The grand program of Kong Qun of shape of the beehive on columnar face is machined to apply in four-axle machine tool

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Well-known, all sorts of permutation go up in plane in means and appearance, hexagon beehive shape (1) seeing a picture is the most compact, the evenest, is this kind of characteristic with range way the the most essential, most important: ? I kitchen post Bao astounded receives closely question of leg  be angry to be  instrument? the distance of the dot is equal, here " dot " can call again " node " , on industrial application, always need the modelling of concentrated mesh and so on, can apply this plant normally hexagon beehive shape is arranged, for example the reprint that the mesh appearance of screen mesh is beehive almost, hollow out part is namely hexagon (or adjacent the aberrant) of hexagon, and others is namely; is growing to be like again by the side of hexagon a few machinery, electric or the airway of electronic equipment, medicinal powder of hot aperture and so on arrange also accord with this to plant mostly hexagon beehive shape. If here introduction wheres get on columnar face distributinging Kong Qun of hexagon beehive shape. Here used four-axle CNC Milling, because be bore treatment merely, the machine tool does not ask certainly is can four-axle of 4 linkage " true four-axle " , even if those use the specified number on machine tool foundation in 3 axes couplet of adscititious outfit, only can four-axle is triplex those who move is alleged " bogus four-axle " as much applicable, because this has higher economic value in actual production. Graph on 1 round cylinder sketch map of modelling of Kong Qun of hexagon beehive shape is thick to the wall lesser cylinder structure, if belong to batch to turn production, union machines craft sex and economy, general meeting with Ban gold the form comes true, pass cold strong pattern to develop this to plant on the thin plate of smooth buy namely if; of Kong Qun of hexagon beehive shape is measured too small (pretty a trial-produce) still can consider to use numerical control punching machine or numerical control drilling machine will machine these aperture, pass next roll board means makes cylinder record, solder interface again rise, inside the range that this does not discuss in article place. And the cylinder that to be like the graph shows 1 times, its wall is large bigger, relatively hard Ban gold the form realizes; or because utility is special and must use without; of the structure that seam a canal or dimension precision demand is very high, use with respect to need at this moment rotate workbench will assist treatment. Does here have: of two kinds of means again? Extensive steals eight of dark blue of ship of  of  of  of Lai of graceful  of astounded of show off word to bilge character? of pliable but strong of ǚ brother's son places cylinder outfit on dividing head, decide through computation every time corner, operate dividing head with handiwork, those who make is ordinal stay in every point of view that sets beforehand, complete bore work next again with simple procedure, apparent the limits; that this also does not talk about in article place is the application that the article should introduce another kind four-axle means machines a method. Graph on 2 round cylinder Kong Qun of hexagon beehive shape spreads out sketch map here assumes four-axle (runner shaft coming back) for A axis, axis of X of parallel of A axis axes, if the graph shows those who be columnar face 2 times to develop a plan, the Kong Qun in the graph can distinguish according to the feature it is two groups, two groups submit a fault to distributing, the mutual position that considers two groups of Kong Qun at the same time in the need when computation affects, every groups are medium, aperture just is shown twice up in X axis, A axis equidistance distributings equably, what convey as a result of here is to develop a plan, the computation of aperture span and be not certainly resemble be on plane bore is simple in that way. If the graph is shown 2 times, aperture is in on direction of X axis length " equidistant " be the linear on axis of a kind of X completely " equidistant " , the control on length and computation are type of disperse the internal heat with sudorifics, exact computational pattern won't bring how many inconvenience and error. And aperture is in A axis is circumferential on direction " equidistant " be angle of a kind of horn of the centre of a circle around X axis axes completely " equidistant " , saying exactly is " isogon is spent " . The computation of angle of horn of the centre of a circle is convergent type, because circular arc closes,one axis is 360 ° namely, and the computation on circumferential circumference still is type of disperse the internal heat with sudorifics however, columnar radius is different, corresponding arc length is different also, also affect the aperture span to circumferential circumference directly subsequently, the one big key that the maths in how coordinating the relation of both to make this example conveys. There is train of thought of two kinds of processings on maths, be as follows respectively: 1.

The portion counts the 360 ° divide into equal parts with affirmatory and appropriate go ahead of the rest of radius of basis round cylinder by the graph 2 knowable, such doing be equivalent to: ? Discuss ń is embedded take  to attack Qian 〕 ? pursues medium namely → of #5) of length of AC line segment again on derivation X direction " aperture span " #4. Can be divide exactly of 360 ° place in A of the angle in the program apparently, the expression of angle A is orderly, clear, circumferential the aperture span that go up distributings much better, but what pushing a series of derived parameter to wait like #5, #4 from this won't be integral necessarily. In addition what take the fraction such as angle whether divide exactly at 360 ° , suffer the radius that restricts Yu Yuanzhu range greatly, computation and " adjust parameter " the job basically will be centered advanced period, also be more troublesome sometimes. 2.

The aperture span that goes up according to X direction will turn over derivation share of equal 360 ° divide into equal parts is counted by the graph 2 knowable, such doing be equivalent to: ? The arc length of computation of → of aperture span #4 on discuss ╔ direction (→ of #5) of length of line segment of the AC in pursueing namely again derivation angle. Generally speaking, mark outpour #4 is on groovy project attempt expression the aperture span of this kind of form, no less, what pushing derived parameter #5 from this won't be integral necessarily, and come by #5 again how much should computative place takes the fraction such as angle be, whether divide exactly wait to also suffer the radius that restricts Yu Yuanzhu range all the same at 360 ° , and join likely the error is bigger, bring about then in circumferential go up join not quite perfect. Actually no matter afore-mentioned 1 or 2, it is to be based on completely same maths concern, just foregone differ somewhat with the initial drop that seeks solution, method and terminus just. In this exemple, the author uses the 2nd kind of more common method. In whole treatment process Y coordinate maintains be in in Y0 changeless, regard the Y0 of G54 as the position with columnar axes namely, workbench does not need mobile;A axis from beginning to end on Y direction every turn an angle (stop) , be in the different position of X direction is ordinal till bore; finishs all angle; and the Z0 that Z direction regards G54 as with the surface of columnar face is planar. Additional, to the limits of effective treatment length on X direction, adopt a kind of more good-tempered judgement and restriction, specific can refer to the program below. Note: ? ?1) program is aimed at cylinder wall diameter at the beginning, because be in,be circumferential on the positional relation between Kong Yukong and interference circumstance basically depend on cylinder wall, become especially the wall of cylinder is large bigger when the circumstance is more outstanding, interference depended on completely actually the bottom of aperture (namely cylinder wall) . (What the plan above 2) amounts to is the 1st group aperture, take an afore-mentioned courses completely as to the 2nd group Kong Ke, just revise a few a few parameter can, refer to: of the following program? >   of? group aperture (if 3) gives point of view first (normally but divide exactly 360 ° ) , the program also need not be done change greatly, just reach its to be done orderly to the partial parameter in front revise appropriately, among them bore diameter #3 does not need to give out, but the extraction of parameter #7 is worth the impact that must consider actual aperture #3 and #1 of cylinder internal diameter at the same time, lest photograph adjacent aperture produces interference, specific following: ? " the   of linear aperture span of  ╔ direction (4) as above, program O0550 oneself contained the derivation formula of a few associated parameter, accordingly, have first-rate get used to ability oneself. CNC Milling CNC Machining