1000MW exceeds exceed critical turbine treatment of deep aperture of sleeve of lever of a powerful person

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Summary: The article is with the deep aperture treatment of sleeve of lever of a powerful person exemple, the characteristic that introduced deep aperture treatment in detail and lever of boring of a kind of new-style big diameter are in the application in treatment of high accuracy deep aperture, elaborated the whole process that technology program carries out, the effective treatment that carries a part, examine, showing place to choose plan is reasonable, successful. Treatment of 1 introductive aperture is the face in machining a large number of wide treatment forms. In aperture treatment, 40% above are deep aperture treatment, as the rapid development of mechanical industry, of new-style material appear, the difficulty that Kong Jia is versed in is greater and greater, precision is taller and taller. General of the length L aperture and bore diameter D0 when comparing L/d0>5, call deep hole; L/d0 ≤ 5 when, call shallow hole. Long way is older than jumping over, treatment difficulty is greater, consequently deep Kong Jia is versed in all through the ages is regarded as to machine one of working procedure with greater difficulty, explore the effective method that deep Kong Jia is versed in ceaselessly for this, make the important research task that craft designs. Graph one of core components that sleeve of lever of a powerful person of structure of sleeve of lever of 1 a powerful person is a powerful person of gas of combination of turbine middling pressure, my company stands introduced 1000MW to exceed the sleeve of lever of a powerful person in exceeding critical unit from day (graph 1) , the aperture inside its is half blind aperture, long way is compared > 7.

5, ra1 of surface roughness requirement.

6, hole depth is 300 thousand, of sleeve of lever of a powerful person of 600 thousand aircrew 2 times much, dimension and form tolerancepublic errand all asks very tall, it is current those who encounter is the deepest sleeve of the biggest lever of a powerful person, belong to inside the factory machine first, this brought the complexity that machines craft and tall difficulty. Machine a method by convention, aperture needs honing inside, but company existing facilities cannot satisfy requirement of spare parts grinding, because plan of grinding of the aperture inside this is unworkable. The article passes a kind brand-new the analysis that machines technology program, elaborated the whole process that plan carries out, pass effective treatment, examine, showing place to choose plan is reasonable, successful. Treatment of deep aperture of characteristic of treatment of deep aperture of 2 craft analysis and measure is to be in close or close partly undertake below condition, the characteristic is as follows: Machine deep Kong Shi, because cutting tool is long and thin, tigidity is poor, intensity is low, bring easily in machining a process slant and oscillatory, the treatment precision of aperture and surface roughness assure not easily. Of cutting tool medicinal powder hot condition is poor, cutting temperature is elevatory can make the durability of cutting tool is reduced. Cutting distance is long, the eduction that cut bits is difficult, meet not only cut already machined a face, serious when the collapse blade that can cause cutting tool and break off. Handlers cannot observe the cutting condition of cutting tool directly, can by experience, hear voice, look it is normal to cut vibration of bits, feeling to wait for exterior phenomenon to judge a process. Technology measure puts the issue that be in in the light of above, at the same time combinative company has equipment case, when making craft plan, take step from the following respects: Kong Jia is versed in cent is rough machining → inside finish machining of semifinishing machining → 3 phase, the dimension of the aperture before this is helpful for assuring boring of essence of life asks with surface roughness. Clip of spare parts outfit is used " one clip (4 ungual chuck) hold in the palm (scroll center is worn) " method, reduce workpiece vibration, raise the tigidity of workpiece system. Treatment facilities introduces sleeping car of newer Ø1m numerical control, radial of this machine tool, axial is jumpy small, slideway linearity is good, aseismatic sex is good, the pressure of cooling fluid is great at the same time, supply is ample, cooling and convenient, be helpful for cutting tool medicinal powder the eduction of heat and scrap. Aperture finish machining collects generation of car of in order to to grind inside, use the rod of vibration isolation boring that contains damping orgnaization, raise the tigidity of cutting tool system. Rough machining of 3 executive processes considers treatment efficiency, hole depth spends circumstance and rough machining dimension inside, we decide to use Ø160 boring machine, the largest stretchy amount amounts to main shaft of this machine tool 1200mm, plus the length of cutting tool, can satisfy the need of rough machining. Main aspects faces main shaft, use the V level up that fill up iron, impaction, by small end (the circle outside Ø261) is pulled straight, rely on intermediate place to search with the circle outside small end again, finally the circle outside answer check main aspects, leave 3mm surplus boring to allow by unilateral inside aperture, make sure linearity is in 0.

