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Current, the domain that machines as cutting expands, cutting tool also is being improved ceaselessly. It is to aim to come true not only more efficient the improvement of treatment, those who support the composite material and so on that uses on aerostat is new-style also be being advanced ceaselessly by the cutting tool development of cutting material. Efficient turning and cutting tool are used at turning (basically be to make material rotates, undertake cutting with fixed cutting tool) machine tool, progressively from now on the CNC lathe before transfers to CNC compound machine tool. Accordingly, if pursue,a shown cutting tool is undertaking developing, this kind of cutting tool is had can install the awl handle on main shaft of CNC compound machine tool, and, the whirl that can use main shaft functional random changes knife head to guide horn and many razor blade. The compression of lathe tool sort, and the tall rate of cutting changes hopeful to be able to come true. Graph the opportunity of 1 CNC compound treatment that has dividing head function uses lathe tool (tool of material of 3 water chestnut) compound machine tool of     CNC has the main shaft that makes cutting tool rotates, of the whirl that can come true to use data at the same time " vertical car mill " . When turning cutting tool is touched in all the time be gotten on by cutting material (successive cutting) , but when vertical car mill, the cutting blade of cutting tool is intermittent the ground is touched in be gotten on by cutting material (interrupted cutting) , the processing that cutting bits and reduce the respect such as hot influence relatively advantageous. If the graph is shown 2 times, it is a kind of cutting tool that can improve turning efficiency. Although use, is to be able to undertake the external diameter turning of cutting of high speed feed uses knife head, but average every turn feed is desirable be as high as 2.

The cost that 5mm controls. Graph head of knife of turning of external diameter of type of cutting of feed of 2 high speed (Toshiba peaceful the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces aing jade-like stone) since establishing milling cutter and cutting technology   high-poweredly to get establish from technology of high speed milling, cutting of tall hardness steel is able to gain ground, already can have final precision work through cutting now. Its are as a result, establish milling cutter to come true in the requirement efficient change while, the taller treatment precision that still asks to achieve the new field under 1 μ M, development of this kind of diversification is undertaking at present. Through using this kind of cutting tool, hopeful implementation is new efficient cutting treatment. To in an attempt to 3 for exemple, this is a kind of circular arc radius that aims to realize cutting of high speed feed establishs milling cutter. Can be aimed at from cast-iron to beforehand hard steel (Prehardened Steel, HRC40 degree) by cutting material, with 0.

5 ~ 0.

