The car makes domain intelligence change integral solution

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Hub treatment assembles automation to produce bus line my company was design of company of bridge of a famous car of domestic to make a hub, apply the brake bosomy treatment and assemble intelligence to turn manufacturing bus line (see a picture 1) . This line is product line of automation of beat of first large hub of domestic, apply the brake, the hub that basically is used after the treatment that hub, apply the brake rouses and treatment shape, apply the brake rouses the finish machining after be assembled automatically and be being assembled. This product line not only shirt-sleeve treatment and assemble, more important is to realize hub, apply the brake to rouse the quality in producing a course to monitor (the use of dynamic balancing machine) , the high speed travel in making sure hub is using a process makes the same score stability, enhanced security. Additional, this line is shirt-sleeve the SPC artificial sampling observation between each foreword, effectively surveillant product production machines quality; Of system of high accuracy vision blend in use, make machine quality to get farther promotion, improve manufacturing efficiency. This product line already was thrown at present move, through shortening manufacturing cycle is mixed reduce labour cost, metre falls by original entire line 280s for present 96s, turn into by original 15 people artificially present 6 people, the yield of product line can raise nearly 3 times. Produce to be controlled better, improve manufacturing quality and manufacturing efficiency, this enterprise puts forward to build intelligence to change a workshop, my company with respect to its workshop the important data such as actual condition, operation pattern undertakes collection, make the intelligence that gives to fit this business completely change systematic plan. This investment strengthens normative business management not only, reduce working error, jam all sorts of flaw, improve work efficiency, have safe production, provide decision-making reference, was to strengthen the connection with the outside more, widened international market. 2.

Turn to section intelligence to change product line   2015, force vessel automation hand in hand Korea power inferior the machine tool is Hubei some appears on the market company design was finished turn to section intelligence to turn product line. If the graph is shown 2 times, this project is the Web system that is based on B/S structure, main by MES and MDC two much are comprised. Among them, MES includes the plan management, management that hold draw a frame round, heat treatment management and fundamental data management to wait; MDC has the function such as forms for reporting statistics of log of equipment monitoring, equipment, statistical graph, comparative analysis, efficiency and data tool. Pass the comparative analysis to collecting data, realized real time to be improved monitoring, in time, rise can charge a sex while improved manufacturing efficiency. 3.

Epilogue   " China is made 2025 " the innovation with implementation continuous need and practice, force vessel has truss manipulator not only group line, articulatory robot the ability of group line, the factory intelligence that has own intellectual property more always controls a system. In " China is made 2025 " on the road of implementation, force vessel is sure hammer and tongs, will add a brick to add tile tomorrow for what Chinese intelligence makes. Author: Wang Xiaofei of limited company of equipment of automation of Qingdao force vessel, Fu Huanqing CNC Milling CNC Machining