The servo driver application on lathe of complete function numerical control

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Summary: The article basically introduces Dalian the application that servo of servo of asynchronous of Andy communication, communication synchronism permanent magnetism controls a system to go up in lathe of complete function numerical control. Keyword: Servo; Machine tool of complete function numerical control lathe of numerical control of complete function of series of 1 foreword CL is countershaft kind spare parts and dish kind of high accuracy machine tool that the spare parts has all sorts of turning are machined. As industrial development, the machines precision and exterior surface roughness demand to mechanical spare parts rises increasingly, taller and taller also to the requirement of lathe precision. The industry waits in car, electric power, shipping, metallurgy, war industry, aerospace, lathe of homebred numerical control is producing bigger and bigger effect. The automation degree discretion of numerical control lathe limitted the treatment efficiency of lathe to decide the treatment dimensions of lathe thereby. The application on lathe of complete function numerical control is the servo drive that limited company of Dalian Andy numerical control produces lathe of homebred numerical control offerred good solution. The machine tool of complete function numerical control of the characteristic CL series of machine tool of numerical control of 2 complete function is the numerical control machine tool that has two axes linkage, half closed-loop control. The machine tool has Gao Gang to sexual structure is designed and suck shake sex, in order to make sure the cutting of high accuracy is machined. The servo driver to axis of X of control feed axis, Z and electric machinery requirement have tall trends to answer character and accurate fixed position precision, make the tool carrier of the machine tool mobile and fast, stable and fixed position precision is tall. Also used the design of servo knife tower to the device changing a knife of the machine tool at the same time, for fast, accurate changed a knife to offer assure. To the main shaft of the machine tool, must be the main shaft of high speed, tall tigidity, have open quickly stop character, having efficient the design that reachs low noise, can make the treatment efficiency of the spare parts tall so, precision is tall, high speed also means tall manufacturing efficiency. Nextpage3 system is designed 3.

Framework of system of lathe of numerical control of 1 complete function (1) numerical control system: Use Dalian numerical control - the numerical control system of 31T. (2) main shaft system: The asynchronous servo drive of Dalian Andy (ADSD-AS33-7.

5K) , ascend electric machinery of strange main shaft (7.

5KW) (3) feed drive system: Ball guide screw + flexibility connects an axis implement + linear scroll slideway + system of drive of servo of Andy ADSD-S series. (4) the system that change a knife: The synchronous servo driver of Dalian Andy (ADSD-S23 series) 3.

The requirement that 2 servo function analyses the servo performance to feed axis X, Z basically is servo has taller trends to answer reach taller fixed position precision, servo of Dalian Andy synchronism is based on the hardware platform of DSP+FPGA+IPM, having high rate frequency to answer, speed answers frequency wide for 450HZ, be on homebred servo front row; Have resonance to control a function, OK and accurate tuning, eliminate shake; Control precision can achieve a pulse, the biggest input frequency can achieve 500Kpps, this very good assurance the requirement that feed axis place needs drive. To main shaft servo the requirement has open the speed control that stops character and stability quickly, driver of servo of Dalian Andy asynchronous is the hardware control that is based on DSP+IPM, have the QMCL language of open mode, can have the setting of the program according to the use circumstance of the user. To the control changing a knife of lathe of complete function numerical control, also introduced synchronous servo drive of Andy, the control function of use revolving stage, do not need controller of special servo knife tower, the realizes servo knife tower trades knife and the shortest way automatically option that can go to the lavatory, saved program of the PLC in numerical control system to write greatly, more the benefit use at the user and safeguard. The can achieve a machine tool to design performance of the lathe of numerical control of CL series complete function that 4 last words use Andy servo driver asks: The fixed position precision of X/Z axis is 0.


020 Mm, repeat fixed position precision for 0.


008mm, main shaft is OK and contented open stop rapid, run smooth requirement. At the same time the use of servo knife tower also can save the precision changing a knife of the time that changes a knife and knife tower greatly. CNC Milling CNC Machining