Modular cutting tool system: Of cutting tool flexible solution

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The car serves as the product of efficient production, the precision to producing equipment and flexible have very high demand. And cutting tool has decisive place in metallic cutting treatment. To automobile manufacturing industry, a lot of working procedure must use special cutting tool, be like engine crankshaft, no matter be inside vehicle of mill, car is pulled still is foreword of the milling outside high speed, what what use is special cutting tool, the cutter hub of these cutting tool is made complex, the price is high. From this, those who face a car to make is flexible change requirement, modular cutting tool system serves as flexible solution emerge as the times require. In recent years, because the ceaseless progress of science and technology and people consume the constant change of demand, the life cycle of car product shortened, the speed that the product changes was accelerated. This kind of situation forces a lot of production companies to be on the producer type of much breed, small lot, lead with raising the market of this company product to have, get used to the much denaturation of market demand. The United States' famous futurology home Aerwen Tuofule is in " the 3rd tide " in fatidical, the society henceforth is one " break mark to push change " diversification society, everything henceforth will " more and more abhorrent and without the standard " . Long-term since, the batch that processes trade and its economic benefits are existing close tie. If cannot reach economical lot size, produce enterprise otherwise to maintain the development of the enterprise without necessary profit, otherwise product value lacks competitive capacity and cannot obtain enough market to have rate. Accordingly, we must try to seek a few solutions, reduce the number of economical lot size for instance, make we achieve the economic benefits that is close to big batch production likewise when small lot is produced. Cutting tool in the car the play in making is worn main effect. Modular what cutting tool system faces a car to make namely is flexible those who change requirement is flexible solution. Modular basic idea is modular it is to point to with the product (or system) general function is an object, decompose with functional analysis build module system for the foundation, apply module to assemble a product (or systematic) . We can regard the product that has some kind of function as a system, pass the analysis to the system, decompose systematic general function into a certain number of stature functions, and in order to is finished these child the subsystem that functional element is this system. If among them certain subsystem can be with another some of subsystem in other system on the function general, crossing-over, have consistent interface again, these subsystem can come out from the depart in maternal all, form each general subsystem (namely module) , this is decomposed namely. To satisfy different use requirement, we choose in module system a certain number of module and according to new product (or system) requirement union rises, the product that can produce to have new function (or systematic) , this is combination. This one process and building blocks toy are extremely similar. For example, we use system of one cutting tool on some lathe, its mount broach regards cutting as module, cover with bedspring regard a link as cutting module and environment (machine tool) bridge ─ ─ advocate handle module, formed auger cut a system; And if change cutting module,be tap, it became tap system. Cut a system to getting, using a function to go up by the system that bedspring is covered and straight handle broach forms as equivalent as awl power twist drill. Modular of cutting tool build when building module, belong to same function unit, install at be the same as a few components (or module) a group of module that go up, should have same combinative essential factor (include identical installation and coupling form) , interchangeability is had when assembling a product in order to make sure the module with function, utility and internal different composition is in. Such, after having a change when the work structure of the automobile factory, dimension, material, we are passed likely change new module, combination becomes the cutting tool that accords with new function requirement, will satisfy the requirement with car new maker. When building module, should make its function onefold, reasonable refine, the effect that with obtaining flexibility cycle of strong, life grows big, adaptability, make its get used to product breed and the requirement that parameter changes, form the seriation with sound economy, utmost ground satisfies the different need of the user, benefit at efficient production, reduce cost and improve product quality. Be like module type but dislocation face milling cutter, one kind is a kind of cutter hub can deserve to be filled up with different knife, can form 45 ° tool cutting edge angle tool cutting edge angle of milling cutter of face of low power comsumption of light cutting of current range milling cutter, 45 ° tool cutting edge angle, 75 ° is general-purpose 45 ′ of face milling cutter, 89 ° the economy of tool cutting edge angle those who establish tool cutting edge angle of milling cutter, 90 ° is small cut deep (Ap<9mm) and cut greatly deep (Ap<15mm) and; Another kind is all sorts of knife mat can be in respectively diameter 80, 100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 315, 400, use on all sorts of cutter hub of 500mm, can enlarge the scope of application of cutting tool so, reduce the inventory of cutting tool, increase the capacity of meet an emergency of the person that cutting tool is used. Graph 1 modular the mill razor blade of some Germany company has milling cutter give typical examples at present appearance of 20 kinds of commonly used point, as a result of bit before role is different, because this can change the working point of view of milling cutter. For example, in this modular milling cutter (if the graph is shown 1 times) on those who use 90 ° tool cutting edge angle is small cut deep (Ap<9mm) or cut greatly deep (when the knife of Ap<15mm) is filled up, if install,use A57 bit, the horn before its are radial is 0 ° ; If install,use D55 bit, the horn before radial is added to 10 ° ; If install,use F55 bit, criterion the horn before radial is added to 16 ° ; And if install,use K88 bit, the horn before radial is added to 25 ° . Design of such module type cutting tool can offer a lot of kinds of combination, form thousand appearance the cutting tool of 100 condition, get used to vicissitude of the market quickly for the manufactory, development made new product offer a possibility on the technology. System of such module type cutting tool can be used at the circumstance of all sorts of automation degree, applied limits can be mixed to complex CNC Machining center from average milling machine, special milling machine flexible product line. Compare with the photograph of other cutting tool that uses currently, the changeability of this system is very strong. Graph the milling cutter inside crankshaft of 2 module type pursues broach of vehicle of car of 3 module type has a plan the manufacturing industry of automobile of module type cutting tool of industry of automobile of the milling cutter outside high speed of crankshaft of 4 module type is different from common machining course of study, a lot of working procedure must use special cutting tool, be like engine crankshaft, no matter be inside vehicle of mill, car is pulled still is the mill outside high speed (see a picture 2, graph 3, graph 4) working procedure, what what use is special cutting tool, the cutter hub of these cutting tool is made complex, the price is higher also. But, if of car product change model the measure that wants abduct of music of drag in crankshaft or buccal plane, bring about likely must use new cutter hub to machine crankshaft, the product development cycle that this can affect an automobile factory and production cost, affect the competitive ability of the automobile factory finally. Accordingly, regard professional cutting tool as manufacturer, should devote oneself to to develop flexible the crankshaft that change makes special cutting tool, with automobile factory clasp, shorten as far as possible the product development cycle of the automobile factory, reduce production cost. The technical advantage of module type cutting tool is modular cutting tool has very big flexibility and adaptability commonly on the design, can bring following shows a lot of gain to the user: Change partial module is changeable cutting tool breed, get used to Yu Xincai makings or new structure, be helpful for an user improving technology thereby, improve new product of manufacturing efficiency and development. For example, milling cutter of anise razor blade is a kind of new bit type, and raise those who reach mental allowance to decrease with each passing day ceaselessly as what semifinished product makes a standard, emerge as the times require of milling cutter of anise razor blade. Tool manufacturer can increase to be used at holding the knife pad of anise razor blade in module type milling cutter, the client also can be below the situation that does not need to purchase new cutter hub use anise razor blade will raise economic benefits. Because the machine tool controls systematic error, power cut, factitious element or other reason to create the pecuniary loss that bumps into knife, frowsty knife to wait and shutdown risk,decrease. Because be in,produce these sudden postaccident majority to be able to be passed change new blade holder and razor blade will resume production quickly, can utmost ground reduces a risk, because this can make a component of mechanism of lash-up of user production system. The reserve that reduces cutting tool and long grind, improve cutting tool management thereby. Use easily can adjust a structure, can make the cutting tool precision after assembling taller, reduce cutting tool thereby wear away, add cutting tool life, reduce manufacturing cost. Decrease to adjust and be installed tear open cutting tool, development changes knife technology automatically, reduce machine down time thereby, reduce worker amount of labor. CNC Milling CNC Machining