The stage amounts to the application that DMV machine vision uses in manipulator

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The industrial robot use in production production is more and more extensive. In the application of robot technology, machine vision system produced decisive effect. The industrial automation brand that precedes as the whole world -- the stage amounts to a group to succeed to introduce vision of its DMV machine in manipulator, the manipulator that research and development gives is picked up automatically put a system efficient and agile, be applied extensively at each industries. In the industry of a few traditions, for example in production of production of in bags food, pottery and porcelain, the object that need decides to positional inaccuracy is like biscuit, in bags food undertake collect, and robot of most bearer course of study can be passed only beforehand process designing, execute the collect operation of fixed method, helpless to this one demand. For this, the enterprise needs to use a large number of manpower to finish carry operation, raise manpower cost not only, manufacturing efficiency is low also. Industrial robot wants implementation to follow put along with extraction operation, introduce a vision to undertake discriminating location with respect to need. The manipulator that use vision guides implements rate in the movement, place precision and repeat stability respect to have very large dominant position artificially relatively. The manipulator that amounts to system of DMV machine vision and manipulator combination by the stage is picked up automatically put a system, have high flexibility, can help industry user be finished easy to doly trival and complex carry operation. This system carries the kind of aether network news report, detect number sends manipulator the system as it is said, pick up by what manipulator realizes target object put. The stage amounts to DMV1000 controller, have high accuracy to photograph like the head, annular illuminant of camera lens of 1 million level resembling element and gules LED, can the guiding with accurate essence the collect that industrial robot completes pair of work and place wait for an operation. Current, the feedback case that uses from each industry is knowable, this system promoted production efficiency not only tall, and flexibility is good. In addition, need to borrow only by inspect simply teach a motion, this system can realize a variety of different specifications products detect, help enterprise reduced manpower cost greatly. According to statistic, the robot utilization rate of the developed country manufacturing industry such as Euramerican day has nearly 10 10 years ago relatively the amplitude of times. Current, in accurate electron industry, use machine vision and the application that manipulator photograph combines should have matured. Be opposite as the growth of cost of manpower of domestic manufacturing industry and enterprise character, produce the ceaseless promotion that can ask, each requirement that large trade introduces manipulator to machine vision also is presenting the trend that gives rapid growth, and the wide application of this technology also accelerates user of further help industry the industry to upgrade. CNC Milling CNC Machining