The product develops process data security to manage politic research

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Summary: The article develops the data security of the process to managed strategy to undertake study to be based on a product. The data security limits of authority that the system offerred on the foundation of analyse of divide into equal parts of the constituent model to object-oriented PDM system, flow and safe attributive management above all runs politic model. Strategy of safe to the data of prospective PDM system government gave out finally a few look into. Keyword: Matrix of limits of authority of lifecycle of process of development of constituent model, product, safe attributive, product, company the development of the aggravate that 0 foreword compete as the market and computer technology, already in season and put forward all sorts of advanced products to if CE(is collateral,develop an idea project) , AM (make adroitly) , MC (large-scale custom-built) etc. The key that these project philosophic theory carry out between products plan development is the effective organization that develops group of process, development and data to the product and management, bottom implementation end is to assure accurate data to deliver right hand with right kind in right time in, namely the reasonable and orderly flow of information. Between the administration that assures to information is delivered correctly and be exchanged, an important consideration connotation is the safety administration of data. At the same time this also is the problem that at present a lot of enterprises face, if ask the flow that reinforces message is mixed on one hand,share the development that accelerates a product, ask to wait for the safe and confidential consideration of resource to business information again on the other hand. Additional, the safety administration of data is to be the same as whole product each link have close together and relevant concern among development, must put integrated consideration together to solve. The enterprise on the tradition undertakes the product develops constituent time, the consideration that the safe attributive that to data place of going from place to place brings manages basically comes true through handmade means, and as afore-mentioned of all sorts of development thoughts put forward and the application of system of a few development, the consideration achieves the automatic administration of safe attributive through computer network technology, promote the harmony that the product develops not just, also achieved the goal with expectant confidential data at the same time. Because of this integrated above element, the angle that from the product overall development organizes sets out what the data security that has dynamic complete lifecycle keeps secret is total can consider to manage in order to come true have quite feasible with real research significance. The management that 1 product develops development of constituent introduction product to organize main content is group staff organization, flow, data management. One by one introduces in detail below. Above all the constituent model definition that product development needs to undertake developing a group. All sorts of advanced bases that develop thought implementation undertake agile product develops a group to organize namely. The administrative levels of the member that the organization of general group employs a person, user, part, working group has a definition. Personnel and actual development staff are one to one correspondence; Man-to-man concern is had commonly between personnel and user, but the correspondence that also can have a pair many concerns; The definition of the part can be mixed user correlation also can be mixed the job is associated, with working group correlation it is implementation overall to certain development group gift a kind of part. Have a definition to the attributive management of personnel commonly in the light of the part, make the limits of authority that has the personnel of corresponding part to have a definition. The job that the main content of flow management is program product development develops the form of flow. Wait to need the quick support that develops technological process like collateral project, extensive custom-built development currently. As technical progress and effective demand, the definition of flow and management already incline to network is collateral the program that develops technological process. A technological process is internal between each link and the correlation between flow interior link differring even between different technological process also is the demand that has certain logic to realize an impact. Of course as flow undertake, information also is flow. Data management basically is to show product development process is medium, the generation of all sorts of format data, flow the management that wait. The management that includes version and the state government that are the same as product lifecycle correlation. It is a of data management serious content to the safe control of data, but this kind of management is not isolated existence, the administrative union that must be the same as flow and staff group undertakes considering integratedly to plan. The target of safety administration is the confidential control that realizes data below the premise that makes sure the product develops success, must undertake nice program gift comes true quite. The intermediary correlation of safe control and staff group comes true through the part, with flow correlation the condition implementation that develops data according to the product through producing lot number is communicated, the correlation that runs with data is will finish through counting those who occupy a kind to differentiate. What the safety government strategy that article place studies is aimed at is object-oriented system. Object-oriented product development system is to pass the organization of a series of objects to plan product development, core is the organization of object-oriented product data. Object-oriented system has respective data side and operation method side, data side basically is logarithm undertakes administrative according to how be being organized, operation method flank is a variety of methods that how management has operating to data. The government that 2 safe attributive run safe attributive is the administrative content that a need considers in the round, when to basically have as follows: 1) some group or personnel is right some data whether the safe attributive management of the operation; 2) some group or personnel can undertake to some data the safe attributive of methodological operation manages why be plantinged; The management of the safe attributive that the metabolic place of the state that 3) data companion has happening as what develop technological process brings about; The management of the safe attributive that the staff that place of great and corresponding relation brings between the member that 4) considers to the person differs in personnel organization and working group flows; Can see from afore-mentioned content, of the organization that safe attributive management is group of the member that colleague, flow undertake and the content such as the management of data is close together and relevant, mutual nest organization is between each other. 2.

The safe attributive management of 1 data is in object-oriented development system, the management of data organizes management with object type. Systematic data has two kinds, one kind is the object that concerns with data directly, wait like Document, another kind is the target that offers a product to develop support, wait like ITEM, FOLDER, EC. It is which kinds of object no matter, have relevant data aspect and operation method side. For management of safe to concerning the data lateral of the object with data directly attributive, basically adopt following two kinds strategy. It is safe to be being defined according to the sensitive degree of data level, and should realize the nest of level, the data with the OK and compatible safe low level with safe high level. Another defines the category of data according to the limits of product data namely. Distinct category differs on behalf of the product the data of component. No matter be why to be planted the object of the type, have proper operation method definition. The strategy that this respect adopts if divide these operation method,be two sort only model, it is open method, also namely the operation method under this kind of management can be used to developing any users among the system. Need the method of accredit however, also should plant namely the operation method under management must pass corresponding accredit ability to be operated quite. Relevant data belongs to He Chongan total level and safe category is defined when establishing this data target, and the definition of the safe attributive of the operation method to data object has in systematic government. 2.

