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Current, the deficient of talent of numerical control skill is in our country already was the fact that does not dispute, this already caused national height to take seriously, the contest of skill of numerical control of first whole nation that just holds, it is best to this explanation. Develop the numerical control person with ability of high skill quickly, had affected industry the heart of every a man of insight, people is being explored for this... one, one of core content that technology of foreword numerical control regards future as advanced production technology, opening forward change, network, flexible change and intelligence changes directional development, the design of product of numerical control equipment is made and application development shows the advantage that is based on technology of open mode numerical control increasingly. Systematic development can be in unified, of the standard, the user is faced on general soft hardware platform, through the change, increase or cut down structural object, form seriation, can mix the special requirement of the user conveniently the technology is compositive in controlling a system, it has the following character: It is but expansibility, the system can add interface of hardware device control character neatly to come to those who realize a function extend with function rise; 2 be but each other operates a gender, controller should have information communication with one or more computer; 3 it is to be able to transplant quality, below the prerequisite that does not add hardware texture, use existing rock-bottom structure module, through configure and compiling control software comes to those who implement a system be defined oneself; 4 be but sex of increase and decrease, systematic function and functional basis are factual demand conveniently increase and decrease. Numerical control technology is omnibus very strong course, it is collect nicety technology of mechanical production technology, industrial design, computer, automata technology, pass feeling detect technology of drive of technology, information processing technology, servo and network technology at an organic whole, it is the field of a technology with applicability, very strong practicality. In traditional education procedure, as a result of numerical control system close quality, plus price of numerical control equipment costly, the facility amount that the school purchases is limited, the independence of every student starts work actual manipulator will be very few, experimental education can press the function of the teacher's requirement and experimental stage to undertake only, experimental amount and quality get great limitation, cannot be fostered according to the society to the talent's demand be saleable the talent of satisfy the need. One is lacked in whole experiment education perforative in domain of technology of whole numerical control experiment, groom, the environment of development, the height that develops systematic program from numerical control talent will achieve the goal that quality of capability of numerical control technology fosters. The article is based on the advanced concept of technology of open numerical control just about, the needle fosters the limitation of mode to numerical control technology, the technical level that is based on place of technology of open mode numerical control to be involved and social logarithm control the demand of talent norms, build flexible experimental education platform: The hardware that can reframe repeatedly, software makes building blocks type flexible experimental education platform, build platform of education of experiment of numerical control of an open mode for the student. Here the experiment that the student can ask to have fundamental sex according to education, primary treatment is operated, the process designing that numerical control machine tool machines, emulate with the operation, the maintenance of the machine tool, the assessment of numerical control skill, the development of numerical control experiment, the engineering design of numerical control system. The system can ask according to the talent's norms the demand that makes with credit undertakes administrative levels is combined differring. 2, the arrangement that qualified personnel of numerical control technology develops and the rule that ability asks to develop according to the technology and demand, numerical control technology kind talent and other technology talented person are same, the talent's education divides administrative levels according to the demand with society, different company. As a result of the complexity of numerical control technology, will tell commonly, numerical control technology divides an administrative levels according to business demand, if pursue,1 is shown. Graph norms of talent of 1 numerical control and intellectual competence ask 1.

"Blue collar layer " the particular operation that the talent of this one administrative levels asks to assume numerical control machine tool on manufacturing post reachs qualified personnel of numerical control technology to defend the work simply daily. The technology knowledge of the basic knowledge of structure of machine tool of requirement control numerical control and machining and CNC Machining, the operation that has numerical control machine tool, daily maintain the ability with manual process designing, understand the automatic process designing of CNC Machining. 2.

"Ash gets a layer " the talent requirement of this one administrative levels assumes qualified personnel of numerical control technology the process designing of CNC Machining craft, the maintenance of numerical control machine tool and maintenance. Knowledge of major of craft of requirement control CNC Machining and definite pattern make ABC, the operation that has numerical control machine tool, daily maintain the ability with manual process designing, can apply CAD/CAM software to undertake three-dimensional model and automatic process designing; Master the working principle of numerical control machine tool and structural knowledge, setting of technology of the characteristic that masters system of main numerical control, interface, PLC, parameter and Electromechanical adjustment knowledge, the machinery of the operation that has numerical control machine tool, manual process designing and numerical control machine tool and be debugged electricly and maintain ability. 3.

