The treatment precision that workpiece remains stress causes changes

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Leftover stress is to point to to the stress that takes in workpiece interior still should be put after exterior load take out. Because the metal produced what inhomogenous bulk changes and arise,leftover stress is. Its outside element comes from hot-working and cold working. The part that has leftover stress is in a kind not steady state. Once the balance requirement of its internal stress is broken, of internal stress distributing to be able to produce change, cause thereby be out of shape newly, the influence machines precision. The account that ① internal stress produces basically has: Semifinished product is made in the internal stress of generation; The internal stress that cold sizing produces; Cutting machines the internal stress of generation. The step that ② is reduced or eliminates internal stress is to use proper heat treatment process. 2 it is to give workpiece to be out of shape enoughly time. 3 it is spare parts structure wants reasonable, the structure wants simple, the wall is large want even. CNC Milling CNC Machining