In 1mm. Of semifinishing machining and system of staff of finish machining boring choose arbor to pursue of arbor of system of 2 boring staff choose a principle to should be in can make cut bits below the premise of successful eduction, raise the intensity of arbor and stiffness as far as possible, avoid to machine the vibration of the arbor in the process, ensure treatment precision, if increase arbor diameter, be in inside treatment when aperture, arbor and hole wall space are too little, cause a bits not free, cause jam, cooling lubricating fluid enters difficulty, cutting tool wears away aggravate, affect treatment precision thereby. Accordingly we use rod of vibration isolation boring (diametical Ø130mm, length 1820mm, graph 2) , interior of this boring lever has adjustable decrease brace up body, contain inside cold aperture, rigid clamp is used on horizontal machine tool, it can be used at machining all treatment of superfinishing from loud and jarring, in common turning, won't produce vibration from front of effective clamp position is 10 times diameter to length of point of a knife, just can satisfy inside the treatment requirement of aperture deepness, the arbor when fine vehicle and the clearance that wall unilateral 20mm controls can satisfy scrap eliminate and of cutting fluid enter. The clamp means of lever of boring of blade holder basis, we designed special blade holder to reach transfer set, outfit of special blade holder is placed in the machine tool to procrastinate when treatment board on (graph 2) , this can raise the tigidity of cutting tool greatly, procrastinating board hind put counterbalance thing, assure splint back end not by cock; Transfer set contain a mouth, install respectively in the Kong Qianduan inside blade holder and back end, such is in a close blade holder hind, can make transfer set with boring there are good contact and the biggest attrition between lever, make sure boring lever front and back end get clamp, raise the tigidity of knife bar system. Graph head of cutting of type of 3 eagle head pursues after 4 fine vehicle inside head of knife of condition of turning of sleeve of lever of 5 a powerful person passes Kong Tu craft experiments, the proof uses head of cutting of eagle head type (graph 3) makes boring lever front lighter not only, be helpful for checking oscillatory, also make the space greatens all round cutting head, make the performance that discharge bits better; At the same time cutting head interface is one curiums there is 3 clamps bolt on tooth flank, this is one kind the strongest the most close together interface type, all these all is helpful for raising the tigidity of cutting tool system, reduce the vibration in machining a process, assure thereby inside aperture machines quality finally. Data of bit spare parts uses 10Cr9Mo1VNb(F91) refractory steel for component of turbine high temperature, this material is had not only fight oxidisability high to be able to be mixed fight high temperature vapour to corrode function, and still have good concussion tenacity and tall and stable stress-rupture plasticity and hot strong performance, using temperature under 620 ℃ when, its are allowable stainless steel of austenite of stress prep above. Although workpiece data strength is not tall, but plasticity and tenacity are big, cutting processability is general, treatment sclerosis trend is stronger, cutting negative charge is big, thermal conductivity is poor, the quantity of heat when treatment is easy centrally on cutting blade, generation accumulates bits tumour, make cutting tool wears away aggravate. The aperture inside boring of essence of life is the most crucial is the security of boring process, need one knife to had been cut, each parameter of aperture achieves quality requirement. What basically notice is two sides issue, it is the course of cutting platoon bits that keeps stable, 2 it is the cutting length that ensures cutting tool life satisfies aperture. Consider above factor, we pass a test, choose appropriate razor blade to obtain first-rate treatment result (graph 4)(cutting tool and cutting parameter summary) . Treatment process places main aspects, place searchs to be in among the circle outside pressing small end 0.

