0 inventory, horniness material milling

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Come more than 30 years, be located in city of Zhu Sai of American horse Sa the Mar-Lee pattern company of the area devotes oneself to Laimingsite all the time for high end, finish treatment, custom-built mould to produce the task to make basic core model and sunken model. The company of Mar-Lee of manufacturing job requirement that completes treatment is used first establish milling cutter, so that can produce means expenditure with automation,least manpower creates a pattern. With manufacturer of other well-advised die, mar-Lee company already transition is engaged in 0 inventory treatment, the cutting tool with this appropriate need, machine tool and software a future life produce core model and sunken model and need not redundant inventory. This technology prevented artificial operation, for example manual finishing, polish and assemble, and cut periodic time, improved precision and appearance however bright and clean degree. The numerical control machinist of Mar-Lee company uses Emuge to establish milling cutter to come milling horniness material. "To make Mar-Lee company retains competition ability in dispirited mould market, we need to create as far as possible tall efficiency, " the president John Gravelle of Mar-Lee company says. High speed treatment is creation efficient offerred an opportunity, but also brought a challenge. The feed that machines as a result of high speed and rate and traditional CNCCNC Machining are not identical, need what otherwise is the same as to establish milling cutter so. In addition, mar-Lee company undertakes to graphite material high speed processes an operation at first, expand again after that steel. Mill horniness material sends accentuation more the challenge that it faces. Emuge company (Www.


Company of Com) proposal Mar-Lee is used establish milling cutter, they have special geometrical appearance and coat, can offer reliable production, and make productivity rises, cost is reduced. The major pattern that Mar-Lee company place produces is used at Injection Molding, right on high speed machine tool the short-term treatment of horniness material. Company report says Emuge established milling cutter to be offerred for it grow the cutting tool life of near 40% than other milling cutter. "Establish milling cutter through using Emuge, make a production periodic include to arrive to the machine tool from tool carrier establish milling cutter, manufacturing cycle time shortened significantly 50% , " of Mar-lee company purchase manager Mark T.

Lavoie says. Emuge establishs milling cutter to helped Mar-Lee company reduce labor cost, it makes an operator can attend 3 each to use working unit. Through using so efficient job unit, the company can carry out unmanned value of several hours to defend an operation. "The machine tool uses Emuge to establish milling cutter to run all night, machine hardness to be the material of 48 To 56 Rc for many times, to the cutting tool when in the morning in good condition still, " the Scott Hastings of machinist of CNC numerical control of Mar-Lee company says. "If use other milling cutter, we cannot so did, because we must install 4 cutting tool,suspend cutting tool machine program. Replace cutting tool wasteful time and raise cost. Need take out mould when you very when, emuge establishs milling cutter to be able to go to its treatment inside tolerancepublic errand limit. It can last to cutting of ground mill expurgation is measured and be not had wear away, " Hastings complement says. Zero Stock Machining Requires The Correct Tooling, machine Tool And Software To Produce Parts Without Leaving Extra Stock.

The Technique Eliminates Manual Labor Operations Such As Hand Finishing, polishing And Fitting, and Reduces Cycle Time While Improving Accuracy And Surface Finish.

High-speed Machining Presented Opportunities To Create Efficiencies, but Also Presented Challenges.

Because Feeds And Speeds Were Different For High-speed Machining Versus Conventional CNC Machining, different End Mills Were Required.

Use End Mills With Special Geometries And Coatings To Provide Dependable Production With Increased Productivity And Reduced Costs.

Using The Emuge End Mill It Is Able To Work In Hardness Of 48 To 56 Rc, criterion Machine Works (www of hard alloy boring cutter.


Com) company introduced a kind of diameter to the middle of product of its series of boring cutter of integral hard alloy for 0.

125 inches, eligible length (QL) boring cutter. The characteristic of these cutting tool depends on they and nominal one Duan Ke reduplicative differs between installation length ± 0.

001 inches Z length. The length of close public errand that the company calls eligible length cutting tool makes the machine tool is run in production during because change cutting tool and stop the time of machine to be decreased the smallest. Cutting tool has the fixed position part that keeps strictly changeless, ensure the repetition of Z length is spent thereby. Fixed position horn still makes edge fixed position is in a center in order to prolong cutting tool service life, this also reduced machine tool machine down time. New boring tool has seventeen kinds to bore hole differently diameter and length configuration. The smallest bore hole diameter from 0.

050 inches arrive 0.

110 inches. The basis bores hole diameter, aperture deepness can amount to cutting tool boring 0.

7 inches. Length cutting tool must secure qualification to go up in tool carrier of Criterion eligible length. The usable length of tool carrier lever includes 0.

125 inches, 0.

375 inches, 0.

500 inches, 0.

625 inches with 0.

750 inches, they are used at head of Criterion accurate boring by the design. Tool carrier secures device Techniks company (Www.


Com) introduced clamp of a kind of cutting tool to secure plant, its installation is worn at cutting tool or tool carrier is secured on the side of cutting tool car, with changing cutting cutting tool, collet is mixed pull a head. NT S tightens solid to secure device to be designed with CAT, BT, ISO and combination of HSK tool carrier are used. Tool carrier is put secure in NTS implement in, locking bolt is screwed with chamfer of join discharge knife or spanner plane -- depend on tool carrier -- in order to secure tool carrier. Techniks suggests to use torsion wrench and abide by screw standard, improve cutting tool service life in order to ensure safety is reached. CNC Milling CNC Machining