Outstanding titanium alloy is efficient machine plan

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Graph the turbine lamina that RCS of software of 1 process designing offers efficient, high quality to the user machines the effect tens of year come, sidalagehaikete depends on the technology experience of accurate and driving STC and BTP series machining center and comprehensive major, devote oneself to to serve what aviation manufacturing industry and titanium alloy process trade to get all the time army enterprise. The difficult cutting material with the special to this kind technologist that is engaged in titanium alloy treatment has not been familiar with again. This kind of material is in have excellent stability while, weight is very light however. Titanium alloy is growing day and day in the application of aviation industry. A large number of use titanium alloy and composite material are future the development trend of airship of He Yuzhou of battleplan of large and civil plane, for military use. Trend of this one technology is reflected not only go up in plane structural member, also reflect in motor component. Well-known, the reason that titanium alloy needs high with thermal conductivity as a result of itself hardness, the point of a knife when cutting needs to bear very high temperature. And, the wool embryo of titanium alloy spare parts uses cold forging craft to make normally, hardness increases apparently, tensile strength increases 3 times, succumb intensity is highest reduce 90% . This makes cutting tool easier when cutting break blade. Graph the efficiency that the 2 special cutting tool that design for user craft only can improve titanium alloy to machine considerably and precision people is OK now the final application circumstance according to the spare parts undertakes optimizing to material function. Ti-5553 alloy (Ti-5Al-5V-5Mo-3Cr) the example that is a model. As a result of its weight light, tensile strength is high and good corrosion resistance, ti-5553 alloy makes the good material of current aviation industry. But it is more difficult that the occurrence of Ti-5553 alloy makes treatment becomes. Ti6Al4V is a kind of classical α - alloy of β aviation titanium, the crystal structure that has a balance (structure of α = hexagonal crystal, in the center of β = structure of square body crystal) . Ti-5553 alloy is one kind is close to the titanium alloy at β structure more, have more β part. This kind of structure makes the hear resistance of Ti-5553 alloy taller, although cutting process produces much heat, but the tensile strength of Ti-5553 alloy still is 900N/mm2. Accordingly, this kind of material more hard cutting, its β composition increased to stick the effect of the knife. Alloy of titanium of treatment of efficient, high accuracy ground is enormous challenge to cutting craft and equipment. Be in early 20 centuries 60 time, sidalage's client has used the whole world Sidalage's equipment and the titanium alloy spare parts that the technology machines a plane to go up; Tens of year come, the experience that the treatment respect in titanium alloy and material of similar difficult cutting accumulated Sidalagehaikete's technologist to abound. By right of function outstanding machining center is mixed cover each aspect such as craft, cutting tool, cooling fluid have knowledge only, sidalagehaikete becomes the top supplier of titanium alloy and machining center of data of similar difficult cutting. Graph 3 machining center uses Sidalagehaikete the course is finite yuan the analysis optimizes solder steel structure craft, cutting tool and cooling fluid to realize high accuracy, efficient treatment, must choose appropriate milling plan. "Fictitious treatment " clear advantage is had in this respect, it can save the time with process designing many personnel, the oldest rate reduces what go up in the machine tool to try cut. Software of NextpageRCS 7 process designing combines fictitious treatment to had been in turbine lamina treatment show huge advantage. Fictitious treatment is equal in the process designing of structural member key and practical. The weight of most workpiece has wool embryo only of primitive weight very one of, the finish machining strategy of efficient rough machining strategy and high quality is coequal and main. To intractable treatment, sidalagehaike uses the special cutting tool of tall tigidity especially, these cutting tool can improve the treatment efficiency of impeller of Xie Panhe of turbine lamina, whole significantly. The famous cutting tool on Sidalagehaikete and world and cooling fluid supplier cooperate, offer the solution with banner technology to the client. Machining center of graph 4 STC 1000 is in structural member of gold of rough machining titanium. Have the tall rigid machine tool of good damping performance, right efficient the machining center with deep very important and driving chamfer of high accuracy treatment the experience that Sidalagehaikete processes its old 5 axes linkage difficult cutting data gathers together in the design of STC series machining center. This kind of modern machining center is mixed in quality of surface of craft stability, workpiece, precision, dependability friendly sex respect can satisfy the user the requirement of different client. STC series machining center fits difficult cutting stuff especially, be like: The 5 axes linkage of Ti-5553 alloy is machined. To satisfy the requirement that titanium alloy machines, STC series machining center uses tall tigidity, close solder lathe bed. The damping function of this kind of structure and cast lathe bed likeness, but its tensile strength increases 25% . It is good to have the runner shaft coming back from lock function to use damping sex, fight twist the drive of worm wheel worm with high intensity, interference rejection capability is strong, although also can carry out the rough machining of 5 axes linkage below burden condition. This assures efficient the cutting tool when machining titanium alloy has longer life. STC series swings accurately strong the head makes you can install clip to fall to undertake to workpiece whole is machined in, reduce needless tool equipment to shorten preparative time. The structure swings compactly a distance to main shaft end panel is very short, the other when reducing A axis high accuracy to move thereby of each axis follow compensation moves. Besides, swing the structure of the head makes short cutting tool obtains work easily, make cutting force is rotating the moment of force on axis and lathe bed is lesser. This is efficient the premise condition that machines titanium alloy component with high accuracy. Graph 5 colossus: The journey of the linear axis X/Y/Z of the BTP-5000 of odd main shaft is 5000 (6000)/2000/1200mm respectively, weight exceeds 200tSTC series machining center the hot element of special consideration machine tool. The measure such as main shaft of pilot of the cooling fluid that passes symmetrical lathe bed design, constant temperature, intelligence and the component that cool continuously, the hot coefficient of expansion of machining center falls lowest. Although be machined continuously,the workpiece after 100 hours also can maintain needs precision. BTP-5000 is special at treatment of large structural member Sidalagehaikete is a plane only design of component of large titanium alloy gives BTP-5000 machining center of large titanium alloy, this also is pair of successful STC series machining center is patulous. This kind of large machining center has the advantage of tall tigidity, high accuracy likewise. BTP machining center is special at titanium alloy structural member the whole of material of similar perhaps difficult cutting is machined, can efficient the ground undertakes rough machining with 5 axes linkage. The structure of BTP-5000 makes sure machining center has extremely tall trends and static tigidity. The core component of BTP-5000 is tall tigidity, high accuracy swing first. Should swing the head is based on STC series to swing a development, 1000Nm of the largest moment of force, main shaft is highest rotate speed 8000rpm, can satisfy all sorts of different application requirement. BTP-5000 can configure the option that all sorts of automation machine, if workpiece and cutting tool are measured, encode of cutting tool identifying and state supervisory system. The figure that develops by oneself changes diagnostic system SAM to make this product more ideal. 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