Equip for old machine " Chinese head " , shenyang defeats difficult problem of technology of numerical control of solution high spirit

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Labour desire be apt to its thing, surely first benefit its implement. Frosty large scale computer fetterses, because had computer and intelligent chip " equip " , use can become more " understanding " . The Shenyang machine tool on the 4th meeting that make gain exhibits an area in, the numerical control of series of complete function CKS that development of limited company of technology of numerical control of Shenyang high spirit gives matchs bed of harness an animal to cart, drew the look of numerous attention, show informatization adequately to drive the glamour of traditional industry. Limited company of technology of numerical control of Shenyang high spirit is inside the manufacturing equipment workshop south muddy, be like the numerical control system like small-sized computer monitor to just get offline by thick as hail domestic and international client " reave " . "Our country becomes the biggest state that world machine tool consumes since 2002, but also be to import the biggest country at the same time. Numerical control of homebred machine tool is changed rate is low, product of technology of high-powered numerical control counts an import badly. Can say, developing the numerical control unit that has own intellectual property is commerce and technical issue not only, it is the problem of relationship state interest more. " Lin Hu of this company president is gratified the ground tells a reporter, defeat eventually nowadays solved this difficult problem. Numerical control system is numerical control machine tool and the controller with rigid numerical control and core, also can saying is those old machine " wisdom head " . Below the high pressure of the product of abroad army group such as GE, Xi Menzi, domestic mechanical manufacturing industry has contribution hard all the time in high-end domain, the numerical control machine tool of Shenyang also ever with " foreign head " give priority to, and now, research and development of Shenyang proper motion makes " Chinese head " can equip already completely the machine tool of ourselves and other machinery equipment. Depend on the technical dominant position with solid place of computation of Shenyang of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the agile mechanism of the industrial dominant position with powerful group of Shenyang machine tool and civilian battalion enterprise, hold water before long the development of numerical control estate that company of high spirit numerical control is Shenyang built a brand-new platform. Move more through half an year, this company has shown driving development tendency. Increasing an international market while system of high-powered numerical control utters strength, use the district dominant position of Shenyang, this company and group of Shenyang machine tool begin all-around collaboration, meaning in ability of content of science and technology of industry of promotion Shenyang machine tool and core competition. Be aimed at the market is right in recent years a large number of demand of lathe of complete function numerical control, the company developed GJ20T of numerical control system, the form a complete set that completed the numerical control lathe that produces with group of Shenyang machine tool works. "Our target is to be domestic equipment manufacturing industry to offer the integral solution that incorporates the numerical control technology such as drive of numerical control system, servo and product of form a complete set, the form a complete set that realizes device of homebred numerical control is changed, whole set is changed and industrialization, be driven with this and form the industrialization of technology of numerical control of homebred whole set and functional component. " Lin Hu discloses say, this kind those who belong to Shenyang is OK replace foreign entrance " Chinese head " market prospect is very capacious, to 2010, year of sale of the enterprise will achieve 5 billion yuan. CNC Milling CNC Machining