The robot solders the system studies from example of line process designing

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The robot that introduces some type engine solders system. Solder to the robot the system undertakes study from line process designing. The arc welding machine that puts forward to be based on SolidWorks platform implement the person leaves line process designing and the solution of emulation system. 1 foreword develops at full speed as domestic spaceflight career, competition of international satellite emissive market is intense with each passing day, to the manufacturing cycle of engine, production cost, raised taller requirement. To get used to this kind of situation, try to rise solder contact quality and solder the stability of contact quality, assure to produce periodic oneself to become urgent matter 2 robots solder of the system flexible the good program that the advantage settles this kind of contradiction just about. 2 robots solder the problem of existence solders to satisfy the requirement of quality, to every · paragraph need to choose among them a welding line undertakes robot process designing. The process designing means that uses at present is teach programming. Operation personnel is used show movement of robot of control teaching a box, make welding torch arrives finish solder work place needs pose, the pose data that teachs a point is shown individually below the record. Subsequently the robot can be in what condition of " emersion " completes this welding line to solder. According to the experiment of early days, existence is at present the following two sides issue: (1) is shown teach precision to be not stabilized, the influence solders quality is in show in teaching a course, the impact that process designing effect accepts operation staff level and position is bigger. Show when teaching, should assure to show as far as possible teach a dot to be on welding line contrail, assure appropriate welding torch height, and should assure the successive change of welding torch attitude, very tall to operating the level of personnel to ask. Additional, operate the position that personnel amasses for long at high spirit, make sure every are shown very hard those who teach a point is accurate. Make final process designing precision becomes not stable thereby, still can produce welding torch and work look to touch sometimes wait for a problem. (Time of 2) process designing is long, solder efficiency is low the precision to assure orbit, go up in the welding line of 100mm normally, need is shown teach 50 the point, with assuring to solder the robot moves flowing the accord that reachs place of spot receiving arc. Those who be in every paragraphs is online show religion with process designing in, need the 2 time of the hour, namely whole product needs 200 hours on teach programming, aggregate in 25 weekday, increased spray pipe outspread paragraph total weld time. Accordingly, how to raise the efficiency of process designing and precision, shorten product total weld time, rise solder quality becomes need pressing settlement problem. It is OK from the robot process designing with current technology of line process designing that 3 robots solder cent is teach programming and process designing leaving a line two kinds of means. The job that should finish in robot place is very not complex, and below the case with brief to saying to compare at working hours rice appearance of process designing time, teach programming is effective and feasible, but not be satisfactory in a lot of complex exercise application. 3.

1 robot solders to reach emulation technology from line process designing from robot of characteristic of line process designing is the achievement that uses computer graphics, the model of a robot and its work environment is built in the computer, carry the control to the graph and operation, process designing undertakes below the case that does not use actual robot, produce robot program then. Compare with photograph of traditional online teach programming, process designing leaving a line has following advantages: A.

Reduce the time that the robot does not work. B.

Make process designing person the working environment that is far from danger. C.

Facilitate modification robot program. D.

Can combine the technology such as all sorts of artificial intelligence to improve process designing efficiency. E.

Facilitate with CADICAM the system is united in wedlock, accomplish CAD/CAM/Robotics unifinication. Accordingly, the robot solders to reach copy from line process designing is to raise a robot to solder really the system is flexible a systematic crucial technology, it is contemporary robot solders trend of a of manufacturing industry significant progress. 3.

2 robots are current from current situation of technology of line process designing the oneself on the international market has the business that is based on average PC to leave software of line process designing with the robot, be like Workspace, ROBCAD, IGRIP. The first commercial is based on personal computer robot that Workspace is development of Robot Simulations company is emulated with software of process designing leaving a line. Wood used this software latest edition ACIS serves as the core that build a model, if AutoCAD accomplished very good data,exchange with a few CAD systems that are based on personal computer. ROBCAD is the robot CAD that American Tecnomatix company rolled out 1986 reachs emulation system. A few years short inside, ROBCAD already received wide application in real industry system, many Motor Corporation of masses of American Ford, Germany, Italy such as Feiyate, the design that bureau of space navigation of American Losk Heed uses ROBCAD to have robot product line, emulate and leave line process designing. Another famous robot of American leaves line process designing and emulation software package is IGRIP, it is the process designing of graph of seesaw pattern robot that company of American Deneb Robotics rolls out and emulation software package, basically use at robot work unit to decorate, emulate reach process designing leaving a line. IGRIP can be in SGI, HP, move on the workstation such as SUN. IGRIP software cent is 3 parts: IMS, GSL.

