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Reveal in what Heller company holds on the meeting, "ModuleLine " the follow-up research and development of range of products drew numerous attention. A year many since, company of Heller auto industry offerred advisory service and systematic solution for the clients of automobile industry. Heller held the 2nd in Nuertingen in November 2007 " Heller car forum " , the opportunity that broad user gained to understand this company range of products (graph 1) . The key of forum is to reveal the manufacturing facilities that can offer greater freedom to spend for urgent contract, can ensure the security of investment. Inside the whole lifecycle of equipment, dovish flow module can ensure equipment has taller manufacturing efficiency and stronger competition ability. Graph 1: The person that attend the meeting shows huge interest to the range of products of Heller company. "Heller ModuleLine " course of study already became the milepost that machines a domain by spare parts of the cube that use a car. The expansibility with its modular construction, each agile component was the market demand of constant change to offer corresponding solution, all treatment module can move independently already, OK also and compositive to some system. Go out to can be designed full automatic " ModuleLineSystem MLS " , heller company was offerred for the client a series of choose plan fully, such as lades dragon mast or robot. This system can be used at appearance treatment, start production, arrive all the time finish machining phase. Accordingly, the client is OK according to market condition, to demand exuberant domain increases investment. Heller company is ModuleLine module lade offerred 3 kinds of solutions: ◆ " ModuleLineManual MLM " , the hand that is based on roller bed namely is moved lade, its personnel cost has better economy. Graph 2: Robot of have the aid of undertakes lading automatically " ModuleLine Automated MLA " the manufacturing efficiency that the system can ensure big batch condition falls. ◆ " ModuleLineAutomated MLA " , be based on a robot namely or of dragon mast lade automatically (graph 2) , apply to what type of big batch retaining element machines to optimize. ◆ " ModuleLineSystem MLS " , be based on namely " MHS " of automation system a variety of lading plan. Since was popularized to the market 2006, this kind of plan can mix in a variety of spare partses greater freedom is offerred to spend below the condition. The person that attend the meeting can compare these 3 kinds of plan personally. Showing meeting scene, 3 kinds of plan have an equipment to work continuously each, namely: The hand uses workstation (of the bed that take roller " MC 20 " ) , take feed robot and workpiece to store systematic MC 10 and ModuleLineSystem (mix by MC10 take MHS automation system " MC 200 " combine and become) . The expert that shares many 120 automobile industry that comes from different country and relevant supplier understood Heller company to face manufacturing solution of future in detail. In addition, the person that attend the meeting discusses adequately still and analysed following topic for discussions: Current trend and young new plan. CNC Milling CNC Machining