blade previously, ASR much blade for 5 blade, rate of the feed when treatment rose 2.

5 times. Graph blade of 32-5 of much blade of 2 ASR of figure of figure of 1 razor blade Φ (left) blade of 32-2 of old product Φ (right) bit itself has the characteristic circle of tall feed milling cutter to cut deep good point greatly, but because cutting blade is the same as the contact of workpiece,the dot grows, the cutting obstruction that arises subsequently also increases ceaselessly, because this is hard below tall feed circumstance,undertake machining. In addition, because cutting tool is outstanding long, round razor blade is transverse get the action of cutting force, cutter hub is easy happen shake. ASR much blade milling cutter, axial direction gets the unique design of force, cutting tool is outstanding when growing, cutter hub happens not easily shake, can realize stable treatment (graph 3) . Additional, if the graph is shown 4 times, miniaturization razor blade its cutting blade shortens, cutting obstruction is reduced, restrained much blade effectively to change the resistance that cause to increase. Graph direction of 3 cutting obstruction pursues length of 4 cutting blade is smaller the merit that cuts treatment of deep tall feed is little cut deep Gao Jin to give treatment to increase together cut compare in order to improve treatment efficiency appearance greatly, reduced not only cut deep, and machine tool feed rises below probable condition, can improve treatment efficiency considerably more. The graph is shown 5 times, use round bit, increase cut deep, improve cutting efficiency. Stay after treatment have very large treatment incomplete surplus. Such meetings cause difficulty of later period finish machining, later period machines efficiency to also can drop subsequently. Small when cutting deep tall feed to machine, although be after rough machining, treatment incomplete surplus is very small also, can be close to at figure of demand of finish machining place. Can reduce the working burden of later period finish machining so, same rough machining and the efficiency that later period works are synchronous also get rising, total production efficiency also rose. Graph surplus of 5 treatment incomplete exceeds coating of JX of lubricant skin film small in cutting deep tall feed to machine, when the hope achieves taller treatment efficiency, use former bit material coating to be able to be put in certain limitation, bring about treatment life to decrease even short. Day establishs a company to be aimed at this one problem, successful research and development gives coating of JX of qualitative coating of material of a kind of razor blade, it is one kind adds oneself to contain high temperature to issue low instruction in titanium aluminous compound the leather film of lubricant material, can restrain crescent moon to wear away depression apparently, zhou Ren wears away outside and blade needle sticks knife phenomenon, realize more efficient treatment. Coating of JX of tall tenacity of leather film · , it is the film of one seed coat that adds oneself to contain lubricant material in titanium aluminous compound, very poor an acidification other people is formed heat in metal cutting in coating film surface. This acidification content can raise lubricity in order to drop cutting temperature. Accordingly, cutting blade and also be gotten reduce by the endophilicity of treatment content, can control the appearance sticking a knife of cutting blade effectively. Additional, the material that institute of film of tall hardness skin chooses, its hardness is equal to fasten coating at the TiSiN in domain of film of tall hardness skin. Efficient treatment environment plays high speed, zhou Ren wears away outside reduce, cutting tool life rises considerably, overcame former the problem with weak tenacity of film of skin of horniness of pottery and porcelain, below peculiar in milling treatment interrupted cutting environment, having outstanding wear-resisting caustic sex. JX coating has both sex of caustic of lubricity, wear-resisting, be able to bear or endure life of the sex that owe caustic, treatment is before 1 of coating.

5 ~ 2 times (graph 6) . The milling cutter of much blade of ASR of high speed cutting of milling cutter of much blade of line attempt ASR mixes graph 6 Vc-T the combination of JX coating, although be in,aspirant travel milling machines the treatment machine tool of top end to also can realize high speed efficient rough machining. The graph is shown 7 times, feed of cutting of treatment machine tool is the biggest 50m/min. It is in order to try treatment exemple. Blade of arbor Φ 32-5 (ASRM2032R-5 knife head can change type) , bit material qualitative JX1045, 40CrMnMo7(of the material that be cut is equivalent to SKT3) , n=3000n/min) of rotate speed of cutting speed Vc=300mm/min(, fz=3 of feed of blade of feed speed Vf=50m/min(1.

3mm/ blade) , cut Ae=0 of deep Ap × .

3 × 25mm, can apace is machined (the 8) that be like a graph. Resemble such high speed machining center, no matter be in home or abroad, belong to high speed high-powered machine tool, but although be in machine tool of general high speed (~ of =10 of cutting feed speed 20m/min) , can develop its likewise the biggest effect.   of   of   of   of   of graph 7 OMV ESAGON(28KW) pursues anyhow of 8 treatment state, the ASR much blade of latest technology research and development milling cutter reachs its JX coating, can raise a mould effectively to machine efficiency, reduce finished cost. CNC Milling CNC Machining