The cutting of spare parts surface machines the motion of figuration method and machine tool

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The cutting of spare parts surface machines figuration method to be in cutting treatment process, the cutting tool on the machine tool and workpiece make opposite motion by definite pattern, be opposite through cutting tool the cutting action of work semifinished product, on excision semifinished product redundant metal, receive the form of spare parts surface of a requirement thereby. Any surfaces of mechanical spare parts can be regarded is a line (call bus) along another line (call lead) athletic contrail. If the graph is shown 1 times, plane is by linear (bus) along another linear (lead) move and form; Columnar face and taper seat are by linear (bus) along a circle (lead) move and form; The helicoid of common thread is by " ∧ " look line (bus) edge corkscrewed yarn (lead) move and form; The surface of involute tooth profile of gear of straight tine cylinder is involute (bus) the edge is sharp (lead) move and form etc. Graph the compositive generatrix that 1 figuration moves and lead a general designation are produce a line. The line producing in cutting treatment is gotten by the opposite motion between the cutting blade of cutting tool and workpiece. Usually, cooperate to form to produce a line by cutting blade itself or as opposite as workpiece motion (it is bus commonly) , and another produces a line is by cutting tool and workpiece the opposite motion between is gotten completely. Here, the opposite motion between cutting tool and workpiece is will offer by the machine tool. 2.

The athletic machine tool of the machine tool is in treatment process, the happening that must form proper form line (bus and lead) , ability gets needs workpiece face figure. Accordingly, the machine tool must complete certain exercise, this kind of motion calls exterior figuration campaign. In addition, still have a variety of auxiliary campaign. (1) motion of figuration of appearance of exterior figuration campaign comprises a circumstance to differ by its, can divide for simple figuration motion and compound figuration move 2 kinds. If alone whirligig or sharp movement make an independent figuration movement, criterion this figuration motion calls simple figuration campaign. For example, when face of the cylinder outside using lathe tool turning (2a seeing a picture) the whirligig B1 of workpiece produces round lead, a2 of fore-and-aft and sharp movement produces cutting tool linear generatrix, machine cylinder giving a circle namely. Athletic B1 and A2 are the exterior figuration motion of two mutual independence, accordingly, simple figuration movement is attributed when the cylinder outside using lathe tool turning. Graph the composition that 2 figuration move if an independent figuration moves, be by the whirligig of two above or (and) sharp movement, by some kind of affirmatory motion the relation is combined and become, criterion this figuration motion calls compound figuration to move. For example, when using face of whorl of turning of whorl lathe tool (2b seeing a picture) , the sharp movement A12 of the whirligig B11 of workpiece and lathe tool makes opposite motion by the regulation, form corkscrewed yarn lead, triangular generatrix (form by edge, do not need figuration to move) edge corkscrewed yarn moves, formed helicoid. Form B11 of two of corkscrewed yarn lead simple motion and A12, as a result of whorl lead demarcate cannot each other are independent, they must retain strict athletic concern, thereby these two simple motion comprised B11 and A12 a compound figuration moves. Be like again, when machining gear of straight tine cylinder with gear hob (2c seeing a picture) it needs B11 of motion of a compound figuration, B12 (Fan Chengyun is moved) , form involute generatrix, need A2 of motion of a simple and linear figuration again, ability gets whole involute tooth flank. Each unit motion is according to its in figuration motion in cutting the effect that has is distinct, can give priority to motion and feed motion again. (2) auxiliary motion machine tool still needs a series of auxiliary exercise in machining a process, its function is all sorts of auxiliary movements that realize a machine tool, for exterior figuration motion creates a condition. Its sort is very much, if the speed of athletic around mixes feed to be retreated quickly; Adjust correct look is contrapuntal between cutting tool and workpiece of buy move a motion; Cut motion; Dividing movement; Workpiece clamp, loose etc operate control moves. CNC Milling CNC Machining