Much horse (Dormer) : Tap of standard red group

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The high-speed steel of pulverous metallurgy of material   HSCo-XP that character and advantage utility suit to process steel and stainless steel, with replace the cutting tool life with product longer than can having look. Finishing has the mixing of shining surface to take TiAlN-Top coat. TiAlN-Top coating has taller tenacity, can prolong cutting tool life, reduce phenomenon of the tumour that accumulate bits, in order to achieve smooth tap result. Needle of snail of knife chamfer appearance tap suits to machine via, helix chamfer (48? ) the blade valve of tap is narrower, suit to machine blind aperture. Narrower blade valve can assure space of enough the figuration that cut bits, be helpful for the platoon bits with fast firm peace. Awl is contained on helix chamfer tap, there can be higher tap quality when wrought alloy steel. The screw deepness that screw deepness can machine is 2.

Form of whorl of 5 X diameter all model are metric of thick tooth. Chamfer of size scope helix and snail pointed tap all are M20 of M3 –. The E393 of helix chamfer tap of shining surface, dimension can come most M36. Be more than the tap of M20, its helix angle is 40 ° . Red circle of color circle code states these tap are in wrought alloy steel from time to tome highest function. The cutting tool life that if taller productivity is longer,checks a result is more important, can raise the cutting rate of cutting tool. Have the productivity case of life to show opposite Yu Dao, had a test technically to tap of E394 helix chamfer. Raise the cutting rate of E394 ceaselessly in the test, highest those who achieve much horse company to recommend cutting rate is duple. The similar tap that also is close to most to it to the competitor at the same time made a test, cutting speed is 30 M/ cent. After what raise the cutting rate of E394 to recommend a value is duple, cutting tool life is treatment 460 screw. If with commendatory cutting speed 20 M/ cent is machined, criterion cutting tool life can amount to 1287 screw. When when cutting speed is divided for 30 M/ and 40 M/ is divided, use SynchroFlex knife handle. When cutting speed is divided for 20 M/ , use float knife handle. The test from above can conclude, the E394 of new-style tap of red circle Shark that takes coat, can comparing the work below the cutting data with commendatory initiative tall watch, in order to get taller productivity. The user can get following advantage   1, treatment steel and alloy steel from time to tome taller productivity. 2, the perfect union as a result of coating of cutting tool material, surface and geometrical appearance, can prolong cutting tool life. 3, compare with the tap photograph that is replaced, this kind of tap also has longer life below taller cutting speed, can improve productivity. 4, as a result of generation cut bits narrower more regular, space of the chamfer that hold bit bigger, can arise scarcely cut bits to jam phenomenon, because this tap process won't be interrupted. 5, tap contains awl, can reduce the torque when retreating a knife, this reduced tap collapse mouth and the risk that rupture. 6, the tap of red circle Shark that takes TiAlN-Top coat, its tap speed is shining surface tap is duple, can improve productivity further. CNC Milling CNC Machining