Attune of bottle of steel burning gas pledges furnace beyond heats up reclaiming practice

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[summary] the article introduced a kind of complex formula to heat up tubal heat exchanger, in high temperature Duan Cai uses helix chamfer wing piece tubal heat exchanger, and in microtherm Duan Cai is in charge of heat exchanger to have 2 class with heat refluent heat exchange, it applies successfully at lighting gas steel bottle to move the more than heat of qualitative furnace to reclaim to use a field, discussed aggrandizement to conduct heat the relevant content such as the managing rate of measure and industrial furnace fuel. Use more than hot OK and managing many fuel, economic carry, reduce air pollution, improve labor condition, decrease cover an area of an area, raise yield, increase by-product to reach reduce cost. Temperature of smoke evacuation of qualitative furnace of attune of bottle of steel burning gas amounts to 550 ~ 600 ℃ , loss of its quantity of heat is 20% ~ 30% , to much more than heat resource can try effectively to use, it is the major task with industrial energy-saving furnace, also be the utilization rate that raises company energy resources, settle the most efficient way with contradictory supply and demand of current energy resources. Heat treatment industry is to use can large family, the 25% ~ that occupy machining course of study to use phone 30% , our country year make an appointment with 10 billion KWh with report, amount to coal of mark of 3.5 million T, the integrated hot utilization rate of resistor furnace does not exceed 30% . Use fuel to want petty gain than heating with report directly. The day burns gas is the sources of energy, direct combustion can win heat treatment heat the thermal efficiency of 50% , flue enrages useless heat to use warm-up air, temper furnace heats and of quenching oil heat etc life utility, make absolutely hot utilization rate amounts to 80% above. The heat treatment craft that lights gas to serve as fuel with the day is most convenient economy, and wait without environmental pollution. Use quantity of heat of fuel waste gas to come warm-up air is the energy-saving step with combustion the most significant furnace, abandon air temperature to be 700 ℃ for example, the hot loss late that waste gas takes away is 40% , if go to air warm-up,300 ℃ are achieved with respect to OK and managing fuel 15% . CNC Milling CNC Machining