"Gold gets a layer " on the foundation that the talent requirement of this one administrative levels is mastering qualified personnel of numerical control technology to operate and be safeguarded, can right particular numerical control system, have 2 necessary development according to need, make show methodical function to perfect and have specific aim more. The rigid structure of machine tool of perfectness numerical control designs the electric design with numerical control system, master the method of the Electromechanical adjustment of numerical control machine tool. The installation of machine tool of the type selecting that completes numerical control system by oneself, numerical control, transform, maintenance and precision are optimized, master network skill. 3, flexible of experimental education platform in establishing the education procedure in numerical control talent, education of experiment, solid example is having conclusive effect, the maintenance of machine tool of the formation of student skill, numerical control, transform and 2 development, prop up from what do not open a lab. In a few colleges, the teacher basically delimits with the lab for the unit division of labor makes function. Accordingly, build platform of experiment of technology of good numerical control to appear very important, the article from hardware and software two respects are discussed how to build flexible experimental education platform. 1.

Platform of structure of knowledge of qualified personnel of numerical control technology fosters norms to design module of structure of numerical control knowledge according to the talent above all, design soft hardware platform next on this foundation, specific content is shown 2 times like the graph. The action of each module in structural platform: (Module of 1) culture foundation: The culture that basically is talent of education numerical control is basic quality, it is the basics that learns professional literacy knowledge and skill to form, also be an individual promotion administrative levels, turn hillock, change the foundation of hillock, should assure to lay good culture foundation. (2) machinery creates technical module: It is the basis that study understands knowledge of numerical control major, it incorporates the knowledge of the respect such as craft of clamping apparatus of principle of metallic stuff and heat treatment, cutting and cutting tool, machine tool, mechanism. (Module of technology of 3) electric control: Basically incorporate knowledge of technology of process designing of electric pilot ABC, electrician and electron, atmospheric pressure and hydraulic pressure knowledge, PLC, pass feeling detect knowledge. (Principle of machine tool of 4) numerical control and structural module: Frequency conversion of the working principle that principle of the composition that basically includes machine tool of conventional numerical control and machine tool of numerical control of construction of contemporary and open mode, job, interpolation principle, control principle, pace advances electric machinery and servo electric machinery, main shaft and timing principle, method of athletic contrail design and numerical control machine tool are departmental the knowledge that separates the side such as the structure. (Process designing of machine tool of 5) numerical control and operation module: Of cutting tool of the craft analysis of the basic knowledge that basically incorporates process designing of numerical control machine tool, CNC Machining and processing, numeric computation, numerical control choose, the process designing instruction of system of typical numerical control is operation method of meaning, machine tool, manual the knowledge such as process designing and method of automatic process designing. (Machine tool of 6) numerical control safeguards with maintenance module: Safeguard what basically include numerical control machine tool daily with maintain, the knowledge such as the maintains method, general accuracy machine tool numerical control technical reformation that the breakdown of numerical control machine tool diagnoses machine tool of method, numerical control. (Development of machine tool of 7) numerical control and design module: The knowledge such as the development of the soft hardware design of system of numerical control of adjustment of Electromechanical of machine tool of the electric design of the mechanical design that basically includes numerical control machine tool and numerical control system, numerical control, open mode and numerical control system. (8) network technology applies module: The development that basically introduced campus local area network and Internet uses the knowledge, knowledge such as network management. 2.

