The stage amounts to Electromechanical automation to assign the application on outfit machine in screw

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Content summary: On the foundation that discusses screw to divide outfit craft, give out the ration of cent outfit servo that is based on a stage to amount to platform of Electromechanical unifinication technology controls systematic design. The project divides outfit speed actually to design a requirement more than. 1, the powdery needle that foreword uses extensively at vein and intramuscular injection is medicine clinical the most commonly used medicine preparation. The craft end that powdery needle cent holds is implementation ration of medicine of dust raw material installs bottle to pack. Cent of technology of mainstream of outfit of powdery needle cent divides outfit and screw cent outfit for air current. Because screw divides outfit structure to be mixed simply technical maturity is taller, although divide outfit precision and speed under air current,install so, the mainstream powder with current business of the traditional Chinese medicine in still be being become packages facility. Screw divides outfit machine to belong to cubage type to pack a category. Through rotational angle intermittence of accurate pilot screw rotates, load medicaments ration Xi Lin bottle by metric requirement, fast sex and accuracy are two of equipment main demands. Shorten screw is being divided every time hold the holding time when advancing, can raise cent to hold rate, this requirement screw rotates speed wants tall, trends is answered should fast, speed of present equipment cent outfit already achieved 300 bottles / cent. Increase the amount of the screw on equipment, can undertake to a few medicine bottle fill is installed at the same time, also be to improve facility the significant step of fast sex, at present homebred cent can see on outfit machine, 2 head, 4 configuration. 2,   of principle of technology of cent outfit machine 2.

Outfit of 1 screw cent is electronic-controlled technical Electromechanical servo is the technology with the basiccest precision of system of outfit of control screw cent that pack. Electronic-controlled the system has conclusive main effect in machine of screw cent outfit. generation is system of screw cent outfit screw outfit quantity takes electric machinery and skill of integrated circuit pilot by the pace; The 2nd for you screw holds an amount by pace spurt electric machinery and PLC pilot technology; The 3rd for you the screw of the near future holds an amount by servo electric machinery and PLC pilot technology, improved the 2nd generation to divide the precision stability that installs screw and ration to adjust ability. 2.

2 screw cent installs screw of type of mensurable principle intermittence to distribute outfit machine is to pass screw of drive of servo electric machinery, medicines and chemical reagents " squeeze piece " agitate container, fill is installed within medicine bottle. Because dosage needs accurate control, because this asks,servo electric machinery turns to encircle number likewise every time. Specific whirl encircles number move means test to come out by the hand by handlers, accordingly, the program wants to be able to offer the explosive payload that can let handlers change not only, offer a hand to move the mode of operation that operates explosive payload even. When a medicine bottle needs to be added to install, fixed position cylinder is met drive a positioner blocks bottle of the ram that be added to fall in the exit of mixer, at this moment although transmission belt continues to move, but because medicine bottle is located its get stuck,tighten, so medicine bottle will not lead campaign along with transmission, until add outfit end, positioner is loose, medicine bottle just can continue to follow conveyer belt moves, until enter the orgnaization that discount a place of strategic importance. Graph the 1 structural sketch map that is machine of outfit of cent of intermittent type screw. Graph outfit of cent of screw of structure of outfit of 1 screw cent is the look pitch that uses screw helix chamfer comes metric stock. Because every pitch has certain academic volume, accordingly, want to control the revolution of screw well and truly only, can obtain relatively exact metric value. Fill up every time the weight of stock but by type (1) is begged piece. In type of G=Vrn0 (1)   : V is the cubage of a helix, cm3, v=FL; R is the proportion of stock, kg/cm3; N0 is fill up the revolution of screw; L is every spiral circumference coming back, cm, l= π Dm/cos θ ; F is helix cut area, cm2, f=st/2. 3, the stage amounts to screw cent to install solution   3.

1 servo and pace install an orgnaization to use a pace to regard its as drive equipment into electric machinery normally so into its screw cent, in the process that uses actually, the response that the pace enters electric machinery is characteristic often short of uses a requirement, make the efficiency of whole equipment not tall; And undertake as a result of pair of frequent electric machinery high-speed is started and stop, also make the fault rate that the pace receives electric machinery higher. To avoid the happen often and improves whole facility traversal speed of breakdown, the servo of ASDA -AB series that this equipment used a stage to amount to implement replace the situation that uses normally to enter electric machinery with servo electric machinery. The means that used EH2 series PLC to use high speed pulse is right servo implement undertake controlling, in order to solves high speed, ration to buy the issue of outfit. 3.

The revolution that installs roll of control program screw 2 minutes and angle are to rely on what servo electric machinery carries out (namely the angle) with servo rotational electric machinery, the pulse signal place that outputs by electric machinery driver decides the speed with rotational electric machinery and corner, drive output is undertaken controlling by PLC, and PLC is according to the outfit of artificial set the quantity has pilot. Interface of good through feeling the friend of screen man-machine (the parameter set of HMI) (basically minute of outfit measures set, cent to install a quantity to adjust, the) such as speed set, convey the instruction in PLC, move with respect to what can control whole system. By above the analysis can be seen, load medical dosage more or less to want those who pass servo electric machinery to rotate pen number will decide; Cent installs the speed of accident travel speed, besides with outside adding outfit speed to concern, still concern with the traversal speed of conveyer belt; Above the control of parameter of 2 craft motion, along with detects to what medicine bottle reachs the designated position and the movement of fixed position orgnaization, come true through PLC, besides, still need the tool of a man-machine interaction, the stage was chosen to amount to the feeling screen of B series in this equipment, particular movement controls a system to if the graph is shown 2 times,be configured. Nextpage graph amounts to servo motion 2 times to control configuration   3.

Cent of means of control of design of 3 man-machine interface is moved for the hand debug and run 2 interfaces automatically, be like a graph respectively 3, the graph is shown 4 times. Install mensurable craft set and filling according to cent (reach related to servo) concerned parameter, to prevent some medicine bottle opening not on face (add the drug when outfit to be able to fall on conveyer belt) , still need to have " time pouring bottle " set, in order to prevent the happening of accident circumstance. Graph 3 automata picture pursues the interface that 4 hands move operation picture hand to move an operation is only had the button of all sorts of operations configuration, exclusive notable is servo implement run mode, because the hand changes adjustment need, handlers hopes normally servo implement after can running certain explosive payload, stop temporarily, run same explosive payload again next, such more facilitating operation and observation, this uses pulse to indicate with respect to need undertake monitoring to condition of servo electric machinery, the PLC program that is based on a stage to amount to DVPEH2 is shown as follows: The screw cent that 4 last words of   of   of 480LDM40481DDRVID3000D3002Y0Y1498MPS499ANIM1336500ANDM41501RSTM40504MPP505ANDM1000506OUTM41507LDFM1336508SETM50509LDM50510ANDM51511TMR T20D10513LD T20514RST M50515SETM40 are based on servo technology installed system of device control character to use the stage of complete set to amount to a product, have first-rate compatibility, equipment moves smooth, bottle speed achieved 125 bottles / minute, 120 bottles when exceeded an user to ask so / minute design a standard. CNC Milling CNC Machining