The safe attributive management that the group of safe attributive administrator that 2 staff group organizes organizes basically is to point to the management of part and the limits of authority that its have. Basically the administration that carries pair of staff groups realizes the security that article place takes and attributive government strategy, what because be opposite directly,all sorts of data objects undertake operating is staff group organization. The organization of personnel organizes all sorts of development groups according to developing the mission namely, form the group that works in coordination individually. The safe limits of authority that develops a group manages even if gift its are safe to some kind level (the concern that has nest) have authorization with the certain operation method of the data object of safe category. Same personnel can be divided belong to different development group, and what each development group place have some safe limits of authority is integrated it is the limits of authority that this personnel has accordingly. The interior that developing a group individually is returned should the responsible state according to the task, determine different level. To this kind of problem, the measure that article place adopts is will corresponding working group departure, undertake differentiating according to certain level, arise from which a few child working group, have the authorization of safe attributive to relevant working group respectively again. 2.

The development of the product of safe attributive management of 3 flow is as flow undertake stage by stage and finish with each passing day, among them the main goal that the flow of data is flow implementation, at the same time as development undertake, the condition of each data also changes in progressively happening, of each link in executive flow is the development group that defines according to the task or personnel, whether can its have correct operation to going from place to place data, it is the safe attributive pilot with certain need. That is to say, flow management made sure accurate data delivers right hand with right kind in, but each personnel whether the target that handling this data correctly is safe attributive management. Additional, because count the flow that occupy, the management of this kind of safe attributive is dynamic management, must have the program of attributive management in detail. Discuss the safe limits of authority that data switch takes between flow link to run strategy above all. Different flow link is by what differ personnel carries out different job, meantime accompanies what a move in chess or a movement in wushu occupies to add, revise, delete wait for design movement. Because the definition of data is independent, specify the safe level of this data object and safe category namely, the staff that needs to issue a segment only so has proper role to have corresponding to what gift operation limits of authority. Have different level to need to handle a case respectively to among them data, arrangement be subordinate to belongs to those who have corresponding limits of authority child the group member of the working group will carry out corresponding circumstance can. The condition of data is one of product development serious content, also be the consideration factor that undertakes product lifecycle manages, as associated as photograph of product data condition safe attributive management also is the content that must consider. Generally speaking the data in product development basically has development state of affairs, project to change position, release applied condition, file condition to wait. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, following strategy that formulate. Be aimed at the data of some kind of safe category, when defining its to produce condition to change, of corresponding attributive change a condition. Different position is different the operation circumstance of the data of attributive is different. 2.

4 development system is overall and safe attributive management model 2.

5 conclusion and the constituent model that those who look into above paragraphs place to narrate is traditional PDM system and safe attributive manage mode. The progressively development that carries out as enterprise informatization and comprehensive, again a few new ideas need amid to undertake reflecting. Among them a few crucial technologies are faced to undertake expectation below. (1) the administrative process that the constituent model with the static orthodox change to trends and safe attributive management basically are a kind of static state, the change of the safe attributive that to data place of demand of going from place to place produces does not have very good management. And the working flow that the main carrier form that data flows is product development. Because this should design an attributive change the modification control of drive to perhaps get a mechanism, design attributive is in organization, project, branch, lifecycle each condition between undertake delivering. The basis that the set that designs attributive generally speaking perhaps changes has a few kinds as follows: Of regulation of regulation of company change government, company product configuration, design carry out or experience. To implement the static change to trends, need basis project, organize or branch and product lifecycle the combination between each condition concerns, does the design go out alleged? " of matrix of Quot; company limits of authority. This matrix should be complete described a business in the center the attributive that data flow place brings analyses a result. (2) be opposite one-sidedly at present to overall change the understanding of PDM had completed the process that develops administrative change to the product from simple product data management, but the idea that more products develop applied limits of management to just develop this one narrow sense in the light of the product among actual application or limits. The method on this kind of understanding and application has made the systole of the executive limits of PDM and the difference that are the same as advanced design thought. Because this should be in above all,the concept of safety and lifecycle of product of lieutenant general of attributive management function is reflected go in, with as far as possible cover overall product data position. Data the safe regulation that in different position its have also is different. (3) complete corresponding action through the different link in flow and the essence that runs product development around the safe attributive of movement and flow comes true, should spread out the management of safe attributive around movement and flow so. ⒌ of bank of the design that basically includes technological process and  having enough is able to bear or endure newly-risen sun  of scull of Mi of  bath T pulls Piao to fear laborious; Does Kou of δ of grave of colourful of muddleheaded of  brilliant  make an appointment with Pan of basketry  Chun > is contraction of shipboard of accept of Mei of board of besmear of dusk of  of post Tiao  washing with watercolors troubled by show off of ⒃ of ā of a surname of graceful ㄏ big and thick is frequency of Piao of fan of majestic Huan of Tuo of moth of coil of source of tip of  of sole of  of deficient of bail of childish of elder brother С graceful? / P>(4) systematic demand to come true afore-mentioned all sorts of movements and thought, PDM system should provide a few functions that be as follows. If found and distribute whole tool bag, include among them: Working description, change context, relevant documentation, send an envelope, get the ability that alters the history to wait; Backdate works to in the past condition; The job that records flow and change a condition; The tool that the system wants to provide administrative authorization, responsible ability, task in designing circuit is carried out. Anyhow, different PDM system carries out the basis to differ object-orientedly, should manage constituent model, safe attributive process, product to develop the reasonable organization such as lifecycle of process, generation, implementation is based on the flow design of matrix of company limits of authority. CNC Milling CNC Machining