Inside 05mm, again the circle outside answer check main aspects, clamp; In the columnar belt that is apart from 200mm of the small area that carry end to control the position to see Guang Yikuan 70mm is controlled, surface roughness amounts to Ra1.

6(raises central wearing to use) , the center is worn on, meet smooth small Duan Duan, the Kong Che inside Ø120 comes Ø118, go up next quietly, very close, outside be not being machined except the circle outside Ø169 and of short duration of 26 ° cant, the others the circle outside each, 50 ° cant all leaves 1mm surplus car by unilateral, the attention is round outside Ø261 and the columnar area that nears place of 50 ° cant to see Guang Yikuan 70mm is controlled, surface roughness not under Ra1.

6. Turn over, place small end, standing by main aspects 50 ° cant sees smooth columnar belt is in a center to wear (graph 5) , search outside the circle is in 0.

In 01mm, keep the circle outside main aspects of 1mm surplus car by unilateral, end panel, get on condole of special blade holder next lathe, hold clip, search, load transfer set reach lever of vibration isolation boring, the attention transfers cover a mouth to be opposite face of the cent in neat blade holder, examination boring lever surely clamp is in blade holder, and hang the working limits with extend a quantity to be in normal inside, height of point of a knife approachs center of machine tool main shaft, be in in procrastinate board hind put counterbalance thing, last car follows the opening inside Ø172, make sure surface roughness asks. Because boring staff system is already definite, treatment procedure is relatively simple, but notice the following even in machining a process: Add man-hour to observe the figure that cuts bits and color at any time, the attention discharges the circumstance of bits, successive banding the meeting that cut bits twines point of a knife, affect the surface to machine quality, the effect that discharge bits is poor, have bigger effect to cutting tool life and treatment face quality. The attention adds the noise that man-hour cutting tool gives out in deep Kongzhong, arbor of the feeling that use a hand observes its vibration condition. Be like occurrence abnormality phenomenon, answer to undertake checking instantly, adopt measure to give solve. Outside the bits that divide a platoon, still need very good solve high cutting temperature, because this sufficient and effective refrigeration is indispensable, first selection water base cutting fluid is cooling, and had better use the arbor of cold aperture inside the belt; The cooling fluid with ample at the same time supply also can make discharge bits to become more smooth. The use that the center wears: Because want to use central wearing for long in treatment process, the attrition that wears to prevent the circle outside workpiece and center is calorific, should use nicety to roll bearing center is worn, want to undertake cooling with oil ceaselessly at the same time, prevent workpiece to give out heat cause be out of shape newly. Before raising a center to wear, turn with the hand each gyro wheel, make sure each gyro wheel can turn freely, at the same time gyro wheel does not have slip phenomenon, with watch examination each gyro wheel beats should be in 0.

In 01mm. Examine inside Kong Ce quantity uses 100 ~ 250 × micrometer of 1500 special internal diameter, after aperture fine vehicle is over inside, measure in orifice all cloth at 4 o'clock, deepness direction is measured all cloth 6 paragraphs, circularity and deflection are in 0.

Inside 02mm, and surface roughness achieves Ra1.

6(graph 4) , satisfied the blueprint requirement of the product, to so deep aperture, this should be very right result. This also proved this plan is correct, successful. This method solved 4 conclusion the difficult problem that deep aperture cutting machines high accuracy of sleeve of lever of a powerful person, mastered the law that amends deflection in the cutting parameter of deep aperture of the boring on lathe and numerical control program, exceeded the production that exceeds part of core of critical aircrew a powerful person to lay technical foundation for 1000MW, exceeded the research and development that exceeds critical unit to provide processing technique support for our country, realized a company to exceed to 1000MW super- spare parts of core of critical aircrew a powerful person is homebred the requirement that change, have higher technical level; At the same time better also land solved big diameter the cutting tool in deep aperture treatment, come loose to heat up and discharge the problem such as bits, deep aperture adds the dimension precision after labour, exterior surface roughness, form tolerancepublic errand is very good, can popularize application to other the production of deep aperture of similar spare parts is machined. CNC Milling CNC Machining