FTO - GDN broach

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The new product of OSG company, cutting tool material is hard alloy, the belt that carry a department offers oily opening, the characteristic is wearability tall, tenacity is exceedingly good, handle via TiAlN coating, can undertake high speed cutting is machined. Cutting fluid flows to cutting position directly from arbor interior, cooling effect is outstanding, can enforce will cut bits eduction, cutting is stable. When processing carbolic steel, alloy steel with its, cutting speed can achieve 140m/min, cutting tool life also can be lengthened substantially. The FTO that uses φ 6mm for example - GDN broach machines stainless steel SUS304, in V = 80m/min, f = 0.

18mm/r, below D=15mm condition, can machine 6000 aperture. The bit that uses similar standards machines carbolic steel S50C, FTO - GDN broach rises than the tool life of standard broach 30% the left and right sides, if undertake high speed cutting, criterion tool life will raise 50% above. CNC Milling CNC Machining