Use skill to undertake tap of radial drilling machine

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How to use skill to undertake tap of radial drilling machine, it is difficult that this problem does not calculate actually, want you to be willing to learn only, such problem is not a difficult problem. Tap of radial drilling machine cannot leave tap this kind of tool, with tap the method of the whorl inside treatment calls tap, tap tap is the special cutting tool of tap. Tap is to use certain torque to come back tap to want the treatment in the bottom outlet that get to go out inside whorl. The need before operating tap gets bottom outlet. Outside because the cutting blade of the tap when tap is divided,having cutting effect to the metal, still produce extruding effect to workpiece material. Extruding result, the likelihood causes tap to be squeezed, produce collapse blade, break off reach workpiece chaos to discount an appearance, want to decide the diameter of whorl bottom outlet and deepness according to different material so, lest be opposite,tap causes damage. The skill of tap of radial drilling machine and point   (1) the orifice of bottom outlet of the whorl on workpiece should pour wine cup, two end pour via whorl horn. (2) workpiece clip position wants correct, make as far as possible level of park of line of whorl aperture center or upend position, make tap judges tap axes easily perpendicular the plane at workpiece. (3) in tap in the begining, should put tap as far as possible, turn to tap force next wring a hand, when cutting 1-2 to encircle, the position of microscope and corrective tap. When cutting 3-4 to encircle whorl commonly, tap position should be not had correctly by accident. After, simply roll wrings a hand, and should not be opposite again tap force, otherwise whorl tooth form will be damaged. (4) when, every turn circle of the 1/2-1 that wring a hand, answer contrary to reason or one's expectation restricts 1/2 group, it is easy to make cut bits broken bring up the rear eduction, can reduce cutting blade to make because of sticking bits tap jam phenomenon. (5) when, make radial drilling machine first invert, insert tap in whorl bottom outlet, brush tap to wipe a few rape oil or tap with wool special oil, hit rocker getting main shaft next turning, in the process of tap, should hit a few times invert, in order to breaks bits, prevent tap to be broken by cutting hold back. (6) when the screw that studies plasticity data, want to add lubricant cooling fluid. To steel makings, use the emulsion with engine oil or bigger chroma commonly, the usable rape oil with higher demand or 2 vulcanization molybdenum. To stainless steel, can use 30 engine oil or sulfurized oil. (7) when a tap after using is being changed in tap process, in wanting to come back to already attacked the whorl that go out first with the hand, to cannot come back again when entering, use next wring a hand to pull turn. Attack in end awl when exiting, also want to avoid twirl to wring a hand, had better use a hand to come back, the whorl quality that already had attacked in order to assure is insusceptible. (8) machine when attacking, tap and screw should maintain coaxial sex. (9) machine when attacking, the calibration part of tap cannot come forward entirely, produce random tooth in the meeting when turning over a car to exit tap otherwise. (10) if attack the sentence that is blind aperture, before tap, stick tap in the workpiece appearance that wants tap, decide the deepness that wants tap, next again tap, arrived after booked deepness, make drilling machine quickly invert, make tap is retreated. The surplus that has a few millimeter should leave when deciding deepness, prevent tap to be attacked after all, avoid tap to break off. When tap, left hand is built go up in main shaft handle, the right hand is holding the power of pass on of positive and negative of drilling machine. So OK better operation rocker is gotten have the job. (11) machine the cutting speed when attacking, general steel makings is 6-15 rice / cent; Tone qualitative steel or better steel stuff are 5-10 rice / cent; Stainless steel is 2-7 rice / cent; Cast-iron for 8-10 rice / cent. When same material, tap diameter is small take higher cost, tap diameter takes inferior cost greatly. With Teng Zhouyu green card tap of radial drilling machine is very convenient, compare especially big, heavy spare parts, with very convenient. The automatic feed air drilling machine is used to empty shelves when tap, what rotate speed moves is a few slower. Division profit not only safe and very convenience, greater tap work also is very simple advantage. To heavy treatment spare parts, it is OK also to get tap with rocker. CNC Milling CNC Machining