Insert mill law: Realize tall excision to lead the effective treatment method of metallic cutting

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Insert mill law, call way of Z axis milling again, it is one of treatment methods with the most effective cutting of metal of rate of implementation tall excision. To the curved surface of difficult treatment material treatment, grooving treatment and cutting tool are hanged extend the treatment with bigger length, the law of end panel milling of the convention of treatment efficiency far outclass of the law that insert mill. In fact, when need excises many metal stuff quickly, use the law that insert mill to be able to make handling time shortens half above. In addition, the treatment that insert mill still has the following advantage: ① can reduce workpiece to be out of shape; ② can reduce the radial cutting force of bed of action Yu Xi, this means a shafting already tatty main shaft still can be used at inserting to mill is machined and won't affect workpiece to machine quality; ③ cutting tool is dangerous extend length bigger, this is very advantageous to the milling treatment of workpiece groove or surface; ④ can realize material of pair of high temperature alloy (like Inconel) grooving treatment. The law that insert mill suits the rough machining of mould antrum very much, be recommended to be used at the efficient treatment of aviation component. Among them a special purpose is namely on 3 axes or four-axle milling machine lamina of turbine of the treatment that insert mill, this kind of treatment needs to undertake on special machine tool normally. When lamina of the turbine that insert mill, can be down from workpiece coping all the time milling arrives workpiece root ministry, pass the simple translation of X-Y plane, can process an extremely complex exterior geometry form. When carrying out the treatment that insert mill, blade of milling cutter cutting is built by profile of each razor blade receive and become, the deepness that insert mill can amount to 250mm and won't happen brace up quiver or twist is out of shape, cutting tool photograph can is down already to the cutting movement way of workpiece also but up, but general in order to be down cutting more common. When the cant that insert mill, insert axis of Z of milling cutter edge and X axis direction to make compound motion. In certain treatment circumstance, also can use globose milling cutter, face milling cutter or other milling cutter to have cant of mill chamfer, mill face, mill, mill all sorts of treatment such as sunken antrum. Special insert milling cutter to basically be used at rough machining or semifinishing machining, it can cut work sunken ministry or along workpiece brim cutting, also but the geometrical form with complex milling, include to undertake uproot is machined. To make sure cutting temperature is constant, all belts the handle inserts milling cutter to be used inside cooling means. The cutter hub that inserts milling cutter and bit design make his OK and optimal angle cuts work, the cutting blade angle that inserts milling cutter normally is 87 ° or 90 ° , feed rate limits is 0.

08 ~ 0.

25mm/ tine. Every bit measure that inserts clip of milling cutter jacket depends on milling cutter diameter, for example, the milling cutter of 20mm of φ of a diameter installs 2 razor blade, and the milling cutter of 125mm of φ of a diameter can install 8 razor blade. Whether does the treatment of workpiece suit to use the means that insert mill to decide some is planted, the requirement that basically should consider to machine the task and place use the characteristic that machines a machine tool. If machine the task to ask very tall metal excision is led, use the law that insert mill to be able to shorten substantially handling time. Another kind of situation that suits to use the method that insert mill is to should machine the task when length of axial of requirement cutting tool is bigger (if milling is big sunken antrum or deep chamfer) , because use the law that insert mill to be able to reduce radial cutting force effectively, because this and photograph of side mill law are compared,have taller treatment stability. In addition, when the place that cutting should need on workpiece uses groovy milling method to arrive hard, also can consider to use the method that insert mill, because insert milling cutter to be able to excise a metal up, accordingly but milling gives complex geometrical appearance. From the angle consideration of machine tool applicability, the power that if use,machines a machine tool is limited, can consider to use the method that insert mill, because insert mill to machine place to need power to be less than helix milling,this is, the machine tool that uses vintage machine tool or power inadequacy likely thereby achieves taller treatment efficiency. For example, the treatment that inserts mill deep chamfer can come true on machine tool of a 40 class, and this kind of machine tool does not suit to use milling cutter of long knife helix to undertake machining, because the radial cutting power of helix milling generation is greater,this is, make helix milling cutter happens easily brace up quiver. Radial cutting force is inferior when because insert mill,be being machined, because this suits very much,apply at main shaft bearing already tatty is vintage machine tool. The law that insert mill basically is used at rough machining or semifinishing machining, a few axial error that because machine tool shafting wears away,cause won't produce bigger effect to machining quality. Regard a kind of new-style CNC Machining as the method, the law that insert mill machined software to raise new requirement to CNC. Current, in the development of applicable software the respect still has a lot of jobs to want to do, software vendor is beginning to adapt or new authorized strength can handle the treatment software of code of many Z axis, this kind of software must have Gao Rou sex, in order to get used to all sorts of different treatment jobs. No matter measure cutting to machine to big metal (relatively common in mould treatment) , still be the treatment of the aviation spare parts of appearance of intricate to having geometry, the law that insert mill will be the process instrumentation of first consideration. With groovy treatment methodological photograph is compared, efficiency of treatment of the law that insert mill is tall, handling time is short, and applicable at all sorts of treatment environments, apply to sheet already the treatment of one-time archetypal spare parts of small lot, also suit big batch spare parts to make, because this is a kind of processing technique that provides development prospect extremely. CNC Milling CNC Machining