Of hardware experiment platform build the analysis that adopts afore-mentioned pair of talent knowledge structures, but compose is built flexible platform of structure of experimental education hardware, if pursue,3 are shown. The function of each solid example room and lab is: (Room of 1) metalworking solid example: Wait for composition by table vice, common lathe, average milling machine, commonly used work check measure, the student can undertake benchwork trains, the society curiums, file, auger, the technology such as bore with a reamer, tap, learn the main operation of lathe, milling machine, the knowledge such as the use method of industry measure. (Lab of 2) electric control: Basically control circuit board by system of test of system of electrical engineering test, electron, electric equipment, can make up Cheng controller to control stage of stage of experiment of system, fluid drive, baric experiment to wait. Offer electrical engineering, electron to drill an operation for the student, offer hydraulic pressure, atmospheric pressure to control a technology to train, offer training of PLC process designing and training of sensor application technology. (3) computer uses solid example room: By a certain number of station computers and composition of a projector, programming of training of the use training that provides commonly used operating system and basic software for the student, computational aircrew outfit, computer trains to safeguard training to wait with the network. (Principle of 4) numerical control and maintenance lab: Basically mix by system of traditional FANUC, SIEMENS composition of stage of experiment of system of open mode numerical control. The pupil can learn machine of numerical control machine tool noumenal composition, structure, principle, learn numerical control machine tool advocate the maintenance that trades knife unit transmission system, feed transmission system, automatically and debug; Learn the composition of numerical control system, principle, study opens the method of soft good design of system of type numerical control, learn the interpolation principle of numerical control system; The principle that principle of study servo job, pace controls unit into electric machinery, servo electric machinery, speed, and their maintenance and debug. (Room of solid example of lathe of 5) numerical control: Basically mix by much stage FANUC, SIEMENS, TDNC China in systematic production uses numerical control lathe and education to use imitate lathe composition. The student can know the structure of numerical control lathe further, the operation method of all sorts of numerical control lathe, the method of manual process designing, specific aim ground undertakes objective is machined, undertake intermediate skill takes an exam counting accusing lathe. (Room of 6)CNC Milling solid example: Basically mix by much stage FANUC, SIEMENS, TDNC China in systematic production uses composition of imitate milling machine with CNC Milling and education. The student can know the structure of CNC Milling further, the operation method of all sorts of milling machine, specific aim ground undertakes objective is machined, hand-in-hand travel CNC Milling is intermediate skill takes an exam. (Room of example of 7) machining center fact: Basically comprise by the small-sized machining center of system of stage or 2 much stage FANUC, SIEMENS. The pupil can study the operation of machining center, can conduct the program of manual process designing or automatic process designing machining center, undertake objective is machined, undertake skill takes an exam. (Report of 8) numerical control machines room of machine tool solid example: By machine tool of an electric spark and line cut machine tool, the pupil can study the working principle of the machine tool, basic structure and operation method. (Room of 9) CAD/CAM solid example: By 50 computers and an education such as measuring projector the instrument is comprised, by in-house local area network couplet net is managed, deserve to the software of automatic process designing such as numerical control lathe, CNC Milling, machining center and numerical control emulate treatment system software, the academic education that can cooperate the course such as application of technology of computer plot, mechanical CAD/CAM, the solid example environment of the respect such as the imitate operation of the study that provides operation of mechanical CAD/CAM professional software for the student and numerical control machine tool. CNC Machining emulation system comes with virtual reality technology the preparation that high school student of CNC Machining of whole journey imitate needs to master, outfit, clip, measure, whole process of examination, treatment, offer for the student from numerical control process designing the imitate to CNC Machining of numerical control lathe, CNC Milling, machining center trains. (Lab of research and development of technology of 10) numerical control: Be entered by the computer and card of a few electric control component, interface board, control, driving unit, pace and the composition such as noumenon of servo electric machinery, Bench Machine Tool, basically be the student with teacher and higher level to provide the development, design, room that transforms numerical control system and machine tool, build platform of hardware of system of open mode numerical control, the software that writes superstratum to have alternant function with VC or VB and the C language that provide with the system undertake lower level motion controls software write. Can have test of unifinication of a few Electromechanical at the same time. 3.

