Technology of chemical plating nickel

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One, the characteristic of this technology: 1, the important characteristic that avirulent sex, free from contamination, environmental protection is technology of this chemical plating nickel; The fluid of chemical plating nickel of development avirulent, insipidity, do not form a harm to human body in produce and using a process, do not form pollution to the environment. 2, hardness of workpiece surface film rises; Plating of metallic stuff chemistry adds the hardness of around to compare: 3, the corrosion resistance of the workpiece after chemical plating is added rises; The workpiece appearance that handles via the technology is alloy of a kind of condition that be not brilliant, be in rare phosphoric acid, vitriolic or hydrofluoric acid is medium, of alloy layer anti-corrosive lead under good chromic film, corrode not easily. Partial data compares in the corrosion resistance in a few kinds of chemical medium: (corrode rate: Milligram / year square centimeter)     4, copy sex is good. With eletroplate to be compared, this technology crosses big phenomenon without most advanced current density, in pointed horn or brim salient add without exorbitant thick, processing hind does not need grinding treatment. 5, film surface is even, the dot that do not have hemp, crackle, bubbly wait for blemish, the surface inside its is reached in blind aperture, pipe fitting all layer of attainable even alloy. 6, adhesion is strong. Its hardness and wearability all film of prep above report. 7, film ply can accuse; 8, craft is simple. Do not need direct current source, the work that is handled does not have conductivity contact, only workpiece immerge chemistry in plating fluid 1 hour or so attainable the alloy layer that has admirable physics, chemistry and mechanical property, manufacturing operation is very handy. 9, investment is small. Investment eletroplates than building the plant is small much, miniature production requires 100 thousand yuan installation cost only. 10, need not profound knowledge, learn easily, easy control. 2, applied limits has good uniformity, hardness as a result of chemical film, be able to bear or endure the integrated physics such as corrode sex and wearability, chemical function, sky of applicable Yu Hang, spaceflight, auto industry, chemical industry, the Information Industry, petrifaction industry, pick collier job, textile industry and civil hardware products. Among them petro-chemical industry can be used at conduit (oil field artesian well is used) , pump of pump of pump case, sucker rod, ball valve, force plunger, packer, slop and the device that prevent gush. 3, technical advantage   1, film surface brightness, luster, it is the significant advantage of technology of this chemical plating nickel; Metallic become apparent learns plated film is fair the technique that know, already industry produces example. But the appearance that existing manufacturer home plating gives shows gray commonly, not lacklustre, shining. This technology studied a kind of special brightening agent, this kind of brightening agent is added in chemical plating fluid, need not polishing, can make film surface presents stainless steel colour and lustre, this is the particular technical characteristic of this technology; 2, offer chemical plating waste liquid to reclaim to the user with recycle technology, it is the another marked characteristic of the cession of this technology. To using the user of technology of this chemical plating nickel, can impart method of a kind of calculation, make chemical plating waste liquid gets reclaiming adequately mixing recycle, in order to reduce manufacturing cost, this also extraordinary, the way that has manufacturer home is a basis experience fills to add plating juice and do not have mathematical calculation process. CNC Milling CNC Machining