8 (Mm/ blade: Cutting tool diameter is 40 ~ 125mm, feed quantity: 2 ~ 3mm) means of cutting of high speed feed undertakes machining. The tigidity of place of cutting blade brim is taller, although wait to also undertake cutting steadily to the end panel with tectonic flange, have can undertake declining, of cutting of contrail of gyroidal cutting tool much to cutting function. Graph type of cutting of feed of 3 high speed establishs milling cutter (Japanese OSG) the different product category that Nextpage   is aimed at treatment object, also plan of first-rate cutting tool puts forward. For example: Can undertake mould component go up relatively much the cutting tool of the cast-iron material of the cutting tool of the high speed milling of the groove that see and cavity, cylinder body in applying to car assembly. Graph 4 it is the milling cutter that has bit of octagon of CBN agglomeration body, but blade of cutting of negative horn of have the aid of (blade angle is obtuse angle) undertake 16 horn cutting. Two kinds of afore-mentioned cutting tool all cutting of hopeful implementation high speed and longer the treatment below service life. Graph the 4 milling cutter that have bit of body of octagonal CBN agglomeration (tool of material of 3 water chestnut) the cutting side that   sees the curved surface figure at mould figuration place in how, using ball head to establish milling cutter is common practice, but ask farther implementation is efficient now change, high accuracy is changed reach macrobian life to change, the multiple-cutting-edge tool that has double blade above already began city carry out. For example, graph the head stands the 5 balls that are 3 blade milling cutter. If the amount of blade is much, be in average below the situation with the same feed of every blade, feed rate rises necessarily, in shorten on handling time relatively advantageous, and hopeful acquires cutting tool abrasion loss (hind knife face abrasion loss) little effect. Coating of blade of graph 5 3 exceeds head of hard alloy ball to establish milling cutter (day takes a tool)   before ball head stands milling cutter to have place of cutting blade center, this makes a weak point. Because central place is the center that cutting tool rotates, do not have the shift of cutting blade consequently, to action is less than since cutting. Accordingly, meet those who cause surface roughness of finish machining face and cutting tool life drop. The head of ball of CBN agglomeration body that development of institute of Japanese manage chemistry went not to have central blade stands milling cutter, already affirmed in cutting precision respect relatively advantageous. Graph the does not have central blade 4 blade coating of the 6 carry out that it is city exceeds head of hard alloy ball to establish milling cutter, use this kind to establish milling cutter to realize high accuracy finish machining the example of the face is shown 7 times like the graph. Henceforth, predict opportunity of compound treatment of machining center of 5 axle control, CNC to wait will gain ground, the central position that need not establish milling cutter of purpose, and more the cutting of the Zhou Ren outside using will make main way, accordingly, can imagine this kind establishs milling cutter predominate. Graph 6 purify the head of 4 blade ball of central blade stands milling cutter (Japan actors or actress can tool (Unio Tool) ) graph 7 have central blade and the cutting that do not have central blade the face is comparative (Japan actors or actress can tool) new material and cutting technology:   of aerostat component   IMTS2008 (technology of American international production is exhibited, appellative Chicago is exhibited) exhibit company of Boeing of the United States on the meeting (Boeing) exhibit a stage. The processing technique that introduced to include a lot of aerostat components to reach cutting tool inside, and aerostat is relevant the data. Global demand growth makes the aerostat that component production hopeful enlarges and car photograph are compared, its component number is more, the component of an organic whole of complex form is more. Main airframe part all is thin long model, from base expect the cutting of specific figure occupied the most that machines the task. Preform respect, not only more use aluminium alloy and titanium alloy to wait, and to realize airframe light quantify, the result that tall aggrandizement and tall tigidity turn, guiding at present fiber aggrandizement composite material. For example, of B787 advocate ala, empennage and airframe use CFRP entirely (composite material of carbon fiber aggrandizement) , machining a method basically is nap and treatment of starting a hole. CFRP is quality of a material harder, and overlay the construction of the layer that is differred by cutting sex, the interior that because cutting is brought about,restrains comes off reach burr to wait become a key. On the other hand, the cutting tool that applies to aerostat component treatment and cutting condition already predefine, indispensible to this adoption and change get approving. For example, the graph shows the state when to use cutting blade to exchange form much blade establishs alloy of titanium of milling cutter cutting 11 times, and cutting condition. The requirement is in the machining center of 5 axle control that has high speed high power, support is efficient and longer of cutting tool service life establish milling cutter and cutting condition next undertaking that machine. Graph 12 exchange type to establish milling cutter with cutting blade for aluminium alloy. For type of knife handle an organic whole, and have the bit figure with cutting blade longer brim, what cooperate bolt closely from the two place of mental efforts is close when can answering high speed to rotate solid means, have a lot of Promethean. Use take high rate and the exterior design that cut bits eduction amount high seriously, can achieve minute the cutting speed of 2800m, minute the amount of the eduction that cut bits that 10 thousand ML controls. Graph 8 aerostat component (titanium alloy) the scene of cutting (Mu Yexi knife makes place) Nextpage pursues the cutting blade that 9 aluminium alloy make a component use exchanges type milling cutter (tool of material of 3 water chestnut)   graph is shown 13 times to use blade of cutting of diamond agglomeration body stand. Generation burr still did not see after cutting 254m. This kind establishs milling cutter installation to heat up a bracket to go up in fission type, heat covers the part in knife handle place to cannot be torn open outfit, through be being ground again, can arrange the deflective precision of cutting blade place, blade precision control to be in less than of several μ M. Cutting of graph 10 CFRP establishs milling cutter with diamond agglomeration body (American MegaDiamond) new material and cutting technology:   of electrode of new black lead is come out by development as technology of high speed milling, tall hardness steel also can undertake cutting, the suitable scope narrow that discharge machines. In recent years, the chance of CNC discharge treatment that development gave to provide the new discharge power source that supports black lead electrode, returned development to go out to have μ M class to exceed particle at the same time child constituent discharge uses black lead electrode. Come so, the possibility is become in the cutting of appearance of the Bao Bi that comes true hard below condition of material of black lead electrode before, sharp edge, and return hopeful to realize electrode wastage to reduce, and of precision of discharge treatment face rise. Newest graphite material is the agglomeration body of abrasive goods and materials, predict its are tall hardness can cause cutting tool rapid wear and tear. For example, the graph shows the comparative example that exceeds hard alloy to exceed coating of small crystallization diamond and coating 14 times, common coating exceeds hard alloy to establish milling cutter to be able to see degree of wear and tear is deepened quickly. Diamond coating exceeds hard alloy to establish milling cutter respect, original as a result of diamond bead diameter change imperceptibly come true hard, have abrade treatment with diamond emery wheel after making coating. Accordingly, make this raise, although performance is good, but the application that producing a gleam of makes progress however logy. Be in right now, imperceptible diamond the coating technology of the layer is come out by development, diamond coating exceeds hard alloy to establish the cost of milling cutter to be reduced considerably, begin to be popularized quickly. Graph the contrast that 11 exceed coating of small crystallization diamond and coating to exceed hard alloy (Japanese OSG)   is passed new-style the cutting blade position that exceeds what coating of small crystallization diamond makes to exceed hard alloy to establish milling cutter, its edge is extremely sharp. With before diamond coating exceeds hard alloy to undertake contrast, differential clearly. If the graph is shown 16 times,apply to stay have a wall thick 0.

The discharge of the thin wall appearance of 3mm uses the treatment of electrode. Graph 12 stay have 0.

The electrode example of 3mm Bao Bi (day takes a tool)   in addition, those who have diamond cutting blade establish milling cutter to also get attention quite, it makes of small-sized component exceed imperceptible treatment to become a possibility. CNC Milling CNC Machining