The builds the successful solid inflict that develops plan for sponsorial ability and hardware experiment platform normal movement of software experiment platform, accomplish unified and harmonious, in an orderly way, flexible platform of experimental education software includes the following content. If pursue,4 are shown. (Education of 1) numerical control runs software: Be in charge of theory and the management that fulfil education plan, supervise whole and flexible the locomotive condition of experimental education platform, examine the case that unifinication education carries out. In the system running with respect to the input before the job of every lab plans to begin in semester. (2) major application software: According to the demand that norms of qualified personnel of numerical control technology develops, should related form a complete set board professional software, wait like AutoCAD, CAXA, Master CAM, Pro/ENGINEER, CIMATRON, UG, to centralized management, safeguard at any time. (3) emulates systematic software: According to education the CNC Machining related need form a complete set emulates systematic software, use the computer three-dimensional model and multimedia technology, carry the operation of pair of emulation machine tools, make the student is familiar with a machine tool to handle the function of each key-press on face plate, be familiar with the basic function of numerical control system and operation. (4) student assessment evaluates software: This software basically is in charge of a student assessing the management of achievement. Ask according to what norms of talent of disparate arrangement of ideas and credit make, establish individual record to the student, build a kind of new-style education quality assessment technique, adopt the computer to unite exam, unified grading, spot test, operation, spot makes the exam way of cent, emphasize assessment student to apply place integratedly to learn knowledge to solve the ability of real problem, encourage play skill exam and game, give award and credit. (System of 5) numerical control develops software: It is an unity that is based on PC system resource management configuration, development and debugged environment, contented from the system program, control is politic, interactive the development environment that waits for field place requirement with patulous application, by composition of many functions module, include already inside embedded function is unit, include the interface that can undertake with tripartite software communication and data are exchanged again. Such, can make systematic software agile the ground is compositive go in other software or will other outstanding component are compositive come in unified development environment, to development design personnel provides platform and tool, be like software of SinglaStep On Chip. (6) network runs software: Those who be in charge of managing campus net, local area network is normal move. Graph 4 flexible platform of experimental education software 4, flexible the controls numerical control talent in real time education of experimental education platform left experimental education platform prop up, will become an empty talk. Be in what advocate unifinication education energetically especially today, pure academic schoolteaching mode has become the past, will academic courses is moved to the side of the lab to tell edge practice to will become fashion. Flexible of experimental education platform build conduce to a student forming skill inside short time, more the education that conduces to talent of numerical control of disparate arrangement of ideas, provide ground of example of education, experiment, room, exercitation for them. How to use effectively, management is flexible experimental platform is the key that education gains a success. Should accomplish the following: (1) differs as a result of the norms of numerical control talent, the intellectual structure that it asks is different also, when because this is in,enabling platform, due plan, purposeful, have arrangement, accomplish flexible combination, avoid to create the waste of resource. (2) uses education platform to should establish a perfect moving mechanism, accomplish room room to have regulations, have safeguard, whole education activity buckles a theme closely, make the plan that good laboratory uses ahead of schedule, avoid to produce conflict. (3) is in experimental education process, education director leader answers at any time monitoring the locomotive condition of each lab, strengthen assessment ceaselessly, strengthen management, have education quality control and detect. Be in flexible in the locomotive process of experimental platform, answer to raise the utilization rate of the lab ceaselessly, strengthen the cooperation with manufacturer. Use the dominant position with complete facility on one hand, develop numerical control person with ability for the enterprise, on the other hand, use the advantage with manufacturer advanced equipment to foster student, teacher, serve as the factory flexible the one part of experimental platform, implementation advantage is complementary. 5, what the last word is based on technology of open mode numerical control is flexible of experimental platform build, provided the environment of an optimized study, education and scientific research to student and teacher. Of platform build mature the cognitive level of student of disparate arrangement of ideas and already had knowledge, skill, experience and interest, resource of plan of the target with demand specific make choice of, study, study mixes the basis on the level with make they can be in certain method. Offer those who get used to a labour market to need sue for peace to the profession develops prospect for every student, modular learning environment, developed student station already real work ability, it is a student again the obtain employment henceforth and development laid solid foundation. CNC Milling CNC Machining