GLI. In addition, it still shares a library to provide a few more advanced functions for the user through. Home solders in the robot respect of process designing leaving a line, the unit such as college of industry of grain of university of industry of Harbin Institute of Technology, Beijing, Nanjing began research work. Among them university of Harbin fourth course of study began research work before ten years, study the level is in lead position in home, developed the robot arc solder such as RAWCAD to leave system of line process designing in succession, got applied on a few products. The arc welding machine that 4 robots are based on SolidWorks platform from line process designing and emulation solution development implement the person leaves a line process designing and emulation system, implementation spray pipe is outspread paragraph solder the process designing leaving a line in the process works. 4.

A of 1 work flow.

Build spray pipe outspread the CAD model of paragraph of model embryo and pipe and robot model. B.

Have section to welding line and number, be aimed at each paragraphs of welding line, use system of process designing leaving a line to undertake automatic process designing, include the program of welding torch contrail, program of welding torch attitude. C.

Undertake emulation to process designing result, the pose that plans according to emulating a result to be opposite undertakes correction. D.

To robot coordinate the department undertakes demarcate, make its and the coordinate in leaving system of line process designing are consistent. E.

the order that receives from line process designing changeover becomes Motoman robot program, guide through communication interface or CF card in robot controller. F.

The robot uses what complete work from the program that the line weaves to solder. 4.

2 at 3 o'clock demarcate law at 3 o'clock demarcate law, the sky that 3 features of the dimensional coordinate that 3 features that use real work respectively nod and virtual work light asks coordinate. Among them, label is nodded (a bit on the Y axis that a bit label on the X axis that X) fastens with coordinate for demarcate nods 〔 Y) to use coordinate to fasten for demarcate, label is nodded (the origin seat that O) fastens with coordinate for demarcate. 4.

3 example 4.


1 demarcate undertakes actual robot show religion, show robot welding torch the point of 3 features point that teachs workpiece, the record burns the volume that handles robot joint actor in 3 features, in saving a file. Again this file of horn of joint of orchid group robot adapts for robot program document, use " process designing next implement carry on the program of " in system of process designing leaving a line holding on the function, in " process designing implement movement of robot weak condition is controlled in " , every motion arrives to recorded robot endmost position in relevant point, see a picture 1. Provided the demarcate function of workpiece of welding line of the shape of a saddle-a falling-off between two peak periods here, 6 label place needs in demarcate process, go up round 3, next circles 3. The record method that chooses individually and in front demarcate is identical at 3 o'clock, the record order that the attention chooses each on the circle should be same, it is anticlockwise direction commonly. See a picture 2. 4.


2 found solder contact feature object is generated solder contact feature object: AUndertake the name checks;b, undertake pose is calculated. Current pose computation supports fillet weld only, is computational principle: ? Choke mounds  of cereal of frequency of  of  of go whoring of Lan admire Bei cuts reef of Zou of danger  of Wu of  of approach of  of Qian of danger   bad dusk of the dirty toot that go to Qiu mounds Lan bumps into Shan of  of celestial being of Ke Jue Gu to add brave fat bag to be contrary to  glume Gu is salty rise abruptly] Zhan Yan, welding line the Z axis way that two lateral laws choose for welding line to included angle direction of direction, y axis by X, z fork is multiplied get. See a picture 3. Below the case that did not make system of welding line geometry, generate solder computational principle and the principle that make welding line point from body of welding line geometry meet graph 4. 4.


3 spray pipe are outspread paragraph the robot solders emulation spray pipe is outspread paragraph the robot solders system simulation result sees a picture 5. Because 5 last words use process designing leaving a line, do not affect when process designing solder the normal production of the robot. And system of process designing leaving a line can undertake automatic process designing, welding torch position nods choose those who reach welding torch attitude to transfer the meeting is very flowing, process designing precision can rise. Process designing personnel adopts emulation system, can very fill result of process designing of the examination that watch the land, can undertake be correctioned artificially. Use system of such process designing leaving a line, can improve process designing efficiency, the labor intensity of the member that reduce process designing, raise those who produce tasted productivity and product to solder quality. CNC Milling CNC Machining